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A Navy SEAL’s Version of the Vaunted Kill of Osama bin Laden

God Bless Bissonnette for his courage in telling the truth about the worst Commander-in-Chief in US history!


– John Lillpop Friday, August 31, 2012
Barack Obama’s singular claim to foreign policy success is based on his accounts of the events in which heroic Navy SEALS engaged Osama bin Laden in a fire fight which cost the brutal terrorist his life in May, 2011.

According to liberal purveyors of the Barack Obama foreign policy success myth, Obama’s vaunted “kill” of Osama bin Laden should supersede the president’s numerous gaffes and naïve foolishness in foreign policy, including his inaction during the Arab spring, his leading from behind efforts in dealing with Libya, the still-volatile and unresolved pursuit of nuclear capabilities by Iran, the mass murders of innocents by the Syrian government, and America’s “muted” voice as described by former Secretary of State Condelezza Rice in addressing the RNC convention.

None of that matters, according to Obama sycophants because the president “got” Osama bin Laden and still has the multi-spiked football to prove it!

However, as reported, the Obama account of the kill has been challenged by a real hero—a Navy Seal, who was THERE!

Several news outlets have finally got their hands on a copy of the new book about the raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound, and the details emerging contradict many of the earlier reports about what happened inside the house on the night the al Qaeda leader was killed. No Easy Day is set to be released September 11, but The Huffington Post’s Marcus Baram picked up a preview copy in a used bookstore, which is a common way to find pre-released books. The Associated Press bought a copy as well.

The book, written by ex-Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette (under the pseudonym Mark Owen), is a first-person account of the raid on the Abbottabad compound where bin Laden had been in hiding for years. According Bissonnette’s version of events, there was no extended firefight between SEAL Team 6 members and bodyguards and bin Laden himself never got the chance to confront or even see the soldiers before they killed him. Instead, he was shot in the hallway outside of his bedroom, then “disappeared into the dark room.” By the time the soldiers entered, he was already dying of wounds to the head. Bissonnette says he and another team member then shot him several more times in the chest to ensure he was dead.

The book also says that while there were two guns found in bin Laden’s room, neither was loaded and he never had a chance to defend himself. Bissonnette even calls him a “pussy” for not being prepared to defend or kill himself. Even though bin Laden was killed without resisting, the SEALs were instructed beforehand that it was not an assassination mission and that bin Laden should have been brought back alive, if possible.

Bissonnette is also critical of President Obama in his story, saying that no one on the team was a fan of the president and that they believed he and other leaders would inflate their own roles in the story. Even before the raid began, the SEALs joked about how they would help Obama get re-elected and also speculated about who would play them in the Hollywood movie. Despite their personal feelings about Obama, however, the SEALs did agree that he made the right call, saying “Although we applauded the decision-making in this case, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that he would take all the political credit for this too.”

They also complained that after a White House meeting with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden (“he reminded me of someone’s drunken uncle at Christmas dinner”) the President invited them to return some other time for a beer, but that call never came.”

So much for the Obama success!

As with the Summer of Recovery which has been touted for the past three years but which has never been reflected in improved employment numbers, the economic stimulus which stimulated nothing but the national deficit, the Affordable Care Act which is ruining the best health care system in the world, and other foibles of the Obama legacy, the foreign policy success of the 44th president is sheer political spin.

God Bless Bissonnette for his courage in telling the truth about the worst Commander-in-Chief in US history!

John Lillpop
John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal!.

John can be reached


Accuses GOP of ‘racism, lies, economic sabotage’

Published: 08/03/2011 at 9:37 PM

author-imageby AARON KLEIN

Aaron Klein is WND‘s senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief. He also hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio. Follow Aaron on Twitter and Facebook.More ↓

Barack Obama at a presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York.

It may be early in the campaign season, but the Communist Party USA already has seen fit to endorse Barack Obama for the 2012 election.

While noting he is disappointed with “some aspects” of the Obama administration’s domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind Obama’s re-election bid.

In an article last week at People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA, Webb discussed the need for a third party consisting of the so-called working class and labor as well as “racially and nationally oppressed people, women, youth, immigrants, seniors, gay and straight.”

Webb, however, recognized that such a party is not likely to emerge by next year.

“Millions who have to be at the core of this party still operate under the umbrella of the Democratic Party, albeit increasingly in an independent fashion,” he noted.

Webb said that for communists there are major differences between Democrats and Republicans. He urged his supporters to continue to back the Democrats.

Wrote Webb: “Neither party is anti-capitalist, but they aren’t identical either. Differences exist at the levels of policy and social composition. And despite the many frustrations of the past two years, the election of Barack Obama was historic and gave space to struggle for a people’s agenda.”

He argued that to separate from the Democrats now “would be contrary to our strategic policy of building maximum unity against right-wing extremism now and in next year’s elections.”

Continued Webb: “We are keenly aware of the fact that the agenda of the far right is to bring this administration and country to its knees, with a heavy dose of racism, lies and economic sabotage, setting the stage for a full blown return to power of the most reactionary, racist, anti-labor, anti-women, homophobic and militarist grouping in U.S. politics.”

“We want no part of that,” wrote Webb. “We don’t have any illusions about the Democratic Party, but we don’t have any illusions about the Republican Party either.”

Webb concluded: “Furthermore, we are also aware of the undeniable fact that no other party besides the Democratic Party stands a chance of beating the GOP next year.”

Communist party covers up support for Obama

Last November, the Communist Party USA was caught scrubbing its website of references that stated it “actively supported” President Obama’s election, as WND reported.

An article posted on the party’s official website on Dec. 30, 2007, previously stated, “Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election.”

The article was referring to Obama’s 2004 election to the Senate. It detailed how the African-American community and trade unionists played key roles in defeating the “ultra right.”

Screen shot of original article

“This was also reflected in the historic election of Barack Obama. Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election,” stated the article, a screen shot of which was captured by the New Zeal blog. The website has since been scrubbed of the reference to the Community Party USA aiding Obama, with the article now reading simply, “This was reflected in the historic election of Barack Obama.”

WND previously reported the official magazine of the Communist Party USA had lauded the important role of labor unions in electing Obama to the presidency in 2008.

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, or AFL-CIO, sponsored a poll showing union members supported Obama by a 68-30 margin and strongly influenced their family members. According to the survey, Obama won among white men who are union members by 18 points. Union gun-owners backed Obama by 12 points, while union veterans voted for Obama by a 25-point margin. In the general population, Obama lost these groups by significant margins.

Political Affairs, the Community Party USA’s magazine, quoted AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, a longtime member of the Boston chapter of the Democrat Socialists for America, expressing hope labor unions can continue working with Obama.

So we now have a link to the Democratic party to this Democrat Socialist for America and the 70 or so Congress folks and the Commie Party! Nice!!

“The election is just step one in delivering the change we need,” Sweeney said. “Working men and women are poised to keep the energy pumping to help the Obama administration lead the change we need. There will be no gap or letdown.”

The communist magazine said priorities for labor unions are “regulating Wall Street and restoring fairness to international trade,” as well as “health-care reform” to provide coverage to “nearly 50 million people without insurance and make medical care affordable for all.”

Communists map out Obama agenda

Immediately following the November 2008 presidential election, WND reportedthe Communist Party USA mapped out policies crucial for Obama to push through in his first term, including a “single payer” socialist health-care system; laws to make joining a labor union easier; raising the minimum wage and increasing labor union support.

In May 2009, WND reported the leader of the Communist Party USA declared that with Obama as president, health care and the economy can be “reformed,” U.S. troops can be evacuated from the Middle East, a second stimulus bill can be passed, the criminal justice system can be overhauled and union rights can be expanded.

“All these – and many other things – are within our reach now!” exclaimed Webb in a New York banquet speech for the People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA.

Yet have we heard anything from the Obama group to deny this at all? No and don’t hold your breath waiting on it either!  Obama is a Commie and would not hurt his friends in the Commie Party!! Impeach this dolt NOW!

Obama’s 2nd-term assault on U.S. military

Drastic slashes in defense at time of escalating world tensions

Published: 21 hours ago

author-image by Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein is WND’s senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief. He also hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio. Follow Aaron on Twitter and Facebook.More ↓


NEW YORK – During a time of escalating world tensions, it is generally considered unwise to reduce U.S. military preparedness.

Not to this commie he needs to cripple the military so he can take over!

With Iran racing toward nuclear-weapons capability, Syria on the brink of all-out civil war and Russia rebuilding its Cold War-era bases in the Middle East, now would be the time for any president to push for increased funding for U.S. forces.

Instead President Obama’s plans for military cuts, should he win a second term, make his drastic first-term defense slashes – about the only area in which he’s reduced government spending – look like child’s play.

A handful of key progressive organizations behind much of Obama’s first-term agenda have now submitted even more radical proposals to the White House to “transform” the U.S. military.

If these progressive groups have their way, U.S. armed forces will be reduced to a social work-style organization designed to combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations and increase “peacekeeping” forces worldwide. The massive, second-term slashes to the military budget are to be used, shockingly, to invest in a defense posture based on “sustainable energy” and fighting worldwide climate change. There is also a plan to wrest control of the military budget from Congress.

This progressive wish list matters because Obama’s first-term agenda did not materialize out of thin air. The president’s signature policies – including his first-term defense cutbacks, the $800 billion “stimulus” and even Obamacare – were crafted over years by the same major progressive organizations and activists now hard at work planning Obama’s second-term strategy on jobs, wages, health care, immigration, electoral “reform” – and national defense.

Two of the progressive think tanks – the Center for American Progress, or CAP, and the Institute for Policy Studies, or IPS – have produced a 96-page blueprint called “A Report of the Task Force on a Unified Security Budget for the United States” (or 2012 Unified Security Budget). Previous recommendations from the CAP-IPS annual Unified Security Budget have been adopted by the Obama administration.

CAP – which is run by John Podesta, a former aide to Bill Clinton and co-chairman of President Obama’s 2008 White House transition team – has had such heavy influence on the crafting of White House policy that Time magazine dubbed it the “idea factory” of the Obama administration.

In fact, the 2011 Unified Security Budget openly boasts that the group’s policy recommendations from its recent defense papers were utilized by Obama’s Sustainable Defense Taskforce, which has notoriously recommended $1 trillion in cuts over 10 years.

The 2012 USB opposes the use of forces on the ground to secure or influence the longer-term strategic position of other nations. It recommends scaling back all U.S. ground forces by 20 percent; reducing the Navy’s surface fleet by 20 percent – including two carriers and carrier combat air wings; and reducing the Air Force by two combat air wings. At the same time, it would cut standing peacetime overseas deployments in Europe and East Asia by up to 50,000 troops.

The Unified Security Budget authors strongly argue for the reduction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal to no more than 292 deployed nuclear weapons and the complete elimination of the Trident II nuclear missile. Obama has already initiated this process by signing a deal with Russia in April 2010 reducing stocks of weapons-grade plutonium.

