Ex-CIA Agent: Obama Planned Massive False Flag Attack On America

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Dr. Jim Garrow, the same one that reported the death of Andrew Breitbart  and Tom Clancy, came out as an ex CIA Agent recently. The same Jim Garrow that runs Pink Pagoda Girls that rescues young girls from death and abortion in China. He revealed in a November 18th Facebook message that among the top brass being purged, actually prevented President Obama from creating a series of  ”False Flag” events this fall. One of the incidents was to be nuclear, the other, a calculated crippling of the infrastructure of our country.

On November 19th, the entire posts, reposts, and comments were totally scrubbed by social media networks and outlets. That evening he appeared on Full Contact with Eric Rush.

You can see his scrubbed messages to Facebook here:

Three individuals have just saved 300 million lives in the past 2 weeks. They saved the 90% of the population that would be dead if Bathhouse Barry had not been stopped from using 3 nuclear devices against the American populace. 2 Army Generals and 1 Navy Admiral, whose duties included the safeguarding and oversight of the nuclear arsenal. Obama ordered that 3 nukes be transported in a major breach of protocol and safety regulations of long standing. He wanted it NOW, and these officers were made aware of what the intention was. The admiral had the one Navy nuke taken 200 miles off South Carolina and detonated deep in the ocean. The other 2 nukes disappeared thanks to the handiwork of the 2 Generals, the numbers 1 and 2 men in charge of the Army ordinance. These three men are heroes of the highest order. Look up the events of 2 Generals and 1 Admiral being dismissed in the past two weeks and you will find their names. They saved your lives and the lives of 300 million of your fellow citizens.

Mr. Obama’s intention was to set off the three nukes to devastate all computer related systems on the continent thus taking America back 200 years and guaranteeing a total breakdown in society and with in one year the death of 300 million Americans. To see how this would be possible read, “One Second After”. You can get it on Amazon.

We peered over the edge of the precipice of the death of our civilization and have lived to tell the tale. 3 heroes stood tall for America and the mad man in the white house was stopped for the first time in his life. He is unsure of what to do just now and he does not possess the keys to the nuclear submarines nor the two nukes that are now hidden. For the first time in his life someone said no, meant it, and stopped him from murder and devastation. The next few days are critical. Be afraid and go to prepper sites to find out how to save your family, if you can. – Dr. Jim Garrow, Nov. 18, 2013

In the condominium complex in Casa Grande, Arizona, where I have a unit, a visit was made yesterday by a group of 4 men in a black Suburban with lots of antenna’s on the roof. The management of our large group of condo’s was asked to open the door of my unit. The badges were a combination of many different alphabet agencies including my former one. Interesting because after I posted about EMP’s and missing nukes my phone rang late in the evening and I was requested to cease and desist. My posts have been removed. I am not however repentant, nor cowed. If anything like this happens again I have instructed people to begin the release of documents and information as per prepared plans in the hands of these people. Obama is known for overplaying his hand, and now should be known far and wide as a dangerous amateur. He may have gotten Breitbart, Hastings and Clancy, but they were just writers. I hope that he enjoys the protests today in DC.  – Dr. Jim Garrow, Nov. 19, 2013

A quick search on the internet latter and you can indeed find three Military Men that dealt in Nuclear Arms dismissed in October. Major General Michael Carey and Vice Admiral Tim Giardina (fired amidst rumors of misbehavior involving alcohol and gambling) were both released, then a third one from the Pacific that never made it home. There was also a sizable earth quake off the coast of South Carolina that Russia Claims was an underwater explosion of an American Thermal Nuclear Device.

We, as a nation, are totally in these men’s debt!

5 responses to Ex-CIA Agent: Obama Planned Massive False Flag Attack On America
  1. said on November 26, 2013

    This proves beyond any doubt that the American government right now is being run by completely Evil and insane individuals.

    In a normal country, with a good leadership, this would result in the instant arrest, and prosecution, of every single member of government that was involved in treason against their country.

    We are run by the criminally insane. We are no longer the America of old.

    Only God can save us now.

    said on November 27, 2013

  2. Word of advice….don’t give them your guns. Ever.
  3. The founding fathers never intended for the American Constitution to be suspended under any circumstance.
  4. Not if we have a terrorist attack in our country. Not if we are nuclear attacked in our country. Not if we go to war with another country. Not during a viral outbreak or disease. Not for ANY reason. Ever. They wrote it to be permanent. So just remember that….

    1 + 1 = 2, And Illuminati Staged Massacres = Gun Control. A Political Official Admits Openly That After They Convince All Americans To Register Their Guns Here In America (Because The Illuminati Says So), That They Are Going To Come To Take Them From Everyone Afterwards. Click On This Link To Watch This Video:

    This Survivor From Communist Cuba Explains Why It Is So Important For The American People To Hold Onto Their Rights To Own A Gun In America. Click On This Link To Watch This Video:

    said on November 27, 2013

  5. Add All Of That To A Very Important Article On That Sates That It Has Been Confirmed From A High Level Source That The U.S. Government Is Transfering Nuclear Warheads To The East Coast Of The United States And We Can Begin To See Where All Of This Is Leading Up To. Here Is The Link To The Article. Click On This Link To Read It:

    All Signs Seem To Be Pointing To The Fact That The Illuminati Is Planning For Another Giant False Flag Event To Happen Very Soon. Let’s Pray To God That This Isn’t The Case, And That The False Flag Event Can Be Stopped Before It Ever Even Gets Put Into Action.

    Retired Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow Warned That DHS Acquisitions Are A ‘Bold Threat Of War’ Against The American People – Click On This Link To Read His Statement!:

    This U.S. Soldier Swears That The U.S. Military Is Preparing To Load People Up On Vehicles And Bring Them To Concentration Camps. She Says That People Will Be Required To Choose Between Taking Shots (Possibly In Their Hands?), And Which Could Contain RFID Tracking Devices Of Some Kind Or Another, Or Not Taking Them, By Refusing To Cooperate, And That The Ones Who Resist Will Be Carried Off, Probably To Never Be Seen Again. She Also Says That For Those Who Do Accept These “Marks” As She Calls Them, That They Will Also Receive An Electronic Shock Bracelet To Wear Around Their Wrist Or Arm That Will Also Show That They Have Taken The Shot (This Could Mean That The Government Could Literally Electronically Shock Them For Whatever Reason In The Future). She Says That Those Who Accept The Shots Will Already Be Condemned (That Sounds An Awful Lot Like The Mark Of The Beast To Us). Click On This Link To Watch This Video:

    A U.S. Soldier On The Alex Jones Show Exposed That The Illuminati Is Planning On Using The Military To Come And Round Up American Citizens, Their Guns, And In Some Cases Their Entire Families. Click On This Link To Listen To This EXTREMELY Important Interview With This Soldier:

    U.S. Veterans Are Reacting To The News That The U.S. Government Plans To Confiscate Guns From American Citizens: – Click On This Link To Watch This Video:



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2 thoughts on “Ex-CIA Agent: Obama Planned Massive False Flag Attack On America

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