Internet Kill Switch Exposed: Judge Orders DHS To Come Clean On Killing Internet!

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We have all seen the attacks on alternative media. We have heard that President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were devising ways of controlling the flow of information. Now a federal Judge has ordered DHS to expose their plan to install an Internet Kill Switch into the system that would effectively shut down the internet and all sources of alternative media. His ruling also exposes the plan to deactivate all wireless communication networks in a crises inside the United States.

Imagine if you will a national crisis occurs. The order goes out to mobilize DHS. You are the first to see this; the rioting on the streets, the shots fired, tear gas in the air, mobile tanks have been dispatched, and America is now on lock down. You go to pick up the phone, all signal is gone. You jump to your computer to warn your friends, and there is no internet. You’re stuck. You can’t get out the word. Meanwhile the plans have been put in place and you watch as people are being drug away to jail.

Of course this has happened before. Germany did it with the rise of the Nazis. There was no computer for them then, but the civilian land lines were cut. When Hitler rose to power, not many in the outside world knew that the dictator had risen until it was too late.  Now a judge has exposed a potential threat for DHS to do the same.

The ruling falls on the heals of the judge painstakingly going through SOP 303, the standard operating procedures of the DHS, and finding this little hidden plan. Judge James Boasberg was not amused and ordered that the DHS turn over SOP 303 to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) immediately. The Orwellian style internet shut off was hidden in the Standard Operating Procedure and discovered in the EPIC vs DHS lawsuit. The ruling has been suspended pending appeal.

EPIC, nevertheless, declared victory on its website, explaining that it sought the documentation “to determine whether the agency’s plan could adversely impact free speech or public safety.”

The federal court explained that SOP 303 codifies “a shutdown and restoration process for use by commercial and private wireless networks during national crises.”

The government explains that such a move might become necessary under certain circumstances to “deter the triggering of radio-activated improvised explosive devices.”

When EPIC requested the information, DHS responded that it “had conducted comprehensive searches for records that would be responsive … [but was] unable to locate or identify any responsive records.”

However, as part of an appeal process, DHS admitted there was a record – “the very document EPIC had requested: Standard Operating Procedure 303.”

But DHS withheld some of the document because it contained personal information for “state homeland security officials,” claiming it would “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions” and that it could “reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual.”

The judge, however, discounted DHS’ arguments for preventing the release of information.~WND

What the judge and the group EPIC found would be like something out of 1984. EPIC explained that the practice was adopted by the National Communications System but the information was never made public. What is even more scary, EPIC explained it had been used before and never reported.

EPIC documented when the procedure was used after a July 3, 2011, shooting by a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer in San Francisco of a homeless man, Charles Hill.

In the aftermath, a protest “was cut short after BART officials cut off all cellular service inside four transit stations for a period of three hours. This act prevented any individual on the station platform from sending or receiving phone calls, messages, or other data,” EPIC reported.

That, the organization said, “set off a renewed interest in the government’s power to shut down access to the Internet and other communications services.”

“A 2011 Report from the White House asserted that the National Security Council and the Office of Science and Technology Policy have the legal authority to control private communications systems in the United States during times of war or other national emergencies. The Federal Communications Commission plans to implement policies governing the shutdown of communications traffic for the ‘purpose of ensuring public safety.’ Also, on July 6, 2012, the White House approved an Executive Order seeking to ensure the continuity of government communications during a national crisis. As part of the Executive Order, DHS was granted the authority to seize private facilities, when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications,” EPIC documented.

EPIC then wanted to know the existing procedures, what would decide whether an emergency existed and “any executing protocols.”~WND

According to the court documents, DHS fought tooth and nail to prevent this information from being leaked.

One must wonder, what constitutes a national emergency in their book? With the stock piling of ammunition, providing tanks to DHS, gun training for the IRS, home inspections, new policies, and others, just what has DHS got in store for the American Public?

At least the courts have won this day and at least now We the People know that they have eliminating wireless communications in store as well.



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