The accord with Russia was signed at a nuclear summit in Washington arranged by Obama at which leaders of 47 nations (not including Iran or North Korea, the two biggest nuclear proliferators) committed to reducing the world’s nuclear stockpiles. One week earlier, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Obama signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, committing both countries to reducing their deployed nuclear arsenals.

Obama had broadly proclaimed his disarmament intentions during a 2007 campaign speech.

“Here’s what I’ll say as president: America seeks a world in which there are no nuclear weapons,” he said.

By 2010, as president, he argued, “We need to change our nuclear policy and our posture, which is still focused on deterring the Soviet Union – a country that doesn’t exist.”

The joint CAP and IPS report, meanwhile, recommends the U.S. cease all further development of missile defenses. The report goes through a list of current missile defense programs, including Ground-based Midcourse Defense, Airborne Laser and Kinetic Energy Interceptors– pushing for all programs to be cut.

The military’s vital Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation program is to be cut by $10 billion across the board.

Next on the chopping block: the complete cancellation of the second SSN-744 Virginia Class submarine. Similarly targeted for cancellation are the V-22 Osprey helicopter and the Navy and Marine Corps versions of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The 2012 Unified report does advocate a massive increase in one area – any spending that funds “alternative energy” or that focuses Defense Department resources on combating “climate change as a security threat.” The report’s authors recommend investing “the lion’s share” of the few allotted military increases in addressing the “threat” of so-called climate change. The progressive groups are also pushing Obama to take billions of dollars from the U.S. military and instead use the funds for a “green stimulus.”

These groups envision the military as a tool to fight so-called global warming. In 2011, the IPS released a 40-page CAP-endorsed report titled “The Green Dividend,” a term the IPS defines as “a major shift of resources from the military budget to sustainable energy.”

The IPS paper identifies the Pentagon as the “largest institutional energy user – and greenhouse gas emitter – on the planet,” arguing that if it undertook a “crash program” to convert to renewable energy sources and clean vehicles, it could make a significant impact on global emissions.

The IPS calls on the Pentagon to contribute to a green world “by simply getting out of the way, by handing over unneeded military installations to be converted into green job incubators.”

For now, congressional oversight serves as a check to some of Obama’s most drastic calls for defense reductions. Some would even give Congress more power in this realm. But the progressive groups have concocted a plan to wrest budgetary control from Congress altogether – where it is vested by the U.S. Constitution – and instead place the military’s purse strings in the hands of an “independent panel.”

Would American voters support Obama if they knew what he has in store should he win a second term?

Apparently the president himself doesn’t think so. As he told Russian Prime Minister Medvedev when he thought no one was listening: “Tell Vladimir (Putin) after I’m re-elected I’ll have more flexibility.”

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Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama – 24 Stats That Show How You’ve Messed Up Our Economy

August 22, 2012 10:19 am Author: The American Dream

  Under Barack Obama, the U.S. economy has performed worse than it did under any other president since the end of the Great Depression.  After every other recession since World War II, the U.S. economy always regained what was lost and got even stronger before the next recession began.  During this “economic recovery”, we have not even come close to getting back to where we were in 2008.  In fact, the number of Americans living in poverty and the number of Americans that are dependent on the government both continue to explode even as Barack Obama runs up trillions of dollars of new debt.  Anyone that believes that Barack Obama is going to “fix the economy” if he is given another four years in the White House has taken way too many sips of the Obama kool-aid.  The truth is that Barack Obama is not going to save you.  Barack Obama has royally messed up our economy (along with a lot of other things) and that is not something we should be thanking him for.

Yes, Barack Obama is not solely responsible for the economy.  In fact, he does not even have the most influence over the direction of the economy.

However, if he had been willing or able to actually do what was necessary to fix the economy, he certainly had ample opportunity.

For example, the Democrats had full control of Congress during Obama’s first two years in office.

They were in a position to push through just about anything that they wanted to.

But just about everything that did get through Congress during those two years was full of really, really bad ideas.

More importantly, Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing to stand in the way of the nightmarish policies of the Federal Reserve.

Yes, the Federal Reserve does have more power over the U.S. economy than Barack Obama does.

But Barack Obama has made no moves to reign in the Fed or to stop their idiotic policies.

In fact, Obama has had nothing but good things to say about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and he nominated Bernanke for another term.

Talk about stupid.

If you were the owner of a pro football team and your coach had lost every game for several years in a row would you give him a new contract?

Of course not.

But even though Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has a track record of failure that would make the Washington Generals blush, Obama has given Bernanke his unquestioning support.

Obama insists that it would be a really bad idea to ever question the “independence” of the Fed.  Obama believes that it is a good thing that U.S. monetary policy is determined by a panel of “experts” that work for a secretive organization that has no direct accountability to the American people whatsoever.

Yet their decisions have a huge impact on all our lives every single day.

So since Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to stand up to the Federal Reserve and has had nothing but wonderful things to say about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, it is fair to hold Obama at least partially responsible for the nightmarish economic conditions that Fed policies have helped create.

In the final analysis, basically every single decision that Barack Obama has made regarding the economy has been wrong.  He has added trillions to our debt while flushing our economic future down the toilet at the same time.

Thanks Obama – you really have been awful.

The following are 24 stats that show just how much Obama has royally messed up our economy….

#1 Under Bill Clinton, the average unemployment rate was 5.2 percent.  Under George W. Bush, the average unemployment rate was 5.3 percent.  Under Barack Obama, things have been much worse. The month after he took office the unemployment rate rose above 8 percent and it has stayed there ever since.

#2 Under Barack Obama, the velocity of money (a very important indicator of economic health) has plunged to a post-World War II low.

#3 Real median household income has decreased by more than 4000 dollars since Barack Obama entered the White House.

#4 The United States has plenty of oil and we should not have to import it from the Middle East.  Unfortunately, Barack Obama has an absolutely nightmarish energy policy.  Under Bill Clinton, the number of drilling permits approved rose by 58 percent.  Under George W. Bush, the number of drilling permits approved rose by 116 percent.  Under Barack Obama, the number of drilling permits approved decreased by 36 percent.

#5 When Barack Obama took office, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.85.  Today, the average price of a gallon of gasoline is $3.71.

#6 Under Barack Obama, the United States has lost more than 300,000 education jobs.

#7 Since Barack Obama became president, the number of long-term unemployed Americans has risen from 2.7 million to 5.2 million.

#8 For the first time in the post-World War II era, the employment-population ratio has not bounced back after a recession.  The percentage of working age Americans with a job has been below 59 percent for 35 months in a row.

#9 While Barack Obama has been president, U.S. home values have fallen by another 12 percent.

#10 More than three times as many new homes were sold in the United States in 2005 as will be sold in 2012.

#11 Electricity bills in the United States have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.  Thanks Obama.

#12 When Barack Obama first entered the White House, an ounce of gold was going for about $850.  Today, the price of gold is over $1630 an ounce.

#13 Since 2008, our economy has lost 1.3 million jobs while at the same time 3.6 million more Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.

#14 The number of Americans on food stamps has grown from 31.9 million when Barack Obama took office to 46.4 million today.  How much more “hope and change” are we going to be able to endure?

#15 As I wrote about the other day, it is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

#16 If you can believe it (and this really is hard to believe), more than half of all Americans are now at least partially financially dependent on the government.

#17 The total amount of money that the federal government gives directly to the American people has grown by 32 percent since Barack Obama became president.

#18 Under Barack Obama, federal spending as a percentage of GDP (25 percent) is the highest that it has been since World War II.

#19 The Obama administration has been spending money on some of the most insane things imaginable.  For example, in 2011 the Obama administration spent $592,527 on a study that sought to figure out once and for all why chimpanzees throw poop.

#20 The U.S. government has run a budget deficit of well over a trillion dollars every single year under Barack Obama.

#21 Under Barack Obama, U.S. debt was downgraded from AAA status for the first time ever.

#22 Since Barack Obama took office, the U.S. national debt has increased by 50 percent.

#23 Since Barack Obama became president, the U.S. national debt has increased by an average of more than $64,000 per taxpayer.

#24 During the Obama administration, the U.S. national debt has grown more than it did from the time that George Washington became president to the beginning of Bill Clinton’s second term as president.

Will Obama Keep Power ‘by Any Means Necessary’?

August 21, 2012

By Stella Paul

Let’s go there: if Obama thinks he’s losing, will he allow safe and fair elections on November 6?  And if he does lose, will he peacefully turn over power to Mitt Romney on January 20, 2013?  Or will he cling to power “by any means necessary,” as a highly placed insider alleges?

Now, I’m truly sorry to raise such disgusting, un-American, crazy-sounding questions, but, alas, they’re not crazy, and I’ve got a disquieting amount of evidence.  The Democrats have already accused Romney of murdering a woman with cancer, financial felonies, and not filing taxes for ten years — the last charge delivered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the Senate floor, on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

By Democrat standards, I’ve got enough proof to put away Obama, et al. for life without parole.

Whatever chicanery Obama and his investors may be contemplating, it will probably unfold against some gargantuan crisis, manufactured or otherwise.  So cast your mind back to September 11, 2001, the day of the New York mayoral primary.

In the chaos after the attacks, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who was term-limited from running, pleaded that his leadership was essential and that he should be granted an extra three months in office after his term ran out on January 1.  Giuliani’s unprecedented power-grab was rightfully scorned by his eventual successor, Michael Bloomberg.  So what did Bloomberg do when he ran into term limits?  He deployed his multi-billion-dollar fortune to manipulate the law and buy himself a quasi-legal third term, claiming that only he had the expertise to handle the 2008 financial crisis.

My point?  Politicians a great deal more conventional than Obama have loathed giving up power, and they have used crises and unethical machinations to try to keep it.

Now, let’s look at just some of the disturbing evidence that indicates that Obama and his investors are plotting something big:

Super-High-Level Trial Balloons

USA Today reported that on September 27, 2011, Governor Beverly Perdue, Democrat of North Carolina, told a Rotary Club audience, “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover[.] … You want people who don’t worry about the next election.”  When outrage greeted her suggestion, she retreated to the standard defense: she was just joking.  What a kidder!

She is a liar IMHO she said it and it is an idea you should not even consider much less make a joke about it!

Meanwhile, that same month, Peter Orszag, Obama’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget, published an article in The New Republic titled “Too Much of A Good Thing: Why We Need Less Democracy.”  In it, he posited that the country was too polarized; hence, “radical as it sounds, we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic.”

Please note that these suggestions to suspend elections and radically reduce democratic control did not come from basement-dwelling bloggers.  They came from the governor of the very state in which the Democrats are holding their national convention and from one of Obama’s most prominent Cabinet members.  Their close timing suggests that these ideas were circulating at the highest levels of the Democrat power elite.

“Whom Does the Government Intend to Shoot?”

