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Gary Samore: WMD Policy Czar:

 Former US Communist. Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good faith. Has no other “policy.”

 Ashton Carter: Weapons Czar:

 Wants all private weapons in US destroyed.  Supports UN ban on firearms ownership in America.  No Other “policy”

 Adolfo Carrion Jr.: Urban Affairs Czar:

 Puerto Rico born Anti-American activist and leftist group member in Latin America. Millionaire “slum lord” of the Bronx , NY. Owns many lavish homes and condos which he got from “sweetheart” deals with labor unions. Wants higher taxes on middle class to pay for minority housing and health care

 Aneesh Chopra: Technology Czar:

 No Technology training. Worked for the Advisory Board Company, a health care think tank for hospitals.  Anti doctor activist. Supports Obama Health care Rationing and salaried doctors working exclusively for the Gov. health care plan

 John Brennan : Terrorism Czar:

 Anti CIA activist. No training in diplomatic or gov. affairs. Believes Open Borders to Mexico and a dialog with terrorists and has suggested Obama disband US military A TOTAL MORON !!!!!

 Herb Allison: TARP Czar:

 Fannie Mae CEO responsible for the US recession by using real estate mortgages to back up the US stock market. Caused millions of people to lose their life savings

 J. Scott Gration: Sudan Czar:

 Native of Democratic Republic of Congo. Believes US does little to help Third World countries. Council of foreign relations, asking for higher US taxes to support United Nations

 Earl Devaney: Stimulus Accountability Czar:

 Spent career trying to take guns away from American citizens. Believes in Open Borders to Mexico . Author of statement blaming US gun stores for drug war in Mexico .

 John Holdren: Science Czar:

 Fierce ideological environmentalist, Sierra Club, Anti business activist. Claims US business has caused world poverty. No Science training.

 Cass Sunstein: Regulatory Czar:

 Liberal activist judge believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good.” Essentially against 1st amendment. Rules against personal freedoms many times -like private gun ownership and right to free speech. This guy has to be run out of Washington !!


Nigeria: Muslims murder children of convert to Christianity

November 24, 2011

by Stefan J. Bos for BosNewsLife, November 23 (thanks to Mackie):


Islamic law forbids Muslims to leave Islam. These murders were revenge upon one Muslim who dared to exercise his freedom of conscience. “NEWS ALERT: Nigeria Militants Kill Children Of Christian Convert, Missionaries Say,”

ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)– A militant group seeking to enforce Sharia, or Islamic law, throughout Nigeria, has shot and killed two children of an ex-terrorist and “murderer” because he converted to Christianity, well-informed missionaries told BosNewsLife Wednesday, November 23.

Boko Haram, meaning “Western education is a sin”, carried out the killings this month after discovering that a former fellow fighter refused to kill a Christian and instead accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, explained Rae Burnett, Africa Director of the U.S. based Christian Aid Mission (CAM) group.

Burnett told BosNewsLife that the father and Boko Haram militant “was poised to slit the throat of his Christian victim” during November attacks in northern Nigeria that killed at least over 130 Christians, including missionaries, when “he was suddenly struck with the weight of the evil he was about to commit.”

Dropping his machete, the man ran to the nearest church, asking a pastor for help, Burnett said….

“When the call came, the ministry leader was grieving the loss of several close missionary friends who were murdered in the Yobe State slaughter. He immediately met with the confessed killer and joyfully led him to Christ. He is discipling him in a secret location because of the extreme danger.”

Burnett declined to identify the former Muslim militant and missionaries, citing security concerns.

“After meeting the Lord, the converted terrorist [and] murderer called his former colleagues to testify what had happened to him without disclosing where he was,” she said.


However, “Upon discovering the man’s conversion to Christianity, Boko Haram members invaded his home, kidnapped his two children and informed him that they were going to execute them in retribution for his disloyalty to Islam. Clutching his phone, the man heard the sound of the guns that murdered his children,” the CAM official added.

There was no known published comment about the specific attack by Boko Haram, but the reported murders were part of what President leader Goodluck Jonathan called “heinous violence” which began November 4 mainly in and around Damaturu, the capital of Nigeria’s northern Yobe state.

Christian missionaries said that during the attacks Muslim “extremists” of Boko Haram also demanded that Christians recite the Islamic creed. Those who refused, were reportedly butchered on the spot.

Additionally, “among the “devastation and destruction left in the wake of Boko Haram’s violence were 10 church buildings set aflame while Christians remained trapped inside,” added Burnett, who has close knowledge about the situation.

