White House Verbally ‘Bludgeons’ Liberal TV Host For Criticizing ObamaCare

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So, what do you think about all the trouble that we have seen with the ObamaCare online health exchanges? They are lovely, right? I mean everyone is getting through to the site, being able to easily log on and then get inside and see all of their wonderful and amazing new ObamaCare insurance coverage options, right? And then, everyone can easily pick the ‘perfect’ plan for their situation, obtain coverage, and live happily ever after, yes?

Well, surely this was what the Obama Regime promised to everyone. Of course, I am being facetious here. We all know that this website has been plagued by just about every type of technological and internal problem possible since the roll out began on October 1st.

Nothing seems to work. People are not even able to connect to the site in many cases. Even if they are, it is an absolute nightmare to actually get a password and logged in, much less making it to the point where your application has been filled out and then you can see your actual insurance options…not to mention that most people making it this far are shocked to see just how much their premiums have been increased (wait a minute weren’t we told that everyone would pay less?)!

Given all of these issues and failures…oh, excuse me, the politically correct term is ‘glitches.’ So, given all of the ‘glitches’ in this system and its disastrous roll out, would it not be reasonable to call for a delay? Even if this is just used to fix the system and make it workable? A lot of people feel this way. In fact, we are even starting to see some of the Democrats in the Senate break ranks with the president and his White House on this one and call for delays.

Let me tell you a little bit about a TV host by the name of Bob Beckel. This gentleman is a liberal, through and through. He has spent a lifetime working for Democrat politicians including Robert F Kennedy while he was in college. After this he was inside the Carter administration, was Walter Mondale’s campaign manager, and vigorously opposed the presidency of (and anything to do with) George W Bush. He is currently working as a TV host on The Five on the Fox Network as the resident liberal.

An interesting thing about this Beckel character is that he seems to be one of the few remaining liberals who is actually capable of independent thought. He has gone against the party line by insulting Muslims, making controversial statements about the Head Start program, San Francisco nudists, and even rape victims. Just recently, he also went against the party line, becoming one of the first unabashed true liberals to actually side with the likes of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz in calling for a delay of the ObamaCare exchange for up to 6 months or a year. This is simply in order that they may get everything fixed. He still believes in ObamaCare and thinks this is a good idea.

The problem here is the White House became very upset seeing someone of the political stature as Bob Beckel seeming to not toe the party line on this. According to Mr. Beckel, after he made these comments about delaying ObamaCare someone from the White House called him and “verbally bludgeoned” him for this criticism. Of course, this is certainly not going to change his opinion. And it really only shows the level of desperation to which the Obama Regime has already sunk. It is quite sad that now the White House is resorting to calling random reporters and verbally abusing them, isn’t it?

What do YOU think? Is the Obama Regime sinking to new lows…even for them? Should ObamaCare be delayed? Are reporters entitled to their own opinion? What do you think about WH officials calling up reporters and verbally abusing them?


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