That’s the question recently posed by retired Major General Jerry Curry in the Daily Caller, in light of horrifying reports that the Social Security Administration is buying 174,000 rounds of hollow-point bullets for distribution to 41 locations in the U.S.

According to Major General Curry, Social Security’s ammo spree follows the purchase by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of 46,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition.  Will they be shooting fish in a barrel?

Most terrifying of all, Major General Curry reports that the Department of Homeland Security ordered 750 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition in March, then subsequently ordered an additional 750 million rounds, including bullets capable of penetrating walls.

“This is enough ammunition to empty five rounds into the body of every living American citizen,” writes Major General Curry, who wonders what plan might require “so many dead Americans.”

I strongly suggest that you read Major General Curry’s article for yourself, so you can appreciate the full horror of what he describes.  After pointing out that Congress has done nothing to investigate these weapon purchases, Major General Curry, a 40-year veteran, concludes with these chilling words:

This is a deadly serious business. I hope I’m wrong, but something smells rotten. And If the Congress isn’t going to do its duty and investigate this matter fully, the military will have to protect the Constitution, the nation, and our citizens.

900-plus Executive Orders

Obama may not be fond of governing, but he certainly does enjoy issuing executive orders — more than 900 so far.  As American Thinker‘s Warren Beatty points out, these little-reported edicts reveal an all-too-predictable pattern: concentrating all national power and resources in Obama’s hands, in case of “emergency.”

So far, Obama has granted himself the right to control all transportation, including highways, airports, seaports, and railroads, and all modes of communication, storage facilities, electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.

Should you resist your work brigade assignment or relocation orders, rest assured that the U.S. government is now well supplied with bullets.

Openly War-Gaming against American Citizens

A recent issue of the well-respected Small Wars Journal featured an article titled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future.”  Written by retired Army Col. Kevin Benson of the Army’s University of Foreign Military and Jennifer Weber, a Civil War expert, the article helpfully game-played, in full operational detail, how the Army would destroy a local Tea Party insurrection.

The authors claim that should Tea Party rebels take over a City Hall, “Americans will expect the military to execute without pause and as professionally as if it were acting overseas”; therefore, “the Army cannot disappoint the American people, especially in such a moment.”

The brazenness of this scheme for the U.S. military to kill Americans created a small, temporary stir.  The Washington Times editorialized, “This is a dark, pessimistic and wrongheaded view of what military leaders should spend their time studying.”  The Washington Times also noted:

A professor at the Joint Forces Staff College was relieved of duty in June for uttering the heresy that the United States is at war with Islam. The Obama administration contended the professor had to be relieved because what he was teaching was not U.S. policy. Because there is no disclaimer attached to the Small Wars piece, it is fair to ask, at least in Col. Benson’s case, whether his views reflect official policy regarding the use of U.S. military force against American citizens.

Active Partnership with America’s Foreign Enemies

Many spectacles have enlivened presidential elections over the years, but 2012 marks the first time that high-level military personnel have felt compelled to publicly tell the president to stop leaking national security secrets.

A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives created a 22-minute video, “Dishonorable Disclosures,” to shame Obama into shutting up about priceless intelligence related to bin Laden’s death, British-Saudi penetration of al-Qaeda, and the Israeli-American Stuxnet virus attack on Iran’s nuclear program.

They have been put on obamas enemies list nice eh?

Normally, presidents don’t want to endanger American citizens and military personnel by leaking top-secret information — but aiding and abetting the enemy is apparently all in a day’s work for Obama.

And so, if he wants to stir up trouble before the election, either at home or abroad, he’ll have plenty of enemy partners to help.  First, he’s got the Russians, to whose president he was caught whispering on a hot mic about missile defense, “This is my last election[.] … After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Second, Obama is this close to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are world-class experts on unleashing political violence.  Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood ascend to power in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya, and he’s placed its operatives in the highest levels of the American government.  Surely, such clever characters as Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, and Mohamed Elibiary, a Homeland Security Advisory committee member, can be trusted to think up some exciting turmoil to apply where needed.

And finally, close to home, Obama can rely on the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico, whom he supplied with thousands of guns.  Gratefully, they used their American taxpayer-funded AK-47s to wipe out rival drug gangs and to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  Attorney General Eric Holder is presently in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents on Operation Fast and Furious, and Obama (“President Transparency”) has claimed executive privilege to withhold them.

Sending hordes of expensively armed drug gang members across our border should be a snap, now that Obama has crippled our Border Patrol.  Just think of all the headline-grabbing distractions these energetic young men can unleash!

Active Partnership with Domestic Criminal Groups

When Louis Farrakhan met Ahmadinejad: now there’s a romance made in the bowels of hell.  Toss in the head of the New Black Panthers and fifty radical imams, and you’ve got the “Beast Axis” that was forged in a Manhattan hotel on September 27, 2010, according to The Blaze.

New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz boasted on Black Panther Radio that he “stands on solid ideological ground” with “His Excellency, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” who understands “the dynamics and the politics of world revolution.”

Apparently, Obama approves of these antics, because his attorney general, Eric Holder, dropped charges against the New Black Panthers, even though they were caught on tape allegedly intimidating Philadelphia voters in the 2008 elections.  Naturally, Holder’s Department of Justice then lied about its actions, covering up its political motivations.

Holder specifically protected King Samir Shabazz, who now serves as national field marshal for the New Black Panthers.  Shabazz spearheads the Panthers’ ambitious new plan to “create inner city militaries that would go into nurseries and kill white babies and murder white people in the street.”

Let’s hope this “inner city military” is not what candidate Obama mysteriously referred to in 2008 when he pledged, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Imagine, for one monstrous moment, the destructive potential of this burgeoning alliance between the Obama-protected New Black Panthers, Obama’s old Chicago associate Louis Farrakhan, and the genocidally obsessed Ahmadinejad.  If your blood didn’t run cold, you weren’t imagining hard enough.

A Tsunami of Voter Fraud

On June 15, 2012, Obama bypassed Congress and issued de facto amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.  Suddenly, whole new vistas of voter fraud opened up to the Democrats.  Admittedly, they’ve got to ramp up quickly for November, but this gang should prove up to the challenge.

Helping matters along, Holder is busy suing states that require photo ID to vote and attempting to disenfranchise the military.  Together, these well-coordinated efforts should provide Obama with the means to pull off staggering amounts of voter fraud.

“By Any Means Necessary”

If all else fails, Obama and his investors may be prepared to keep power “By Any Means Necessary.”  This information comes from an uncannily predictive website called The Ulsterman Report.  Those who have followed its fascinating interviews over the last couple of years with two anonymous sources, Wall Street Insider and White House Insider, have seen its scoops confirmed again and again.

Well over a year ahead of any other media, The Ulsterman Report was informing readers that Valerie Jarrett ran the White House and that Obama was strangely disengaged from the actual tasks of governing.  It predicted the emergence of obscure figures — Kamala D. Harris, who’s now attorney general of California, and her brother-in-law, Tony West, the newly named acting associate attorney general at the Department of Justice, who’s being groomed as Holder’s successor.

Most crucially, shortly after the bin Laden operation, the Ulsterman Report revealed that Valerie Jarrett had canceled three previous bin Laden raids.  That information now has been confirmed by Richard Miniter in his book, Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him.

Recently, a source known as Military Insider (MI) met with Ulsterman (UM) at the urging of Wall Street Insider (WSI) to issue a warning.  A section of their conversation follows below:

MI: Approximately two years ago…not quite two years ago…I received information pertaining to an election contingency plan.  For 2012.  After the 2010 elections there were particular operatives…specific to the Obama administration and Democratic Party leadership…indicating an overwhelming need to secure a second term for President Obama.  That document’s title was…(pauses)

WSI:He can be trusted – I give you my word.  Please proceed.

MI:That document’s title was “By Any Means Necessary”.  It was unofficial – but we know it came directly from channels specific to the administration.  We confirmed that.

UM:What channels?  Who are you talking about?

MI: We believe it to have been authored by Mr. Sunstein.  Reviewed and approved by Valerie Jarrett.  Preparations for implementation are being done in part by Mr. Leo Gerard coordinating with…with high ranking officials within the Department of Justice, Homeland Security…and…the U.S. military.

We could dismiss the anonymous Military Insider’s warning as overheated, unsourced hysteria.  Or we could examine it as one more piece of evidence to place alongside all the evidence I’ve described above.

The greatest asset of Obama and his investors has been their warp-speed audacity.  We’re too stunned to believe what’s happening in front of our eyes, and too embarrassed to mention it.  Who wants to speak up and be ridiculed as an unhinged paranoid, marching with the tinfoil hat brigade?

But our best bet — perhaps our only bet — is to frankly confront this ugly reality.  As Iran prepares to go nuclear and the global economy teeters, any number of “national emergencies” can suddenly erupt, demanding unprecedented measures by Obama to “save” us.  We must be prepared with skepticism, outrage, and defiance of any actions to deprive us of our Constitutional rights.

America remains the last best hope on earth.  And We the People must keep our power, by any means necessary.

IMHO this commie obama and his whole administration need to be stopped “by any means necessary”. WE NEED TO START IN THE VOTER BOOTH FIRST! GOD HELP US IF IT GETS PAST THAT, pray that it doesn’t! We don’t need another war of American fighting American again!

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Muslims Allegedly Gang Rape Colorado Woman!

Document Reveals Accounts Of Vicious Assault From Victim And Suspects

Court documents reveal that the victim of an alleged vicious sexual assault remembers some of the suspects telling her about being unhappy with the way they were treated in the United States. Five Iraqi nationals were arrested in connection with the case.

Two are charged with the crime while all five are charged as accessories with the crime. Some of the victim’s injuries were described by police as being “rarely seen.”

“I can tell you this is one of the most horrific sexual assaults I’ve seen in my career as a police officer,” said Lt. Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

More specifics about the victim’s injuries were redacted from publicly available documents to protect the victim’s privacy.

According to police, the victim reported overhearing a scuffle involving several people at about 1:30 a.m. at the Wildridge Apartments on July 21. She works the night shift and was out checking her mailbox at the time. She decided to stand between the two groups of men in an attempt to calm them down.

Following the fight, the victim told police she was invited inside an apartment by one of the men. There, she met three other men who were about 20 years old.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim described a conversation with the men that centered on how unhappy they were with the treatment they received in the United States. The men also spoke about “the Untied States oppressing them and calling them terrorists.”

The victim told police the men reminded her of her own son and she wanted to help calm them down. She also sympathized because she had been in the military and previously lived in foreign countries.

During their conversation, the victim was given what she believed was lemonade. Police say she has no recollection of what happened after that.

On July 22, officers found a significant amount of blood throughout the apartment where the alleged attack occurred and also in the victim’s apartment. One officer also spoke to a neighbor who lives directly below the victim’s apartment. According to the affidavit, the neighbor described speaking to the victim and described her as “out of it.” The neighbor also saw her bleeding.

