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New Year’s Message From Vladimir Putin To America: Wake Up, Take A Closer Look At Your Supposed Freedoms

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As Vladimir Putin has become more involved in international politics this year than ever before, it seems that he also has a lot to say. There is an interesting piece I found on Brietbart today, that I think every American should take a close look at. This is basically an open letter from Putin to all of us. Yes, there is a lot of arrogance shining through this letter; he is ultimately not a lover of the West and wants to restore Russia to its 1914 borders. But even still, there are some strong and important points made in this letter that many of us need to hear.

Putin begins by taking a look at how our American system of government does not really live up to its promise of freedom. Basically, he argues that we are beholden to a group of elite non-democratic dictators who trickle down their sheer lunacy upon all of us. We are no longer free to do as we wish or even as we should. Rather we are simply free to either choose to obey these heavy handed rules or not. By contrast, a federal judge is rather free to do as he pleases. Then, we need to comply.

Of course, this would not necessarily be a bad thing if we had decent leaders who were governed by moral principles and respected the rule of law rather than thinking they are activists who have the power and even the obligation to make laws.

One of the examples given is that of the issue of gay marriage, something very close to Putin’s heart. As a nation, we had a national discussion and debate on this issue. There were many different states who even went ahead and passed specific laws to ban homosexual marriage. We voted against the idea of homosexual marriage by the tens of millions. But now, much of this has been overturned. The courts have gotten involved and now unelected judges have essentially overturned the will of the people. We now have homosexual marriage as a legal reality throughout much of the country.

Ultimately, this is not freedom. Judges are acting as dictators to overthrow the laws of our country and the laws of God. As Putin accurately points out, these laws are clearly spelled out in both the Bible and in Christian tradition.

While it might be hard to accept these words coming from someone like Putin, he is correct nonetheless. We should all wake up and ask ourselves if this is the type of freedom that we want to have in our country? Does the will of the people mean nothing anymore if we have given away our power to unelected judges and officials?

On top of all this, many of us are blind to the fact of what is happening. We continue to allow ourselves to be fooled by the media, which is part of same ruling elite as those judges and the idiot politicians we continue electing. Putin is also right when he wonders at how long it took us to wake up to the ineptness of Obama and also the growing geopolitical incompetence of America under the leadership of such morons as Obama and Kerry.

What do YOU think about all this? Does Putin make at least a few good points? Should we be more and more concerned about our freedoms as they continue to be taken away in 2014?


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