Obama Changes Direction Of US Military Command, Fires 9th General In His Purge

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Have you been paying attention to all the changes that Obama has been making in the US Military? I mean beyond all the political grandstanding and doing stupid things like locking the chaplains out of their posts during the government shut down (for which a Catholic priest in now suing the president). It seems that Obama has been engaged in his own private ‘purge’ of generals and other leaders at the very top of the US Military.

On October 12th, this story was even noticed by Dianne Sawyer of ABC News. You see, there have 9 top level military leaders and commanders fired or relieved of duty since April. Is Obama preparing things for some sort of big event? Nine top-level generals and commanders could definitely be considered a purge of sorts. Perhaps Obama is thinking about some options that the majority of Americans would be loathe to even consider? Several Pentagon Officials have been trying to warn the people to expect radical changes very soon. The Chinese are also thinking about getting out of the dollar and forming their own currency alliance. There is even the strong potential for 16 US States being shut down and handed over to the federal government due to such high levels of debt. Could martial law be coming?

There have also been reports that seem to indicate Obama has a litmus test for military officers these days. Apparently, he only wants officers who do not have trouble firing on US citizens. Several of these now retired officers have come forward and said that they think Obama is preparing for war against the US. We have also heard Obama himself talk about ‘My Military.’ Whatever you think might be happening, it is certainly clear that Obama is looking to change and move things in a different direction.


By the way, these 9 top military officers and commanders were this that Obama has fired or replaced or relieved from duty just in 2013. It does not include a rather long list of those who were also relieved of duty last year (and the year before that). Even Dianne Sawyer felt that this is bizarre and wanted to try and get to the bottom of it.

Take a look at some of the nine who have been fired or relived of duty. General Carter Hamm, US Army, served as the head of the US African Command and in charge during the Benghazzi incident. After being extremely critical of Obama (calling him a liar about reinforcements in the area), he was ‘resigned and retired’ in April. Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, US Navy, Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three was in charge of aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea on the night of September 11, 2012. He was fired and relieved of duty for ‘utterance of a racial slur.’ And there are plenty more examples, all within the year.

This is an incredibly alarming series of events. It is one of the largest and fastest purges of military commanders that has ever been recorded. These ‘purges’ even included two heads of nuclear strategic commands. This has even made veteran reporter Dianne Sawyer step up and public ask what is the next step that Obama is planning. This is something that every American should be asking themselves as we watch the evidence of what is happening.

What do YOU think? What is the reason for this purge of the military? Can the firing or relieving of duty of 9 top-level generals and admirals this quickly be considered a mere coincidence? What do you think Obama is planning? Why does he want to remake the military to HIS liking? Will the military some day be called upon to fire on US citizens?




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