Barack is a liar and a socialist/communist?

I don’t think I’ll be marking this date on my calendar as a day of revelation…..

The LIE: well….no comment is necessary….is it?
COMMUNISTS in his life:
Step-daddy (Soetoro)
Frank Marshal Davis
Bill Ayers
and his go-to “most trusted” WH advisor Valerie Jarrett

What is the agenda of the COMMUNISTS? A huge, invasive, dictatorial, ever-taxing central government staffed by a privileged “intellectual elite”. In other words, an oligarchy.

What is the result everytime “LIBERALS” (Democratic Party) get elected?
A bigger, more-invasive, more-dictatorial WashDC with even higher taxes…run by self-proclaimed “intellectual elite” who often exempt themselves from regulations imposed on their subjects….accomplished by trampling or flat-out ignoring our restrictive Constitution.

In 1963 the Communist Party of America issued a list of goals to achieve.
As you might expect: quash religion…infiltrate the school system…gain support of minorities via redistribution of wealth…
One notable goal was to
Since communists are far-left (leftists)….and the Republican Party was (at the time) entirely right….
where might they have gone to accomplish this goal with the best odds of success?
And while only 20% of the general populace declare themselves to be ‘liberal’….and since 72-87% of university academics consider themselves ‘liberal’….where might they have gone to find fuhrers (leaders)??

Finally: Since the American people would never knowingly embrace communism….and since a military coup would be out-of-the-question….how best could they collapse the US of A in order to make way for a new system of governance? (by that omniscient “intellectual elite’)

Debt, maybe? Monstrous, inescapable debt?

But first they would have to smash manufacturing….eliminate jobs….get the American people used to the absence of prosperity…..make large sectors of the people dependent on government for food and shelter….

That might work, huh?




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