As the investigation continued, the affidavit says the victim was able to identify Sarmad Fadhil Mohammed in a photographic lineup. Looking at the photo, the victim identified him as the male who held a knife during the original disturbance. She also remembered that he had exposed himself to her before she lost consciousness.

When a search warrant was executed at the apartment where the assault occurred, tactical officers found Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori, Yasir Jabbar Jasim, Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji inside. The affidavit says all four agreed to go to the Police Operations Center to be interviewed.

The affidavit details Sarmad Fadhil Mohammed’s interview first. It says he admitted to carrying a kitchen knife during the fight, but said he was trying to assist a friend named “J.” When they all returned to the apartment, Mohammed said he offered the woman a drink of rum asked her if she was there to have sex. He says she refused, said she twice stopped “J” from performing oral sex on her.

Mohammed also told police that he was falling asleep on the couch when he awoke to hear the woman groan. He asked her to leave, he said, because he did not want the blood stains in his apartment.

The next two interviews detailed in the documents involved of Yasir Jabaar Jasim. During the second interview, he admitted having lied previously about what he witnessed in the apartment. According to the papers, Jasim said he saw “J” force oral sex on the victim and violently assault her.

Jasim also told police there was blood everywhere and that “J” told him, “Man, she’s going to die.”

Jasim, Mohammed and Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji all told officers that the man they knew as “J” was probably named Jaseen Ramadan. Officers investigated and found a photo of Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon that each man identified as the being the same person.

A warrant was issued for Ramadon on July 26, and he was arrested the next day. According to the affidavit, he admitted the victim was in the apartment but denied having any sexual contact with her. He claimed it was Al Feraji who sexually assaulted her and caused the injury.

The detective also wrote in the affidavit that Ramadon claimed he was the one who helped the victim home after she was injured and bleeding.

In the following days, several of the suspects were re-interviewed. In the end, Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon were arrested for both the sexual assault and being accessories to the crime. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were also arrested and charged as accessories.

All of the suspects obtained a lawful permanent resident status within the past five years.

A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s office told 11 News Tuesday if the men are convicted they will serve their time here and then be deported. If they’re found not guilty they will likely still be sent back to Iraq.

A check of the suspect’s criminal backgrounds indicates this is the first time they’ve been in serious trouble with the law.

All five men were in jail late Tuesday night.

Obama to Military: PC is More Important than your Safety

Written on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by David L. Goetsch


There is a new threat to the safety of American military personnel that ranks right up there with improvised explosive devices (IEDs).  According to a report recently released by the House Homeland Security Committee: The threat to military personnel from homegrown terrorists is “severe” and growing.  The report profiled Major Nidal Hasan, the man accused of killing 13 people and wounding 29 others at Fort Hood in 2009, as an example of a homegrown terrorist.  The report also cited, among other things, the June 2009 attack on an Army recruiting office in Arkansas by Muslim convert, Carlos Bledsoe, as an example of the growing threat of “homegrown terrorism” in which military personnel are specifically targeted.

Homegrown terrorists are American citizens—born or naturalized—who convert to Islam and then, at some point, turn on the country of their birth or choice.  How has America’s Commander-in-Chief responded to this new and growing threat?  As is his habit, Obama refuses to use the “T” word.  He steadfastly refuses to admit that homegrown attacks by Islamist fanatics, even those aimed at military personnel, are terror-related.  Worse yet, he is pressuring military leaders to be politically correct in responding to the attacks by treating them as instances of domestic violence.  In other words, to Barack Obama a homegrown terrorist murdering innocent Americans is no different than two drunks getting into a bar fight.

The President is sticking with his politically correct response to homegrown terrorism in spite of the facts revealed by the House Homeland Security Committee.  Concerning the Bledsoe episode, the report states: “Bledsoe targeted the U.S. military to avenge what he believed was mistreatment of Muslims.  He also traveled to Yemen and was radicalized to al Qaeda’s violent Islamist extremist ideology.” Bledsoe is an American citizen who converted to Islam, was indoctrinated and trained by the most infamous terrorist organization in the world, and murdered unarmed military personnel in a recruiting office.  But to the president, this is not terrorism.

In spite of overwhelming evidence that Bledsoe is a terrorist, President Obama refused to allow the military to handle him as one.  Rather, the al Qaeda operative was to be treated as just another perpetrator of domestic violence.  To drive home Obama’s point that homegrown terrorism is nothing more than domestic violence, Bledsoe was tried in a civilian court rather than a military tribunal.  Even more absurd was the decision to treat Major Nidal Hasan’s terrorist attack as an instance of workplace violence.  At the time he killed 13 people and wounded 29 more, Hasan was a serving Army officer with documented ties to terrorist kingpin Anwar al-Awlaki, yet President Obama insisted that he be treated in the same manner as an angry employee who shows up for work with a gun and shoots his boss. Had Barack Obama been president instead of George W. Bush on 911, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers would have been referred to the National Transportation and Safety Board as aircraft accidents.

The report of the House Homeland Security Committee was scathing in its response to President Obama’s handling of homegrown terrorism. The report stated that Obama “…chose political correctness over accurately labeling and identifying certain terrorist attacks appropriately, thereby denying Purple Heart medals to killed and wounded troops in domestic terror attacks.”  Apparently, President Obama is more concerned about not offending al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations than he is about protecting American military personnel.

Why Gun Ownership is a Right and a Duty

posted on August 3, 2012 by Gary DeMar

Raoul-wallenberg_CroppedMilton Friedman (1912–1986), free market economist and author who schooled Phil Donahue on national television about capitalism and the freedom of the market place, would have turned 100 years old on July 31stof this year.

Friedman’s calm demeanor, as he put the arrogant, know-it-all, and multimillionaire talk show host in his place, is a thing of beauty. If you haven’t seen it, then you are in for a real treat. It’s less than 3 minutes in length and worth every second:

The last thing Friedman says to Donahue is important as we take a look at another centennial birthday that has a great deal of significance for today’s gun control debate. August 4, 2012 marks the centennial birthday of World War II hero, Raoul Wallenberg.

Raoul Wallenberg epitomizes individual initiative, freedom and the sanctity of the individual against the all-powerful state. Comfortable in his affluent Swedish homeland, while nearly everyone was steeped [in] a culture of denial and submission, Wallenberg was alarmed and stood up fearlessly taking action during WWII when millions of Jews were being rounded up and sent to be slaughtered in the Nazi death camps.

In 1986 the NBC presented a gripping drama about Wallenberg and his attempts to save European Jews from their Nazi tormentor, Colonel Adolf Eichmann. Wallenberg’s efforts may have made the difference between life and death for nearly 120,000 Hungarian Jews.

During the course of the story, the viewer is struck by an emotional scene of Jews being loaded onto trucks for shipment to a concentration camp.

A Jewish teenager turns to a rabbi and confronts him with a seemingly unanswerable question: “How can you still believe in God after all of this?” The rabbi does not take long to respond: “How can you still believe in man?”

Friedman’s “I don’t even trust you” and the rabbi’s comment about the cruelty of man say a lot about self-defense against tyranny. Like the Germans, we say it can’t happen here.

“Today our conditions are very much like pre-war Nazi Germany when Hitler rose to power, was appointed chancellor, and started nationalizing the banks, auto industry, and healthcare and then seized absolute power. Similarly Obama took control of the auto industry, the banks and nationalized healthcare. The state now controls the schools, the press, our cultural institutions, our healthcare and large sectors of the economy. Our freedoms are being stripped away. Soon the internet will be a tool of the government and free enterprise will no longer be free.”

The next step will be to remove the last line of resistance to what could be a totalitarian surge based on some national emergency. You may recall how guns were confiscated in the aftermath of Katrina.

Gun ownership is a statement that human beings can be cruel and governments can’t be trusted.

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The Most Pro-Gun Low-Crime City in the United States

posted on July 23, 2012 by Gary DeMar



     The anti-Second Amendment crowd is on the warpath again. PBS’ Bill Moyers, who served as White House Press Secretary in the Lyndon Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967, called the NRA “the enabler of death.” It seems to me that James Holmes is the Enabler of Death. 65 million other gun owners in the United States didn’t kill anybody last Thursday evening.

I live just a few miles from the most pro-gun city in the United States – Kennesaw Georgia – where gun ownership is mandatory. It’s not the “Wild West” like some people predicted when it passed a mandatory gun ownership law. “The city of Kennesaw was selected by Family Circle magazine as one of the nation’s ‘10 best towns for families.’ The award was aimed at identifying the best communities nationally that combine big-city opportunities with suburban charm, a blend of affordable housing, good jobs, top-rated public schools, wide-open spaces, and less stress.”[1]

In 1982 the city passed the following ordinance [Sec 34-21] which was in response to a handgun ban in Morton Grove, Ill.

(a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.

(b) Exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who suffer a physical or mental disability which would prohibit them from using such a firearm. Further exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who are paupers or who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine, or persons convicted of a felony.

The city’s website states that Kennesaw “has the lowest crime rate in Cobb County,” one of the most populous counties in Georgia. In fact, from 1982 through 2009, Kennesaw had been nearly murder free with one murder occurring in 2007.

There were three murders in 2010 committed by the same man in what is described as a “school safety zone,” an area extending 1,000 feet from any school, including adult colleges and technical schools. This means that even though Kennesaw has the most liberal gun laws in the United States, employees at the facility where the murders were committed could not have a gun on the premises.

IMHO this is a stupid move on the schools part let the teachers and staff have weapons it could have saved lives in this case.

Of course, criminals don’t care about laws; that’s why they’re criminals. Ed Stone of Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner makes these important points:

“Unfortunately experience with actual ‘school safety zones’ in Georgia has proven that the ‘school safety zone’ law approach does not stop violent armed crime, as it disarms only the potential victims of an attack.  Criminals seeking to rob, rape, and murder ignore the ‘school safety zone’ as merely one more law they are breaking.”

Now we come to New York City. In September 2011 Ryan Jerome, a former Marine Corps gunner, walked up to a security officer at the Empire State Building and asked where he could check his gun.

He had a valid concealed carry permit from his home state of Indiana. He also had the rights given to him under the Second Amendment. No matter, the security officer called police and Jerome spent the next two days in jail. “The 28-year-old with no criminal history now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of three and a half years in prison. If convicted, his sentence could be as high as fifteen years.”

He brought the gun for protection since he was traveling with $15,000 worth of jewelry that he planned to sell. Certainly a rational decision, given the crime rate in New York City and stories like the U.S. Marine veteran who was shot three times when a Craigslist transaction went bad.

In December of 2011, Tennessee nurse Meredith Graves noticed a “no guns” sign at the World Trade Center site in New York City and asked where she could leave her weapon. Like Jerome, she was arrested and faces similar charges. Mayor Bloomberg claims that she was in possession of cocaine. It seems that what the police found was BC Powder, an over-the-counter pain reliever that is sold exclusively in the South.

