Here Are 5 Reasons Why Drilling For Shale Gas Is A Fracking Great Idea

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Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is a means of extracting natural gas from shale and/or coal bed deposits around the world.

It’s a controversial procedure. However, it’s not controversial because of any inherent problems with fracking, but basically because environmentalists want it to be controversial. Since the lamestream media, Big Hollywood, and academia are all close allies with the greenies, the message has been delivered, via all three of those channels, that fracking is risky.

In fact, fracking is great. It should be a nationwide policy, and it should have started yesterday. Here’s why.

1. Fracking isn’t dangerous at all

The main gripe from the environmentalists is that fracking releases methane into the atmosphere. However, a recent study by the University of Texas shows that the amount of methane released is less than 1%. This is much less than what was suggested by both the EPA and the environmentalists.

2. The use of natural gas is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

There are not too many of you reading this listicle who believe in man-made global warming. For the record, it looks like you’re right to not believe in it.

That aside, there is no reason to believe that anything is wrong with reducing our collective carbon footprint. Using natural gas, instead of more traditional sources of energy, is a way to make that happen.


3. Fracking will enable our nation to become more energy independent

We’re at the point in American history where we should really be concerned about the fact that we are so utterly dependent on the Middle East for our energy. This is a region of the world that incubates terrorists, welcomes anti-Semites, and houses a significant number of people (some of them in government) that hate our country and our way of life.

Fracking would enable us, as a nation, to be less dependent on those countries for energy.

4. Lower energy prices

A study from the UK demonstrates that energy prices could fall by as much as 25% with the use of shale gas.

5. Fracking will create jobs

Somebody has to do the work involved in extracting natural gas from the earth. Granted, fracking won’t make a huge addition to the labor force. However, it will make a difference to those individuals who are employed because of the process is welcomed instead of erroneously criticized.



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