Though “severely traumatized,” the former Boko Haram fighter who lost his children “is growing in the knowledge of Christ through the loving care he is receiving from his brothers and sisters in the ministry that is sheltering and training him,” she said. “He knows he is called to become a missionary to Nigerian Muslims.”…

Burnett said several ex-Muslims facing “the danger of persecution or death from the Islamic community and even family members,” are brought to “a safe location while they are discipled and trained in the Word of God.”…

The Boko Haram’s “goal is to force Sharia law throughout Nigeria” targeting “secular education by bombing schools and universities, ” the CAM director said. She added that while attacks are often prompted by local issues, they also aim at “anything that is perceived to be foreign influence.”…

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Guyana born Abdul Hassan receives FEC permission to run for
United States President – setting an UNCONSTITUTIONAL precedent
which would allow ANY foreign born person to run for U.S. President

The federal government’s cowardice in confronting Barack Obama’s all-but-certain ineligibility to constitutionally serve as President of the United States has opened the door wide for other ineligible candidates to run for the office.

The Federal Election Committee has granted Abdul Hassan, born in Guyana, South America, approval to run for President of the United States, even though the FEC acknowledges his clear foreign born status. In its response to Hassan, the FEC – the Federal government agency charged with enforcement of Federal election law – stated that Hassan’s foreign born status will simply prevent him from qualifying or receiving Federal matching campaign dollars, but nowhere indicates that Hassan’s non-natural born, non-native status makes him ineligible for the office he seeks under the U.S. Constitution and precludes him from lawfully seeking the Presidency.

The U.S. Constitution provides: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Art II, Sec. 1.

Hassan’s own campaign website also acknowledges his legal ineligibility for office, but goes on to insist that preventing him from running for President is akin to slavery.

That’s right, slavery. In the Obama era, the race card has been played to the point of absurdity, diminishing the challenge of confronting and extirpating real racism. But Hassan’s attempt to co-opt America’s deep commitment to human equality, debase that into a vulgar racialist ploy, and torture that into our abandoning the Constitution’s guarantee of a natural-born American citizen to serve us as our President would be laughable if it were not so tragic. America’s Natural Born Citizen clause was established to ensure that the President of the United States would have allegiance ONLY to his fellow citizens of the greatest nation on earth – the USA – and to be free of entangling attachment to any foreign land.

So first we must contend with Barack Hussein Obama, whose actions these past 3 years clearly reveal his allegiance never has been, and never will be, to America, her people, or her Constitution. Any questions regarding Obama’s eligibility and even his policies are consistently met with false charges of racism. Now we have Abdul Hassan, shown in a recent picture, (above), proudly sporting a Guyana national flag lapel pin, who is clearly not eligible to run or to serve as U.S. President, and whose allegiance clearly is not with a constitutional America, yet he, too, charges racism in any who oppose him.

The federal courts have refused time and again to hear evidence on the merits regarding Obama’s eligibility. The Supreme Court thus far has refused to act on the question of Obama’s eligibility, and the Congress has been completely craven in the face of this constitutional crisis. Now the circle of constitutional violations widen. Will no one entrusted with Federal office and power of authority uphold our Constitution?

Once again it is time for the States to act where Congress has abdicated its responsibility. The FEC’s refusal to properly certify Barack Obama indicates capitulation if not out-right collusion with the Obama eligibility cover-up. Now, by allowing yet another candidate to run for U.S. President who cannot demonstrate constitutional eligibility – and in this case is a proudly-proclaimed foreigner – the FEC is further enshrining de facto legal precedent which throws the United States Constitution out the window along with any and all constitutionally mandated presidential eligibility requirements. This in turn would allow anyone, even El Jefe Fidel Castro, or maybe Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator, to run for United States President. Why not?

Abdul Hassan’s own website baldly states he is constitutionally ineligible for office – but in Obama’s America, hey – who cares?


We must now actively petition our State Attorneys General and Legislatures and INSIST that NO Presidential candidate, not Barack Obama, not Abdul Hassan nor any other person who is not a Natural Born Citizen be allowed on any State’s Presidential Ballot.



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Should I Buy a Gun?

Thanks to  John Fricke !

By John Fricke

I have never owned a gun.  Matter of fact, I have fired a gun a grand total of one time in my life.  I shouldered a shotgun out in the north Georgia woods when I was nineteen years old and fired at a milk bottle filled with water as a target.  The kick from the gun nearly tore my shoulder off, since I obviously had no clue what I was doing.  I have no idea if I came close to hitting that jug.

I have never wanted to own a gun.  I fish.  No need to shoot fish, though I am sure that takes place.  I have never been hunting.  I am not opposed to it in any way; it just works out that I have never been asked to join a hunting party by my father or brother-in-law — and considering my lifetime gun résumé to this point, that is, for their sake, likely a very good thing.

What I have done is held a pistol in self-defense.  Robbed at gunpoint when I was working at a gas station off Interstate 20 east of Atlanta in 1978, I grabbed the pistol the owner kept under the counter and (for some silly eighteen-year-old-full-of-vinegar-manhood-thingy) chased the dirtbag out the door.  Of course, I had already hit the silent alarm, and the next person yelling at me to drop the gun was the second person who had pointed a gun at me in the span of six minutes — only he was wearing a cool blue uniform and waving a standard-issue .357 magnum of the DeKalb County Police Department.