In a 25-year period, New York City has had more than 15,000 murders – 2245 in 1990 alone – while Kennesaw, Georgia, had 1.

Yet Mayor Bloomberg wants more gun control Yea that will work Idiot!

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Why so later on we have to buy oil at a higher price from foreign countries? Use our resources’ NOW!

White House says tapping oil reserve is ‘on the table,’ as gas prices rise

Bovine Scatology ALERT!

Published August 17, 2012

With the threat of $4-a-gallon gas once again hanging over the economy — and over President Obama’s re-election campaign — the White House on Friday left the door open to tapping the country’s oil reserve to ease prices.

This is a political move if he didn’t need a crutch to help out his campaign this would not even come up!

“A release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an option that’s on the table,” Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

The response was boilerplate, and Earnest added that he didn’t “have anything to announce further on that topic at this point.”

But Earnest also wasn’t disputing a news report Friday claiming the White House was “dusting off old plans” for potentially releasing some of that oil. That claim, attributed to an anonymous source, was made in a lengthy Reuters piece that suggested a decision might come after Labor Day — when officials can better gauge the trend in prices.

Lately, that trend has been ever-upward, and it’s being felt at the pump. The average price of a gallon of regular Friday was $3.72, up 29 cents from last month.

That’s a pinch on American consumers. But it’s also a crimp in Obama’s re-election efforts. Already dealing with a succession of dim labor reports and now a Republican opponent energized by his highly publicized running mate selection, Obama does not want to see the $4-a-gallon figure coming out of next month’s Democratic National Convention.

The petroleum reserve, which he’s tapped once before, could act as a political reserve of sorts in case gas prices climb too high. Administration officials, according to the Reuters article, are also worried that high oil prices could end up benefiting Iran, in turn undermining sanctions against the country.

Calls for tapping the petroleum reserve are cyclical, and typically lead to a predictable partisan dispute. Democrats have tended to favor tapping the reserve to allay high prices, while Republicans have used rising oil costs to argue instead for more domestic oil exploration and drilling.

Any decision at the height of campaign season, though, carries a political risk, as Republicans could accuse Obama of tapping the country’s emergency supply for political purposes.

Earnest said Friday that the administration is “carefully” monitoring the oil market and price.

“It’s something that we watch closely because of the economic consequences for changes in that market and changes in the price,” he said.

He also noted that foreign oil imports have dropped in recent years — though The New York Times reported Friday that the U.S. has been increasingly turning to Saudi Arabia for oil despite concerns about volatility in the region.

Use the ANWAR, drilling in the Gulf, Just open it up and get out of the way and gas will get settled out by using our ON resources and not be dependent on foreign oil! To simple for Obama to think about and his Green crap energy plan!

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Some say re-election fear is driving gun sales in Fort Worth, elsewhere

Posted Saturday, Mar. 03, 2012 By Anna M. Tinsley

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Editor’s note: We welcome comments on this story. However, those who violate our stated policies will be banned, and we will shut the board down if there are repeated violations. Keep the conversation civil, on topic and free from racism, profanity and personal attacks. Do not post external links. Do not cut and paste the work of others. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

FORT WORTH — Gun sales are booming.

Enthusiasts are stocking up on guns and ammunition, and some in the industry are wondering whether sales are spiking as they did after Democrat Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008.

That rush created a nationwide shortage.

“We’re at the top of the roller coaster and we’re about to plummet down the side,” said DeWayne Irwin, owner of the Cheaper Than Dirt gun store in north Fort Worth, which set a sales record for the month of February. “It’s fixing to happen again. I don’t know if it will be to the same extent it was before, but I see it coming.

“Look who the Republicans are trying to put against Obama,” he said. “It’s the Keystone Kops and people are getting scared. People are terrified he’s going to get re-elected and then he won’t care about getting votes next time. He’ll just pass whatever legislation he wants.”

Some say the uptick in sales at gun stores could also be linked to anything from the arrival of tax refunds to a spending spree by fans of the National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Preppers show, which chronicles people preparing for the end of the world.

Nationwide, more people than ever are buying firearms.

Last year, the FBI received more than 16.3 million inquiries from people running criminal background checks on potential gun buyers. That’s up from 12.7 million in 2008 and 11.4 million in 2007, FBI records show.

Texas had around 1 million such requests in each of the past four years, the second most, behind Kentucky, which had nearly double that. Officials say Kentucky’s numbers are high because fresh background checks are run every month there on gun owners with concealed-weapons permits.

“I’m constantly getting questions from people in the gun community about this [issue],” said Alan Korwin, author of nine gun law books, including Gun Laws of America, and operator of “People are concerned that if Obama wins, as a lame duck, he will go after firearms in a way we have never seen before.

“We saw a fire sale when he was elected last time,” he said. “But the speculation is that now … with his need to get re-elected gone, the sky is the limit on attacking the Second Amendment.”

Assault weapons ban?

Before taking office, Obama said he respected the constitutional right to bear arms. In 2007, after more than three dozen Chicago children had been killed, he also said he wanted to restore the ban on assault weapons.

In the days and weeks after the 2008 election, people began stocking up on firearms and ammunition, eventually creating a shortage. It took nearly a year for supplies to become more plentiful and for prices, which spiked because of the demand, to come down.

President Bill Clinton signed the last so-called assault weapons ban on Sept. 13, 1994, and it expired 10 years later. Just months after he signed the ban, voters went to the polls and the House and Senate flipped from Democratic to Republican control.

When the assault weapons ban came up in Congress for reauthorization in 2004, the measure failed.

“It’s bad politics to be on the wrong side of the Second Amendment at election time,” Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, has said.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Obama administration “has consistently favored the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban. It is something that we think was useful in the past with regard to the reduction that we’ve seen in crime and certainly would have a positive impact on our relationship and the crime situation in Mexico.”

Fort Worth’s Mark Greene, a hunter and former member of Gun Owners for Obama, said he’s tired of people using this argument to influence Obama’s re-election bid.

“I still own guns and I still support Obama,” he said. “And I still have very little in common with the fear mongers and bunker-mentality gun nuts who will tell any lie they think they can get away with to try and bring down this president they hate so vehemently and irrationally.”

Some in the industry cite a variety of reasons for the rise in gun and ammo sales, including that manufacturers are better marketing guns — primarily pink ones — to women.

But a big reason may be politics.

A prominent businessman recently shopped at Cheaper Than Dirt, saying that “Republicans don’t have a prayer against Obama” this year. That man, Irwin said, spent $25,000 on ammunition, magazines and other gun paraphernalia.

“The folks paying attention to the political climate think this might be an opportunity to stock up,” Irwin said.

‘War on gun owners’

John Woods, who has lobbied for legislation to keep guns off college campuses, said many fears surfacing are unwarranted.

“The gun lobby has long known that fear is a remarkable marketing and fundraising tool,” said Woods, a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin who attended Virginia Tech and lost his girlfriend in the 2007 shooting there that claimed 33 lives. “But the Supreme Court ruled recently that the Second Amendment is an individual right, so that fear is completely misplaced.”

Not everyone is stocking up.

Robert Chafin, who lives in Denton County, says he was among those who stocked up during Clinton’s presidency.

“I stockpiled a variety of firearms that I feared might not be available in the future,” he said. “As it turned out, in the wake of the disaster that befell the Democratic Party in the ’94 elections, attacks on firearms ownership evaporated as Democrats learned a painful lesson. And it appears they have remembered that lesson.”

That’s why he isn’t stockpiling right now, he said, even though Obama’s “administration has waged an oblique war on gun owners.”

He and others point to the Operation Fast and Furious gun-smuggling investigation.

Officials say it was intended to track down and break up groups of people running guns to Mexican drug cartels.

But Chafin says the effort was simply “trying to build a case for banning private sales.”

“I’m sure that Barack Obama himself would institute a total ban on gun ownership if he could,” Chafin said. “[But] he would never be able to put together any sort of consensus in Congress for additional restrictions on private firearms ownership.”

He also pointed to several high-profile court rulings — from invalidating the handgun ban in Washington, D.C., to quashing the handgun ban in Chicago — that he believes will protect gun rights regardless of who is in the White House.

Greatest salesman?

As Obama seeks a second term, groups such as are calling the president “the greatest gun salesman in America.”

“American firearm sales and concealed handgun permit applications are at all-time highs since the 2008 election of President Obama,” according to a graphic on “The increase in Americans purchasing firearms has meant massive increases in sales by gun makers, billions more in federal and state collections related to firearms and ammunition, and hundreds of thousands of new Americans carrying concealed handguns.

“Given these increases, should the firearms industry support President Obama for a second term or not?”

January was the 20th straight month of increases in firearm background checks. States such as Utah saw a 161 percent increase in the number of concealed-weapon permits from March 2008 to March 2011. And Glock sales in the U.S. grew 71 percent in the first quarter of fiscal 2010, according to the ad.

In Texas, the number of concealed-handgun permits has gone up every year, nearly doubling since 2006.

“I think the president being called ‘the greatest gun salesman in America’ has more to do with him being a Democrat than anything else,” Woods said.

Background checks

The FBI runs background checks on people wanting to buy firearms, using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. A look at the number of background checks in recent years:


Total checks

Top 3 states

2011   16.3m

Kentucky, 2.3 million;

Texas, 1.2 million;

Utah, 1 million

2010   14.4m

Kentucky, 2.4 million;

Texas, 968,071;

California, 816,399

2009   14m

Kentucky, 2.2 million;

Texas, 1 million;

California, 788,164

2008   12.7m

Kentucky, 1.9 million;

Texas, 944,568;

California, 780,398

2007   11.4m

Kentucky, 1.6 million;

California, 855,943;

Texas 783,596

2006   10m

Kentucky, 791,599;

Texas, 770,236;

California, 617,820

2005   8.9m

Texas, 738,793;

California, 611,022;

Illinois, 527,134

Source: FBI reports and statistics

With Hillary and Obama trying to limit or do away with the 2nd amendment why would they NOT expect this to happen. THEY DON’T TRUST THIS GOVERNMENT!

Read more here:

When will it start?

August 19, 2012

How long before the attacks on Paul Ryan’s mother begin?

Rick Moran


Politico calls 78 year old Betty Ryan Douglas “the newest face of the Medicare wars.” And she represents a clear and present danger to the Democrats and the Obama campaign.

Mrs. Douglas appeared with her son yesterday at The Villages retirement community as a living symbol that a Romney-Ryan administration would not take seniors’ Medicare away from them, as the Democrats have been charging.

The congressman pointed to his mother as an example of how the debate over Medicare is both political and personal in a state with the highest percentage of elderly voters in the country. To voters here today, Betty was a “Medicare senior in Florida,” one of the nation’s many “snowbirds” that flees colder climes during the winter months for the warmth of places like Florida.

