4 Things Obama Will Deny Americans…

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President Obama was one of the most promising candidates to ever run for President. He promised us so much that he might as well have run for National Genie.

Obamacare is the skunk that has been called a kitty in hopes that everyone would embrace it. But the stink is nearly impossible to eliminate. There were promises made that turned out to be lies. They could bring down the President. But forget about impeachment. There are too many Democrats to allow that, even though Obama nearly makes Nixon look like a saint.

In medical research, we were maybe a generation away from breakthroughs that could have helped most Americans and lowered medical costs dramatically. The pain bypass unit that will be smaller than a AAA battery would be placed at the base of the brain to prevent most pain signals from being felt. Millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of others around the world would have benefited from the development of the device, which might have cost less than $1,000 to users thanks to government absorption of most of the expenses. The need for pain pills and pain treatment would be dramatically reduced, and multitudes would have lived normal lives. But since the company or companies that would have developed the idea would also have been taxed heavily and maybe driven out of business, they may never develop something people need and would have financially benefited from (thanks to less need for pain medication.)

Another device that might be denied is the nerve bypass that would be implanted to allow paralyzed people to function normally again. The first version of the device was drawn in 1974, and I approached a head of surgery with that idea and the idea that nerves would be transplanted from one part of the body to another. He said that both ideas were impossible. At the time, he might have been right. But the second idea has become reality, and I trust the first idea will also become reality unless Obamacare prevents it from becoming available.

My synthetic heart that would use the body’s energy, a nuclear battery, and a catalyst to use chemicals in the blood to produce energy is written about in my book THE MADHOUSE PROJECTS. The surgeon tells the doctors in the gallery that he would advise his patient to eat more sugar since it would be used by the catalyst to generate energy for the heart. It would use an electrochemical reaction to expand and contract the synthetic muscles at a heart rate determined by sensors in the heart. Such a heart might last longer than the patient and could be transplanted into another person years later. But it might remain a device in the science fiction world for fear its development will bankrupt developers, thanks to Obamacare.

A fourth idea is a chemical catalyst that would do a better job than the liver. Simple chemicals would be pumped into the catalyst, and a computer would analyze the blood to see what substances were needed and produce them. Doctors could use such a device to eliminate toxic substances from the body and prevent countless deaths in the future. People who have personal chemical catalysts might spend less than 10% for chemicals than they spend for drugs. There would be few if any side effects. But Obamacare may once again prevent the development of the device that could save untold millions in the future.

If Obamacare can be abolished, and sensible medical care solutions are used instead of this one-circus-tent-fits-all approach to health care coverage , maybe the delays will be reduced. But their use will be denied by Obama for economic reasons. That’s the price Americans might have to pay thanks to Obama.

We can’t change what should have been, to produce what should be. But we can eliminate the bad to produce the good we will experience in the future. We shouldn’t use excuses to justify the bad that exists. And by all means, we shouldn’t blame others for problems we should try our best to solve. “It’s not my fault” is an excuse we too often use. Incompetent people who use that excuse to justify failure admit that they are failures too. But those who cause the problems they complain about in hopes that the listeners will not blame them, but blame the targets they have designated, are despicable.




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