Islam – The Mold That Is Destroying America


posted on August 18, 2012 by da Tagliare

mold spreading America

Mold is a type of fungus that we generally associate with spoiled food.  Breads, fruits and vegetables left long enough will eventually manifest a fuzzy growth that can take on many colors.  Regardless of what color the mold, they all have the same purpose and that is to consume their host and produce more mold.

As a biologist, I’ve studied mold and watched it grow.   Under the microscope, each mold fungi will send out tiny filaments collectively known as hyphae.  The hyphae join with other hyphae and form slightly larger filaments called mycelium which look like very fine white threads that connect each mold fungus.  They also pull the nutrients from their host, since molds are unable to manufacture their own food.  In time, the mold will spread over the entire host and feed off it until it is no longer.  The mold sends out spores that eventually come to rest on another host and start the process all over again

I have close friends in the United Kingdom and they were telling me long before the 9-11 attacks, about how Muslims were moving into certain neighborhoods and taking over.  When enough of them moved into one area, they began to dominate the entire culture of that city or community.  Stores either converted to Islamic items or closed their doors.  Muslims got elected to local offices where they could control local politics and even education.  They also controlled the streets and drove non-Muslims out of the area.

Like a mold, they started small, sent out their hyphae and started consuming the local environment.  They grew, took control, reproduced more of their kind and then started to spread out to other areas.

My friends warned me that the same thing would be happening in the United States and that Muslims would start to take over neighborhoods and whole cities and towns.  They also warned me that they openly say how they were going to take over the United States, city by city.

After 9-11, no one believed that Islam would have a chance of taking root in the United States.  However, that seemed to have been the very thing that spread the mold spores of Islam across the country, because like a mold, it is spreading rapidly and consuming neighborhoods and cities as it grows.

There have been mosques in the U.S. for many years, but the number and size of them has increased since 9-11.  Just take a look at places like Staten Island, Brooklyn and Ground Zero in New York; Santa Clara and Temecula, California; Murfreesboro, Antioch and Memphis, Tennessee; and Boston, Massachusetts to name just a few.  And the numbers are growing every month.

Many of the new mosques are not just places of worship, but cultural and civic centers.  They are used to promote the Islamic ways of life including Sharia law.  In some parts of the country, Sharia law is being embraced by local and national politicians.  Sharia law has also crept into our courts and caused victims to be declared the guilty instead of the Muslim criminal.

Muslims are already taking over entire neighborhoods and cities here in the U.S.  The most visible is Dearborn, Michigan where Muslims are now running the city government and schools.  Earlier this year, the local high school held a girls only prom just for the Muslim girls, even though Christians and Jews are forbidden from holding any kind of activity for an entire school including Christmas program and Baccalaureate services for graduates.

It is obvious that Muslims have already instilled a sense of fear into local, state and national politicians and watchdog groups because they have been getting away with many things that Christians and Jews can’t.  The Establishment Claus seems not to apply to Muslims like it does non-Muslims.  Our nation prides itself on freedom of religion but more and more the only religion given freedom is Islam.

Like a mold spreading across a slice of bread, Islam is spreading across America.  It may be colorful and pretty to look at sometimes, but trust me, like the mold on a slice of bread, it will consume us and destroy the American way of life.  Because of our laws, there is little anyone can do to stop it, except prayer.  Pray, pray and pray some more that God would spare our land from this pestilence.  Get down on your knees no matter how much it hurts and pour your heart out to God for our nation.  God, and God alone is the only thing that can stop the spread of Islam in America and save us from this toxic mold.

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