You’ll Never Believe Who Was Seen At 50th J.F.K. Assassination Memorial

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Oswald 3

Media outlets enjoyed a blast to the past this weekend, running stories from the day of the J.F.K. assassination, fifty years ago now. Many radio stations were playing the old tapes from the reports they released, television channels were re-airing old broadcasts, and a nation that had mourned half a century ago mourned again.

People old enough to remember the event told their tales of where they were when the shots rang out from the grassy knoll and the book depository tower, the latter of which are the only shots allowed to be acknowledged by “the system,” and the former of which will get you labeled a “conspiracy theorist” for mentioning. Younger generations of Americans asked “Who is J.F.K.?” Yes, a sad but true fact. But most of them know who Miley Cyrus is, so it’s all good, right?

What few people and no media outlets have mentioned are the sightings of alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was seen by several different people to be in attendance at a 50th Memorial service held in Dallas, Texas.



I know it was him, as well as I know my own name,” an elderly woman, who reported to have seen a much older Oswald lingering in the crowd, said. We pressed her for her name, yet she refused to give it, out of fear that “they” would come for her if “they” knew she’d spread the story.

“Not even age could hide that face,” an old man who’d been in the same proximity as the old woman, said. “That face was seared into my brain for months after the shooting. I starteddoubting the story as soon as they’d told it, but the way they kept burning that image into my brain. Everyone’s brain. I still had my doubts, but after seeing Oswald at the memorial today, I have no doubts. Oswald did not kill Kennedy!”

Oswald 1

It’s old news that many people doubt the story of the Kennedy assassination. Most people who can think for themselves believe that either the C.I.A. had the president assassinated, because he wasn’t pushing hard enough for a nuclear war with Russia, and because he was actually doing all he could to prevent one, or that the F.B.I. had him killed, at the directive of Lyndon Johnson, so that Johnson could become president an garner the credit for the upcoming civil rights bill that he knew was coming, as well as lead us into all out war in Vietnam. It was no secret to anyone that Lyndon Johnson and F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover had been best of friends for decades, and that Hoover hated Kennedy and his brothers. Johnson’s strong desire for acknowledgement is what he built his career on and he would have, and may have killed, to reach the top.

Still, until now, a man who may not even be dead, has taken the fall for the assassination of one of the most famed leaders the world over. Perhaps some day we’ll know the truth.

Oswald 2


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