So my personal, limited experience with guns is not good.  Actually it’s just this side of tragic.  But I have considered, and now again am considering, buying a gun.  I’ve been checking them out over the past few months.  Looking at pump shotguns, mostly — the lighter, the better.  I think of things like “one round in the chamber in case I have to fire immediately” and “if I can pump it and get the perp’s attention without firing, then I need to make sure there are 3-5 rounds loaded and the spread pattern is right” and to make sure I get double-aught ammo to be able to take someone out in one shot if need be.  Do I need a trigger lock, or will the safety be fine if the weapon is loaded (who wants to be a rookie fumbling to load shells when urgency is at a premium?).

My stepmother is taking shooting lessons.  Seriously.  She is trying to choose right now between a couple of guns — one was a 9-millimeter Luger, I believe.  She announced that she was doing this while I was thinking of doing the same.  Though I lean shotgun, if for no other reason than, well, easier to hit stuff, y’know.  Her motivation for “granny gunning up” is on target with mine: the peace of mind that, should I need a gun, I would have it and know how to use it.

This, though, is not about what type of gun, or really even a gun at all.  This is about the tenor of the times.  At age 51, I have been around long enough to know the difference between unease and unrest.  There are also levels of unrest.  Right now, this is unrest that strongly threatens to grow into greater unrest.

While most of us have been rightly concerned about attacks on our soil in this post-911 world, “Washington” has done its “official public warning” best to attempt to convince us that the real and immediate threat is internal.

Now, we conservatives know full well that what “Washington” was talking about was a political ploy aimed at trying to sell the concept to the American voting public that right-wing militias connected to the Tea Party, armed by the NRA and under the direction of the Republican National Committee, are such a direct physical danger to the life and limb of regular people that we need to keep those folks in check.

My current concern is that “Washington” is about to be correct — only, like my shooting grade,180 degrees off-target.

Across the nation there has been an ongoing debate over the past three weeks or so.  Are those troublemakers within “Occupy” really connected to “Occupy”?  Are they opportunists seeking to use this “movement” to create havoc and potential anarchy?  The reason that question is asked is to seek a biased-journalistic way to distance any violence from those who have supported (and still do, since there has been no condemnation) “Occupy” publicly (read: Democrats and, more expressly, President Obama).  That question is nothing but irrelevant spin.  We should have a long discussion sometime about irrelevant spin in newsrooms, but let’s stay on track for now.

Of course, “Occupy” owns any violence connected to it in any fashion, even if (and that’s a strong “if”) it did not commit that violence directly.  It did, without argument, seed that violence, and then it sought to take advantage of it to place direct blame on the police.  I am not absolving authorities, but if there are a couple of veterans who suffered serious injuries at Occupy Oakland, the fact is that Occupy Oakland is responsible for damage done in direct altercations since it initiated those confrontations.

Back to my gun.  I am not overly concerned about any direct confrontation from anyone in any current “Occupy” movement.  But I am very concerned about the potential for violence coming from the seed of Occupy.

These elements were emboldened by mostly liberal mayors who allowed that seed to be planted in a park in their town.  Rather than immediately enforce laws that would apply to anyone else (like, say, at a Tea Party rally), those mayors played political footsie with the Obama administration and Democrat leadership and allowed this “grassroots movement” to ignite the hoodlums, thugs, gangs, Marxists, and general lowlifes that exists on the far left of our political spectrum.  Occupy is made up of and attracted (still does) a violence-seeking mob that sought to exploit a political unwillingness in liberal bastions to forcibly tackle them head-on from the jump.

If Occupy wants to burn liberal inner cities to the ground, a lot of Republicans will simply shake their heads.  If Occupy spreads beyond that and seeks to do direct damage to traditional Americans in our communities, then Occupy is going to find out fast that the rules of the past, where people like us relied solely on authorities to defend us, won’t be in effect.  I will be blunt.  If they want a fight, they had darn well be ready for what punching back looks like.  There is a reason “Occupy Cheyenne” didn’t make any real noise.  It’s not the cops with tear gas guns that would be the problem — it was the pickup trucks that drive the roads of very conservative southeast Wyoming every day with stickers that say “Hell ya’ that’s a real gun in that gun rack.”

It is that unrest that has settled over me.  I have never quite felt this way.  That these liberal, indoctrinated morons who defecate in the streets of New York can actually spark a following that would spread to Kalamazoo, Kankakee, or Kearney.  And since that happened, we have more idiots jumping on this, and suddenly you have “Occupy (insert name of your subdivision).”  Not mentioned, yet, is the potential for what could take place the night of and day after the next presidential election.  Especially if Obama loses.  Especially if he loses like Al Gore lost in 2000.

No, these are unique times.  Times when I consider something that I had not really thought of before.  It might be time for me to arm myself.

*For the record, if I do choose to purchase a weapon. I will take lessons.  Since I know you would plead for me to do so.

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