“Medicare was there for our family, for my grandma, when we needed it then, and Medicare is there for my mom while she needs that now, and we need to keep that guaranteed,” the 42-year-old House Budget Committee chairman said, describing the experience of being one of the primary caregivers for his grandmother, who suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s.

As the vice presidential nominee debuted in Florida, Ryan and his mom – who wore a yellow jacket and white pants – were greeted by several thousand enthusiastic retirees, some who were camped out here for hours to see the mother-son team. Law enforcement officials estimated 3,000 people crowded into the town square, and more spilled onto streets lined with golf carts, the transportation method of choice for most of the community’s residents.

Obviously, she must be stopped. She is blunting the Democrat’s attacks on the GOP ticket and must be dealt with. Professor Jacobson speculates on how the attacks will take shape:

They’ll claim she’s being used as a prop. Then they’ll try to dig up whatever dirt they can – it won’t be anything of substance, but it will be spread quickly. Then they’ll hack her e-mail. A friendly government employee will take a peek at tax and other files.

Or maybe they’ll go after her because she’s a successful businesswoman:

Before the crowd of seniors, Ryan also used his mother’s life story to launch a counter-punch on Obama’s “you didn’t build that” line, prompting the most enthusiastic response from the audience here.

“When my dad died, my mom went back to school, she went back to college, got a new skill or a new trade and she started a small business…We were taking care of my grandma at the time. She was going to school, and then she started this small business,” Ryan said. “And mom? Mom? I am proud of you for going out and getting another degree. I am proud of you for the small business that you created and mom, you did build that. That is what America is all about. I am so proud of her for that. I am so proud of her for doing that right in the middle of her life.”

Yes, Betty Ryan Douglas is a threat. And it won’t be long before the left will try to whittle her down to size.

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Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot?

Photo by Oleg Volk,

By Major General Jerry Curry, USA (Ret.)

The Social Security Administration (SSA) confirms that it is purchasing 174 thousand rounds of hollow point bullets to be delivered to 41 locations in major cities across the U.S.  No one has yet said what the purpose of these purchases is, though we are led to believe that they will be used only in an emergency to counteract and control civil unrest. Those against whom the hollow point bullets are to be used — those causing the civil unrest — must be American citizens; since the SSA has never been used overseas to help foreign countries maintain control of their citizens.

What would be the target of these 174, 000 rounds of hollow point bullets? It can’t simply be to control demonstrators or rioters. Hollow point bullets are so lethal that the Geneva Convention does not allow their use on the battle field in time of war. Hollow point bullets don’t just stop or hurt people, they penetrate the body, spread out, fragment and cause maximum damage to the body’s organs. Death often follows.

Potentially each hollow nose bullet represents a dead American. If so, why would the U.S. government want the SSA to kill 174,000 of our citizens, even during a time of civil unrest? Or is the purpose to kill 174,000 of the nation’s military and replace them with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) special security forces, forces loyal to the Administration, not to the Constitution?

All my life I’ve handled firearms. When a young boy growing up on my father’s farm in Pennsylvania Dad’s first rule of firearms training was, “Never point a gun at someone, in fun or otherwise, unless you intend to shoot them. If you shoot someone, shoot to kill.” I’ve never forgotten his admonition. It stayed with me through my Boy Scout training, when I enlisted in the army as a Private to fight in the Korea
War, during my days as a Ranger and Paratrooper and throughout my thirty-four year military career.

If this were only a one time order of ammunition, it could easily be dismissed. But there is a pattern here. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has ordered 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. Notice that all of these purchases are for the lethal hollow nose bullets.  These bullets are not being purchased and stored for squirrel or coyote hunting. This is serious ammunition manufactured to be used for serious purposes.

In the war in Iraq, our military forces expended approximately 70 million rounds per year. In March DHS ordered 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition. It then turned around and ordered an additional 750 million rounds of miscellaneous bullets including some that are capable of penetrating walls. This is enough ammunition to empty five rounds into the body of every living American citizen. Is this something we and the Congress should be concerned about? What’s the plan that requires so many dead Americans, even during times of civil unrest? Has Congress and the Administration vetted the plan in public.

I fear that Congress won’t take these ammunition purchases seriously until they are all led from Capitol Hill in handcuffs. Why buy all this ammunition unless you plan to use it. Unknown to Congress, Does DHS plan to declare war on some country? Shouldn’t Congress hold hearings on why the Administration is stockpiling this ammunition all across the nation? How will it be used; what are the Administration’s plans?

Obama is a deadly serious, persistent man. Once he focuses on an object, he pursues it to the end. What is his focus here? All of these rounds of ammunition can only be used to kill American citizens, though there is enough ammunition being ordered to kill, in addition to every American citizen, also every Iranian, Syrian or Mexican. There is simply too much of it. And this much ammunition can’t be just for training, there aren’t that many weapons and “shooters” in the U.S. to fire it. Perhaps it is to be used to arm illegal immigrants?

We have enough military forces to maintain law and order in the U.S. even during times of civil unrest.

We have local police, backed up by each state’s National Guard, backed up by the Department of Defense. So in addition to all these forces why does DHS need its own private army? Why do the SSA, NOAA and other government agencies need to create their own civilian security forces armed with hollow nose bullets?

Were I the JCS, and if I wasn’t already fully briefed on this matter, I’d stop the purchase of hollow point bullets, ask the secretary of Defense why all this ammunition is being purchased and spread around the country? If I got answers like the ones Congress got during the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious – I’d start tracking all ammunition deliveries nationwide to find out what organizations and units are using them, for what purpose and, if it is not constitutional, prepare to counteract whatever it is that they are doing.

This is a deadly serious business. I hope I’m wrong, but something smells rotten. And If the Congress isn’t going to do its duty and investigate this matter fully, the military will have to protect the Constitution, the nation, and our citizens.

Jerry Curry is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, Paratrooper, and Ranger, who for nearly forty years has served his country both in the military and as a Presidential political appointee.

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Obama’s Communist Mentor


– Alan Caruba Saturday, August 18, 2012

I have been reading about Frank Marshall Davis since Dr. Jerome Corsi tried to warn Americans about Barack Obama in his 2008 book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.”

Dr. Corsi noted that “On December 5, 1956, Frank Marshall Davis appeared in executive session before the U.S. Senate subcommittee investigating ‘the scope of Soviet activity in the United States. It was one of the McCarthy-era committees seeking to expose communist considered to be a security threat. A year earlier, in 1955, the Commission on Subversive Activities organized by the government of the territory of Hawaii identified Davis as a member of the Communist Party USA.”

In the 1970s, when Obama was an adolescent growing up in the care of his grandparents in Hawaii, among their circle of friends was Davis. His grandparents wanted to provide a black man as a role model for the young mixed-race child, the result of a short marriage between their daughter and Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan she had met while both were studying Russian at the University of Hawaii.

Obama came of age in a household devoted to leftist ideologies, so it was no surprise that Davis was among their circle of friends. He had moved to Hawaii from Chicago in the late 1940s, continuing a lifetime of work as a journalist editing and writing for newspapers advocating the communist ideology and the party line set forth by the Soviet Comintern, short for the Communist International whose aim was to extend communism worldwide. It directed the work of the Communist Party USA whose members were devoted to the Soviet Union. Most members like Davis, when questioned, denied membership, taking the Fifth Amendment.

Depth of penetration by Soviet spies in the administrations of FDR and Truman

While today’s leftists have successfully smeared Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the work of the congressional committees to expose Soviet infiltration of the U.S. government as “McCarthyite” historians have since revealed the depth of penetration by Soviet spies in the administrations of FDR and Truman. Later declassified intercepts of messages to them, known as the Venona Papers, reveal how vast the Soviet espionage program was.

Presently the leading historian on communism in America is Dr. Paul Kengor, the author of “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries have Manipulated Progressive for a Century.” His latest book is “The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis—The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.”

“There were hundreds of thousands of American communists like Frank,” writes Dr. Kengor, “who agitated throughout the twentieth century. They chose the wrong side of history, a horrendously bloody side that left a wake of over 100 million corpses from the streets of the Bolshevik Revolution to the base of the Berlin Wall—double the combined dead of the century’s two world wars.”

Davis’ influence over Obama is carefully documented by Dr. Kengor who says, “The people who influence our presidents matter.”

Americans have learned this truth, starting with Obama’s 2008 campaign and over the course of his term in office. In his memoir, “Dreams from my Father”, written before his rise to fame, Obama provides a trail of hints as to his long history of association with leftists. Primary among them was Frank Marshall Davis who came into his life in the 1970s.

Not once in his memoir does Obama identify him, referring to him only as Frank, neglecting to mention that Davis was “a pro-Soviet, pro-Red China, card-carrying member of Communist Party USA” whose card number as 47544. It should come as no surprise that Davis found Chicago a favorable place to live. It was where he founded and edited the Chicago Star, “known among the locals as the ‘Red Star.’” He would repeat this later in Honolulu.

“Frank Marshall Davis’s political antics were so radical,” writes Dr. Kengor, “that the FBI placed him on the federal government’s Security Index, which meant that he could be immediately detained or arrested in the event of a national emergency, such as a war breaking out between the United States and the USSR.”

I grew up during the early years of the Cold War that commenced following the end of World War Two and I vividly recall the fear that the Soviet Union would wage war, particularly after it had acquired the atomic bomb, the result in part from Soviet spies that provided vital information about our bomb.

Americans have lived through nearly four years of what can only be described as an attempt to take over our government and “fundamentally transform” it away from the limits of the Constitution to a nation in which the government, under Obama, seized General Motors to nationalize it, imposed Obamacare to take control of our healthcare system, and attacked “millionaires and billionaires” as greedy capitalists. His slogans have been “change” and “forward”, longtime favorites of communists.

On November 6, 2012, Americans will have just one chance to rid the nation of Barack Obama, an acolyte of Frank Marshall Davis and a friend of many who scorn America.

If he is reelected, he will do what communists have always done when the opportunity arose. He will seize complete control of the machinery of government to enslave Americans who were duped into voting for a man whose true past was and continues to be carefully hidden by the mainstream media, a man mentored by a notorious communist.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

Islam – The Mold That Is Destroying America


posted on August 18, 2012 by da Tagliare

mold spreading America

Mold is a type of fungus that we generally associate with spoiled food.  Breads, fruits and vegetables left long enough will eventually manifest a fuzzy growth that can take on many colors.  Regardless of what color the mold, they all have the same purpose and that is to consume their host and produce more mold.

