6 More Signs That You’re A Liberal Who Is Out Of Touch With Reality

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We noticed with some level of satisfaction that our original post, entitled 6 Signs That You’re A Liberal Who Is Out Of Touch With Reality, was well received. With that in mind, we decided to write a sequel.

Here are 6 more signs that you’re a liberal who is out of touch with reality.

1. You think that George W. Bush lied us into the war in Iraq

The popular narrative, even repeated by some libertarians who agree with us on a lot of issues, is that George W. Bush lied to gain support for the war in Iraq. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it this way: what, exactly did he lie about? He claimed that Saddam Hussein was attempting to obtain yellow cake (material used to build weapons of mass destruction) from Niger. Was that a lie? Nope. Even the late Christopher Hitches, noted liberal, has agreed with George W. Bush on that point.

In fact, as we recall the entire Bush presidency, we can’t think of any lie that was told by George W. Bush. He was a man of integrity. He kept his campaign promises. He told the truth, even if it was politically unpopular.

Most importantly, he did not lie us into war in Iraq.

2. You think that the welfare state is affordable

As of this writing, our government has spent roughly $16 trillion on The Great Society, or Lyndon B. Johnson’s big government, war-on-poverty programs. In case you haven’t made the connection: yes, $16 trillion is about the size of our national debt.

Liberals might argue that they don’t care how much it costs because those anti-poverty programs provide a valuable service to people in need. However, liberals can’t make that argument because they repeatedly criticized Republican presidents like Bush and Reagan for raising the national debt.

So, which is it, out-of-touch liberals? If the debt is bad, then we need to trim back on The Great Society. If it’s okay to have a large national debt, then why did you criticize Republican presidents when the national debt skyrocketed during their administrations? And why don’t you criticize Barack Obama as the national debt skyrockets under his administration?

The simple fact is this: the welfare state is unaffordable. See Greece, Spain, and the UK for evidence. Those countries are now implementing austerity measures because their welfare states got out of control. Ours will, too.

3. You think that gun control reduces crime

Umm… no.

And no.

And no.

4. You think that Voter ID laws are racist

Try this experiment: look at yourself in the mirror while saying, “Voter ID laws are racist.” If you can do that without laughing, then you’re a liberal who is out of touch with reality.

Seriously: requiring someone to show an ID is… racist? That’s your argument?

If that’s the case, then you might be what we would call a “liberal reprobate”. That is, there’s likely no hope that you’ll ever be redeemed.

5. You think that going to war for any reason is intrinsically wrong

If you think that going to war for any reason is wrong, then you’re clearly a liberal who is out of touch with reality. You belong back in the late 1960′s, skinny-dipping in a Woodstock lake, trying LSD for the sixth time, and contracting numerous venereal diseases.

Thinking all war is wrong is like saying that all violence is wrong, even when it’s done in self-defense. War can be a very good thing, like when it’s used to stop the bad guys. Going to war against Hitler was good. Going to war to preserve our great union back in the 1860′s was also good.

War is a necessary horror. It’s nice that you’re against violence, but what if the evil governments in this world aren’t against violence?

Newsflash: they aren’t. War is needed to stop them.

6. You think that Focus on the Family is a hate group

If you think that Focus on the Family is a hate group because they’re opposed to gay marriage, then we sincerely hope that you called Barack Obama a hater back in 2008, when he was against gay marriage.

You know, for the sake of consistency.


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