Obama Administration Hits New Low, Threatens 1st Amendment Rights Of Military Personnel

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Posted by:Joseph R. Carducci


The Obama administration has just reached a new low. Sure, we all know that the left is naturally antagonistic towards religion even in the best of times. And certainly now with the government shut down the administration has an excuse to do basically whatever they want…but how does threatening to arrest military chaplains for simply doing what they have promised to do?

You see, in Obama’s eyes, when certain military chaplains try to pray during the government shut down or minister to their flock (even on a volunteer basis), that is an arrestable offense. They are not only preventing the chaplains from doing their job but they are also violating those who are serving as far as their 1st Amendment rights are concerned.

This is the situation: during the government shut down, Obama has announced that all contract military chaplains are prohibited from ministering to their flock. They are not allowed to say Mass, perform any type of religious ceremony (baptism, wedding, funeral, etc…), or really do anything related to their normal duties. There are several problems with this, but the main thing is that the military does not have enough chaplains to serve the needs of their troops without having to reach to the civilian sector and hire contract chaplains.

Another problem, of course, is that the actual members of the military are also, in essence, being prohibited from the free exercise of their religious faith. This is in direct violation to the first Amendment of the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Interesting, but it just goes to show you what Obama really thinks about religion and the Constitution. Of course, he has a certain amount of freedom in what he chooses to shut down and what is chosen to remain open or operational. Just as an example, consider the fact that a contract chaplain right now could literally be arrested for walking onto a military base and praying, yet the website of Michele Obama called ‘Let’s Move,’ is considered more important than taking care of military people. Simply amazing.

For all practical purposes, Obama has served to literally block all types of religious services and activity on many military bases, especially those on foreign soil. So, all those military men and women who had been planning on having a baptism, a confirmation, or a wedding will likely find those services to be canceled. Not to mention the fact that they will probably be denied the chance to go to mass as well.

I suppose we already knew that Obama would do anything he can to attack our religious freedoms. Now, he is using the government shut down as an excuse…and not even a very good one. This is par for the course from our amazing community organizer in chief. I hope that all this military men and women remember this move and then vote for the appropriate party in November 2014…especially considering that now there are several GOP representatives looking into exactly what can be done to help improve this situation.

What do YOU think? Do our servicemen and women deserve better than this type of treatment at the hands of the Obama Regime? What should be done about it?


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3 thoughts on “Obama Administration Hits New Low, Threatens 1st Amendment Rights Of Military Personnel

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) on said:

    Heh. All part and parcel of the collecivism of America with the ultimate goal of Totalitarianism. My post yesterday ( explores this.

  2. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) on said:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

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