As a biologist, I’ve studied mold and watched it grow.   Under the microscope, each mold fungi will send out tiny filaments collectively known as hyphae.  The hyphae join with other hyphae and form slightly larger filaments called mycelium which look like very fine white threads that connect each mold fungus.  They also pull the nutrients from their host, since molds are unable to manufacture their own food.  In time, the mold will spread over the entire host and feed off it until it is no longer.  The mold sends out spores that eventually come to rest on another host and start the process all over again

I have close friends in the United Kingdom and they were telling me long before the 9-11 attacks, about how Muslims were moving into certain neighborhoods and taking over.  When enough of them moved into one area, they began to dominate the entire culture of that city or community.  Stores either converted to Islamic items or closed their doors.  Muslims got elected to local offices where they could control local politics and even education.  They also controlled the streets and drove non-Muslims out of the area.

Like a mold, they started small, sent out their hyphae and started consuming the local environment.  They grew, took control, reproduced more of their kind and then started to spread out to other areas.

My friends warned me that the same thing would be happening in the United States and that Muslims would start to take over neighborhoods and whole cities and towns.  They also warned me that they openly say how they were going to take over the United States, city by city.

After 9-11, no one believed that Islam would have a chance of taking root in the United States.  However, that seemed to have been the very thing that spread the mold spores of Islam across the country, because like a mold, it is spreading rapidly and consuming neighborhoods and cities as it grows.

There have been mosques in the U.S. for many years, but the number and size of them has increased since 9-11.  Just take a look at places like Staten Island, Brooklyn and Ground Zero in New York; Santa Clara and Temecula, California; Murfreesboro, Antioch and Memphis, Tennessee; and Boston, Massachusetts to name just a few.  And the numbers are growing every month.

Many of the new mosques are not just places of worship, but cultural and civic centers.  They are used to promote the Islamic ways of life including Sharia law.  In some parts of the country, Sharia law is being embraced by local and national politicians.  Sharia law has also crept into our courts and caused victims to be declared the guilty instead of the Muslim criminal.

Muslims are already taking over entire neighborhoods and cities here in the U.S.  The most visible is Dearborn, Michigan where Muslims are now running the city government and schools.  Earlier this year, the local high school held a girls only prom just for the Muslim girls, even though Christians and Jews are forbidden from holding any kind of activity for an entire school including Christmas program and Baccalaureate services for graduates.

It is obvious that Muslims have already instilled a sense of fear into local, state and national politicians and watchdog groups because they have been getting away with many things that Christians and Jews can’t.  The Establishment Claus seems not to apply to Muslims like it does non-Muslims.  Our nation prides itself on freedom of religion but more and more the only religion given freedom is Islam.

Like a mold spreading across a slice of bread, Islam is spreading across America.  It may be colorful and pretty to look at sometimes, but trust me, like the mold on a slice of bread, it will consume us and destroy the American way of life.  Because of our laws, there is little anyone can do to stop it, except prayer.  Pray, pray and pray some more that God would spare our land from this pestilence.  Get down on your knees no matter how much it hurts and pour your heart out to God for our nation.  God, and God alone is the only thing that can stop the spread of Islam in America and save us from this toxic mold.

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Government Motor’s Engine About To Seize….Again?


Barack Obama has been touting the mantra that the automobile industry has been great proof that his policies work and have put people back to work. He was so confident in it that one of his first campaign ads was promoting the GM bailout. Last week he even proclaimed he wanted to do the same thing with every manufacturing industry in America. Well maybe Obama spoke a little bit too soon.

The Detroit News reports,

The Treasury Department says in a new report the government expects to lose more than $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. That’s 15 percent higher than its previous forecast.

In a monthly report sent to Congress on Friday, the Obama administration boosted its forecast of expected losses by more than $3.3 billion to almost $25.1 billion, up from $21.7 billion in the last quarterly update.

The report may still underestimate the losses. The report covers predicted losses through May 31, when GM’s stock price was $22.20 a share.

Now taxpayers lost $1.3 billion on the Chrysler bailout.

GM still owes taxpayers an estimated $42 billion, according to an inspector general’s report.

GM owes $27 billion on the nearly $50 billionit received from the auto bailout and Ally Bank, the company’s lending arm, owes $14.7 billion of the $17.2 billion taxpayer-funded bailout it received.

This is the problem when the government gets involved in private businesses with taxpayer’s money. It never is good for the taxpayer and you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama will be willing to throw more money their way. But it isn’t just Obama.

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney decried the losses on the auto bailout and insisted that letting GM and Chrysler go through bankruptcy first, would have saved the taxpayer’s money and I agree it would have. There are two problems though. The first is that if you read the article Romney was still willing to provide government money to the auto companies post-bankruptcy. Second, Romney just put a guy on his ticket that voted for the bailout. Paul Ryan voted for the auto bailout. Not only that, but he also voted for TARP which funded that auto industry. He did not support letting them go through bankruptcy.

Now, according to Charles Payne, from the Fox Business Network, it seems that GM is on the verge of bankruptcy and will need a bailout in the near future. Payne points out the numbers are all down both in Europe and America, the stock is down and the forecast is very bleak. To top it off the Chevy Volt is failing miserably, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I’m guessing we, the taxpayers will be the losers in all of this and I’m wondering if this will even come up in debate, seeing that both sides have a bit of egg on their face when it comes to bailing companies out with our money. I do think, however, that Joe Biden will need to take that idea about “GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead” and put that back in his pocket.

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You don’t use hollow points for Target Practice!!!

Agencies tamp down speculation over hollow-point ammo purchases

Published August 17, 2012

  • HollowPoint2.JPG

Obscure federal agencies triggered a firestorm of conspiracy theories this week after they put out orders for thousands of rounds of deadly hollow-point bullets. 

But the agencies, most recently the Social Security Administration, are trying to put a damper on the speculation — noting the ammunition is “standard issue” and simply used for mandatory federal training sessions. 

You use ball ammo for target practice not hollow points, our military can’t use hollow points. Why then do the government agencies need hollow points?

“Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately,” said a message on the official blog for Social Security’s inspector general office explaining the purchases. 

The bullet purchases drew widespread attention as the website published several stories on them that were linked off the widely read Drudge Report and other sites. catalogued a string of recent purchases — first by the Department of Homeland Security, then by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and then the Social Security Administration


The Social Security Administration solicitation, posted Aug. 7, called for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.” speculated that the purchases were being made in preparation for “civil unrest,” imagining a scenario of economic collapse where seniors could cause “disorder” if denied their Social Security benefits. 

But the Social Security Administration statement, posted Thursday, noted that their agents need firearms and ammo in the course of training, investigations and responding to threats against offices and employees. 

“As we said in a recent post, our office has criminal investigators, or special agents, who are responsible for investigating violations of the laws that govern SSA’s programs,” the office said. 

The agency said it has 295 special agents across 66 offices in the country. “These investigators have full law enforcement authority, including executing search warrants and making arrests,” the statement said. 

174,000/295 = 589.83 rounds per agent.

As for concern about the type of bullets — hollow points, which expand upon impact — the statement said the type is “standard issue” and is used during “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions.” 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, found itself scrambling to respond to a similar report this week about an order for 46,000 rounds of ammo. Though the agency initially indicated it was for the National Weather Service — leading to questions about why the National Weather Service could possibly need so many bullets — a spokesman clarified the bullets are actually meant for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. A “clerical error” resulted in the order saying the ammo was for the weather service. 

Spokesman Scott Smullen said the error’s been fixed in the bidding system. He, too, said the ammo is “standard issue” and will be used by 63 enforcement personnel at NOAA during qualifications and training sessions. 

“NOAA officers and agents enforce the nation’s ocean and fishing laws to ensure a level playing field for fishermen and to protect marine species like whales, dolphins and turtles,” he said. 

According to NOAA, the specialized agents are supposed to have 200 rounds in their “duty bag,” and qualification and training requires another 500-600 rounds per agent.

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How I became George Obama’s ‘brother’

His own brother ignores him! Nice of him!

By Dinesh D’Souza

Published August 16, 2012

A few days ago I received a call from a man I recently met named George.  He was a bit flustered, and soon informed me that his young son was sick with a chest condition.  He pleaded with me to send him $1,000 to cover the medical bills.  Since George was at the hospital I asked him to let me speak to a nurse, and she confirmed that George’s son was indeed ill.  So I agreed to send George the money through Western Union.  He was profusely grateful.  But before I hung up I asked George, “Why are you coming to me?”  He said, “I have no one else to ask.”  Then he said something that astounded me, “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

Actually, George has a real life brother who just happens to be the president of the United States.  (George Obama is the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr.)  George’s brother is a multimillionaire and the most powerful man in the world.  Moreover, George’s brother has framed his re-election campaign around the “fair share” theme that we owe obligations to those who are less fortunate. 

One of Obama’s favorite phrases comes right out of the Bible: “We are our brother’s keeper.”  Yet he has not contributed a penny to help his own brother. And evidently George does not believe, even in times of emergency, that he can turn to his brother in the White House for help.  

Before I hung up I asked George, “Why are you coming to me?”  He said, “I have no one else to ask.”  Then he said something that astounded me, “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

So much for spreading the wealth around.

Obama’s refusal to help George is especially surprising because George doesn’t just live in American-style poverty but rather in Third World poverty.  He lives in a shanty in the Huruma slum in Nairobi.  He gets by on a few dollars a month.  Obama also has an aunt named Hawa Auma, his father’s sister, who ekes out a living selling coal on the streets of a small village in Kenya.  She says she would like to have her teeth fixed, but she cannot afford it.  Obama hasn’t offered to help her either.

What’s going on here?  Why is President Obama so hesitant to help family members in need?  

A couple of years ago, George teamed up with a British journalist Damien Lewis and the two of them published George’s story in a book called “Homeland.” Yet according to Lewis, shortly before the book’s publication in America, the publisher Simon & Schuster decided to shred the entire print run, more than 20,000 copies.  Lewis tried unsuccessfully to get an explanation from Simon & Schuster but to no avail.  He now suspects that the White House convinced Simon & Schuster that George’s story might prove embarrassing to the president.  

In 2010, George also applied for a visa to come to the United States and was refused.   While George confesses that in his younger years he was a delinquent, he has never been convicted of any crime.  Moreover, he has a very good reason to visit the United States: his mother Jael Otieno lives in Atlanta.  So why would the U. S. embassy in Nairobi refuse a tourist visa to the brother of the president who just wants to spend time with his mother?

In the past few days, an article has been circulating on the web that depicts George as a social undesirable.  First published in the London Daily Mail, the article portrays George as a habitual drunk and philanderer.  I spent a day with George this past February while interviewing him for my documentary film 2016: Obama’s America.  I can attest that George is not an innocent.  If he had been, he would not have survived life in the Huruma slum.  Yes, George is street smart and cunning and I did smell alcohol on his breath.  

But so what?  George may be a drinker and a skirt-chaser but, as becomes clear from his book, he is also a survivor.  He has overcome his past as a gang-member and petty thief and now works as the organizer of a slum soccer league.  He is trying to uplift himself, and he is trying to help slum kids aspire to a better life.   On balance, Lewis assures me, “George is not a bad guy.  He is on the side of the angels.”  

