Here’s 5 Things Obama Won’t Take Responsibility For

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By now the whole world knows that President Obama, while speaking today about the crisis in Syria, has flatly said that he didn’t draw a “red line” with Syria, but instead “the world” drew that line. It’s an obvious lie, but he’ll get away with it thanks to a complicit media and the naivete of millions of Americans.

The crux of the matter is this: President Obama will not even accept responsibility for a statement he made that will likely lead our nation into another Middle Eastern conflict. That’s a grotesque abdication of leadership if ever we saw it.

Unfortunately, behaving irresponsibly is par for the course with this administration. Here’s 5 other examples to prove that point.

1. President Obama won’t take responsibility for raising taxes

When he was campaigning for President, Barack Obama clearly said that he would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year.

Obama promise not to raise taxes

Of course, that pledge was violated when the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare. The individual mandate in ObamaCare is structured as a tax that affects everybody who doesn’t have health insurance, no matter how much money they earn.

Oh, yeah. Then there’s this.

2. President Obama won’t take responsibility for the state of the economy

We’ve endured a fairly long period of higher than 7% unemployment. Keep in mind: the unemployment rate that you see in the headlines masks the reality of the downtrodden economy. People who have quit looking for work aren’t counted. So, in reality, the economy is worse than the way it’s reported.

Does President Obama take responsibility for this lousy economy, 5 years after he’s been in office? Nope. Does he change his policies to do something that might actually improve the economy? Nope.

He’s not a leader. He’s the “it’s not my fault” guy who runs the executive branch of the federal government.

3. President Obama won’t take responsibility for IRS-gate

The IRS targeted certain groups for excessive scrutiny under President Obama’s watch. Oddly enough, most of those groups were non-profit organizations with a mission in stark contrast to the President’s agenda. In other words: the President used the IRS to harass right-wing organizations, like the Tea Party.

Does he take responsibility for this act of political hardball? No, instead he sends David Axelrod to MSNBC to complain that the federal government is just too big to effectively micromanage.

By the way, if the federal government is too big as it stands, why do Obama, Axelrod, et. al. want to make it even bigger?


4. President Obama won’t take responsibility for the failure of American security in Benghazi

This one is particularly difficult to understand because 4 Americans are dead. Instead of taking responsibility for what was an obvious failure on the night that those attacks occurred, President Obama trots out his Ambassador to the U.N. to blame the attacks on a video. After that line of subterfuge was exposed, the President still hasn’t come clean on what really happened that night nor has he accepted any level of blame for an obvious breakdown in security.

5. President Obama won’t take responsibility for lying to you about ObamaCare

We have already mentioned the broken promise about raising taxes and how that connects to ObamaCare. However, there are numerous other broken promises surrounding ObamaCare. The President promised you that you could keep your current health insurance under his plan. That’s not true. The President promised that it would lower health care costs. That’s not true, either. The President promised that ObamaCare would lower the deficit. Nope.

Does President Obama man-up and own up to any of these broken promises? Nope.


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