Reagan’s Daughter: Why Am I Losing My Health Insurance?

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Former President Ronald Reagan‘s liberal activist daughter Patti Davis is asking just what many other people across the United States want to know — why she’s losing her insurance.
“Could the president please explain why I and others are losing our health ins. plans? Wasn’t supposed to happen!”
Davis posted on Twitter  Friday afternoon.

Could the president please explain why I and others are losing our health ins. plans? Wasn’t supposed to happen!

— patti davis (@patti_davis) October 25, 2013

Editor’s Note: 22 Hidden Taxes and Fees Set to Hit You With Obamacare. Read the Guide to Protect Yourself.
Davis, of course, isn’t the first to want to know what’s happening to her insurance in the wake of Obamacare. Others have been dropped as large employers such as IBM and others opt to have their employees get their coverage through state marketplaces rather than to keep up their coverage.
Davis also has been speaking about her disappointment with Obama in recent weeks, particularly when it comes to the government shutdown.
“We all remember your campaign tag of “no drama Obama,” she wrote
in an open letter to the president on her website on Oct. 13. “Interesting that there has been one drama after another in your presidency, this last one really tipping the scales.”
She said, unlike Obama, her father wouldn’t have thought to announce he wasn’t about drama, “it was how he lived, how he conducted himself.”
But she said Obama seems “annoyed” when he talks to Americans, “as if this job you campaigned for is keeping you from something else you’d rather be doing.”
Further, while she said she blames Republicans more than Obama for the shutdown, “If 80 percent is the fault of the Republicans, you could have dealt with your 20 percent a little better. Announcing that you won’t negotiate is not showing leadership, it’s showing a pouting face to the country and the world.”
Davis has long been known f
or her rebellious, liberal streak despite her father’s iconic conservatism. She publicly fell out with her parents and did not speak to them for a number of years.
In 1994, she posed for Playboy and starred in the erotic film “Playboy Celebrity Centerfold.” She bared all again in 2011 at age 58 for More magazine to celebrate her body’s triumph over drug addiction.
These days, she’s publicizing her latest book, “The Blue Hour,” even using the interest in her post about health insurance to tweet a plea for people to buy her new book, which has nothing to do with politics but instead is described as a ghost story she’s self-publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.
Davis’ tweet about the president’s health insurance was cheered by some followers but roundly jeered by others, including a man named Rick Collins. His profile marks him as being Texan, conservative, and a “God-fearing gun owner with a CHL and Life Member of the NRA.”
“Patti didn’t you vote for Obama twice?” Collins said. “If so dont complain. We conservatives warned you.”

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4 thoughts on “Reagan’s Daughter: Why Am I Losing My Health Insurance?

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  2. I like to hear when notable people are affected by Obama care’s devouring of our nation’s’ health care. It shows that everyone is affected by this national tragedy and that Obama care will do nothing but push this nation in a deeper financial crisis than it already is in.


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