But even if Lewis is wrong, and George exhibits some harmful cultural pathologies, the liberal argument—one that Obama himself makes in his book “The Audacity of Hope” — is that the cultural pathologies of the poor are themselves the product of social disadvantage.  

Barack Obama Jr. first met George in 1987, when George was five years old.  He met George again in 2006 when he visited Kenya as a U.S. Senator from Illinois; George was then in his early twenties.  Had Obama helped George along the way, perhaps this young man would not have ended up dirt-poor and living such a degraded life.

So what’s the real story here?  Where’s George Obama’s “fair share”?  George’s tragic situation exposes President Obama as a hypocrite.  Here is a man who demands that others pay higher taxes to help the poor—even poor people who are not related to them—while Obama himself refuses to help a close relative like George.  

Yet I believe there is a deeper explanation that goes beyond hypocrisy for why Obama wants nothing to do with George.   After all, it would cost Obama so little to raise George out of poverty, and yet he won’t do it.  This isn’t mere negligence; it suggests an active animus.   The reason for that animus emerges in George’s book and also in my interview with George in the film 2016.  In that interview, George rejects the anti-colonial philosophy that was espoused by Barack Obama Sr.   This is the “dream from my father” that President Obama celebrates in his own autobiography.   

From the record of their lives and writings, it’s clear that Barack Obama Sr. and Barack Obama Jr. both share the anti-colonial view that blames Western colonial exploitation for the poverty and suffering of the Third World.  Yet George doesn’t buy it.  He observes that at the time of its independence in the early 1960s “Kenya was on an economic par with Malaysia or Singapore.   Look where we are now, and where they are.  They’re practically developed and industrialized, while Kenya is still a basket case.” George believes that poor countries should take responsibility for their own situation.  “What’s our excuse for failure?  We don’t have one.  We’ve only got ourselves to blame.”  

Incredible though it seems, George Obama is, within the context of his own society, a conservative.  He doesn’t worship at the shrine of Barack Obama Sr. and he espouses an ideology diametrically opposed to that of his father and his famous brother.  George has experienced first-hand the empty rhetoric of the two Baracks, and he rejects it based on his actual experience of Third World poverty.

No wonder President Obama despises George, doesn’t want him around, doesn’t care to hear George’s views circulated in America, and won’t lift a finger to help him even when George’s son is in the hospital.  

So that’s why George Obama felt he had to call me.  He had no one else to call.  He reached out to me in his time of need because he felt he couldn’t call on his real life sibling living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  

That’s how I got to be, if only metaphorically and for a short time, George Obama’s “brother.”

Dinesh D’Souza, narrator and co-director of the film “2016 – Obama’s America,” is also the author of the new book “Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream,” published this week by Regnery.

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Russian Submarines On Our Coast. Thank You Obama!

Obama’s Much-Touted “Reset” Brings Russian Submarines To Our Coast

Posted 08/15/2012 06:58 PM ET

Leadership: So what did President Obama’s Russian “reset button” buy us? Russian attack subs capable of taking out a U.S. aircraft carrier patrolling our sea lanes without our knowledge. Hello? Who’s minding the store?

Tuesday’s report from the Washington Free Beacon about a Russian Akula-class nuclear submarine, armed with long-range missiles, sniffing around our Caribbean coast ought to give America — and every freedom-loving nation in the area — pause.

It wasn’t an odd lost-boat incident, but part of a series of strategically planned provocations this summer that also involved Russian bombers breaching U.S. airspace near Alaska and California, casually ignoring their START treaty obligations to notify the U.S. when such exercises take place — while America slept.

All this comes as Russia is selling advanced weapons — an estimated $4.6 billion or so — to Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez and establishing an intelligence-collecting site and nuclear submarine base in Cuba.

That’s some “reset” button President Obama has pushed.

According to the Beacon’s respected Bill Gertz, these incursions exposed U.S. vulnerabilities, both in its air defenses, which we knew about, and in U.S. anti-submarine warfare capabilities, which we didn’t.

But it also set a precedent for Russia to show that it can send its submarines to U.S. sea lanes any time it pleases — and the U.S. can do nothing about it.


A message like that can eventually end in the U.S. ceding control of its own waters if little is done, and based on the current leadership in Washington, that appears to be where the U.S. is headed.

This news comes just as President Obama proposes $487 billion in military cuts over 10 years.

The implications for that should be considered.

The Caribbean has always been a treacherous route for ships, with only four significant sea lanes capable of being crossed by big ships — on the Straits of Florida just north of Cuba, in the Yucatan Channel, between Cuba and Mexico, in the Windward Passage between Cuba and Hispaniola, and at the Mona Passage, southwest of the Dominican Republic.

About two-thirds of all U.S.-imported oil traverses those passages, and more if the Panana Canal passage is included. The U.S. imports about half its oil, meaning those sea passages are as critical to our energy supplies as the oil wells themselves.

If Russian submarines become dominant in the region, which is what they are beginning to show an inclination to do — they will have the capacity to disrupt energy supplies, and sustain a blockade.

Think it can’t happen? It already has — in Europe — where Russia has cut off Europe’s gas lines twice over payment disputes with Ukraine, leaving Europe shivering but fully acquainted with Russia’s willingness to use energy as a weapon.

Control of sea lanes is vital for all U.S. trade, not just energy. The port of New Orleans is the U.S.’ largest by tonnage, handling 500 million tons of imports and exports a year. It’s a critical passageway for U.S. exports of corn, soybeans, wheat and chemicals to nations that import them. It’s also a gateway for U.S. imports, ranging from petroleum products to coffee. Disrupt that trade and a major blow can be dealt to the U.S. economy.

But thus far, no one seems to be minding the store in Washington. The Obama administration has appeased Russia repeatedly — canceling U.S. missile defenses in Eastern Europe to let Russia intimidate those U.S. allies and granting Russia World Trade Organization membership.

All we’ve gotten in return is Russia’s complicity in helping Iran develop nuclear weapons, opposition of every kind at the United Nations, an effort to prop up Syria’s odious regime — and now Russian submarines off our coast.

The one thing that can be concluded from this specter of Russian subs patrolling around Tampa and Houston and San Francisco and Juneau is that wars may no longer be something possible only in faraway places.

40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate


August 16, 2012 9:47 am

What a depressing choice the American people are being presented with this year.  We are at a point in our history where we desperately need a change of direction in the White House, and we are guaranteed that we are not going to get it.  The Democrats are running the worst president in American history, and the Republicans are running a guy who is almost a carbon copy of him.  The fact that about half the country is still supporting Barack Obama shows how incredibly stupid and corrupt the American people have become.  No American should have ever cast a single vote for Barack Obama for any political office under any circumstances.  He should never have even been the assistant superintendent in charge of janitorial supplies, much less the president of the United StatesThe truth is that Barack Obama has done such a horrible job that he should immediately resign along with his entire cabinet.  But instead of giving us a clear choice, the Republicans nominated the Republican that was running that was most similar to Barack Obama.  In fact, I don’t think we have ever had two candidates for president that are so similar.  Yes, there are a few minor differences between them, but the truth is that we are heading into Obama’s second term no matter which one of them gets elected.  The mainstream media makes it sound like Obama and Romney are bitter ideological rivals but that is a giant lie.  Yeah, they are slinging lots of mud at each other, but they both play for the same team and the losers are going to be the American people.

Republicans are being told that they have “no choice” but to vote for Romney because otherwise they will get another four years of Obama.

This “lesser of two evils” theme comes out every four years.  We are told that we “must” vote for a horrible candidate because the other guy is even worse.

Well, millions of Americans are getting sick of this routine.  Perhaps that is why it is being projected that as many as 90 millionAmericans of voting age will not vote this year.

Yes, Barack Obama has been so horrible as president that it is hard to put it into words.

But Mitt Romney would be just like Barack Obama.

Those that are dreaming of a major change in direction if Romney is elected are going to be bitterly, bitterly disappointed.

The following are 40 ways that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are essentially the same candidate….

1. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supportedTARP.

2. Mitt Romney supportedBarack Obama’s “economic stimulus” packages.

3. Mitt Romney says that Barack Obama’s bailout of the auto industry was actually his idea.

4. Neither candidate supports immediately balancing the federal budget.

5. They both believe in big government and they both have a track record of being big spenderswhile in office.

6.Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both fully support the Federal Reserve.

7. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both on recordas saying that the president should not question the “independence” of the Federal Reserve.

8. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did a good jobduring the last financial crisis.

9. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both feltthat Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke deserved to be renominated to a second term.

10. Both candidates opposea full audit of the Federal Reserve.

11. Both candidates are on recordas saying that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has done a good job.

12. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both been big promoters of universal health care.

13. Mitt Romney was the one who developed the plan that Obamacare was later based upon.

14. Wall Street absolutely showersboth candidates with campaign contributions.

15.Neither candidate wants to eliminate the income tax or the IRS.

16. Both candidates want to keep personal income tax rates at the exact same levelsfor the vast majority of Americans.

17. Both candidates are “open” to the idea of imposing a Value Added Tax on the American people.

18.Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the TSA is doing a great job.

19. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supportedthe NDAA.

20. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supportedthe renewal of the Patriot Act.

21.Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the federal government should be able to indefinitely detain American citizens that are considered to be terrorists.

22. Both candidates believe that American citizens suspected of being terrorists can be killed by the president without a trial.

23. Barack Obama has not closed Guantanamo Bay like he promised to do, and Mitt Romney actually wants to doublethe number of prisoners held there.

24. Both candidates supportthe practice of “extraordinary rendition”.

25. They both supportthe job-killing “free trade” agenda of the global elite.

26.They both accuse each other of shipping jobs out of the country and both of them are right.

27. Both candidates are extremely soft on illegal immigration.

28. Neither candidate has any military experience.  This is the first time that this has happened in a U.S. election since 1944.

29. Both candidates earned a degree from Harvard University.

30. They both believein the theory of man-made global warming.

31. Mitt Romney has said that he will support a “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme (like the one Barack Obama wants) as long as the entire globe goes along with it.

32. Both candidates have a very long record of supporting strict gun control measures.

33. Both candidates have been pro-abortion most of their careers.  Mitt Romney’s “conversion” to the pro-life cause has been questioned by many.  In fact, Mitt Romney has made millionson Bain Capital’s investment in a company called “Stericycle” that incinerates aborted babies collected from family planning clinics.

34. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believethat the Boy Scout ban on openly gay troop leaders is wrong.

35.They both believe that a “two state solution” will bring lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

36. Both candidates have a history of nominating extremely liberal judges.

37. Like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney also plans to add “signing statements” to bills when he signs them into law.

38. They both have a horrible record when it comes to job creation.

39. Both candidates believe that the president has the power to take the country to war without getting the approval of the U.S. Congress.

40. Both candidates plan to continue running up more government debt even though the U.S. government is already 16 trillion dollars in debt.

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