Not Only Are Conservatives Fed Up With Obama, New Report Indicates Michelle Wants Divorce

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Obama Selfi

Have you noticed all the times that our amazing community organizer in chief  ignored or even publicly humiliated his wife, Michelle? Have you also noticed how the president surrounds himself with a number of women? This includes “relevant” and “necessary” women like Vera Baker and Kerry Washington. Poor little Michelle has not been able to hold her famous husband’s attention for some time.

There is a lot of talk that the marriage bond between the two Obama’s is not as strong as they make it seem when together in public. It looks like they are putting on a facade for the sake of appearances. There are always a lot of eyes on the President, so this was bound to be noticed sooner or later. Now it look as if they are headed for splits-ville (after the second term is finished, of course.)

Remember at the Mandela funeral and memorial how President Obama took a ‘selfie’ and goofed around with the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt? If not, go back and look at some of the pictures with Michelle. Boy, was she looking mad. After that incident, she made her husband switch seats to stop his flirting with the foreign dignitary.

This was apparently the last straw for Michelle. Reportedly when the two returned home, she was furious and told Barrack in no uncertain terms of her decision to seek a divorce. According to a White House insider, she feels violated and embarrassed  after her husband’s obvious flirting with another woman.  Michelle Obama has been embarrassed by the president before, but this time it was on the world stage and for all to see. Now we see that not only does Barrack have little respect for his promises to the American people, but he also has little to no respect for his wife.

According to the same source, Michelle has already met with divorce lawyers and is preparing for a life apart. This includes moving into one of the White House’s private living quarters. She is also preparing to move his clothes and personal things out of their million-dollar Chicago home. Obama’s advisers are reported to have chewed him out, telling him that the photos of his games at the Mandela memorial can never be lived down. Female advisers and friends such as Valerie Jarrett were also very disappointed with Obama and his behavior.

This comes as the White House is bombarded by letters, phone calls, and emails from women voters. Many are expressing sympathy for the first lady and anger at the president. Recent polls showing Obama losing support among women voters were assumed to be due to the poor roll out of ObamaCare, but could there be a darker side to this? Perhaps it is because female voters now realize Obama is a ‘player’ or a flirt who takes perverse pleasure in humiliating his wife?

As for future plans, Michelle is going to be asking for a big chunk of Obama’s net worth. She plans on remaining in Washington after the term is up while her daughters finish school. Her youngest is 12, so this means staying put until about 2018. Barrack intends to move back to his ‘native’ Hawaii.

Is this really terribly surprising to anyone? Someone as obviously arrogant as Barrack Obama, who cannot keep simple promises to the American people and changes the law at will, cannot respect anyone. He is going to do exactly what he wants to do and does not care if it hurts his wife or anyone else.

What do YOU think? Will the Obama’s divorce after the second term is up? Do you think the Mandela incident was the key turning point for Michelle? Does this ‘presidential’ break-up really surprise you?

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