UCF professor feels ‘threatened’ by CAIR’s aggressive targeting

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Jonathan Matusitz

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The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations continues to target an outspoken professor for his hard hitting views on terrorism, to include trying to slip an operative into his classroom to monitor his actions.

University of Central Florida communications professor Dr. Jonathan Matusitz teaches a course titled “Terrorism and Communication,” based in part on a book he wrote on the subject, “Terrorism & Communication: A Critical Introduction.”

Matusitz pulls no punches in identifying the root causes of terrorism, a rarity in academia.

CAIR-FL alleges that he propagates “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

As the Belgium-born professor began class last Tuesday, he saw a stranger sitting at the back of the classroom, according to his own account of events published by Family Security Matters.

After approaching the woman, who identified herself as Samantha, Matusitz asked her to leave. He wrote:

“A few minutes after she left, I recognized that ‘Samantha.’ Her full name is Samantha Bowden, Communication and Outreach Director of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. She is based in Tampa. She is not a UCF student and never was a UCF student.”

Samantha Bowden did not seek permission to sit in on the class, a violation of Florida law and UCF policy, according to Family Security Matters. As instructor of the class, Matusitz is authorized to warn her that she’s trespassing and must leave the area of instruction or be arrested.

“I felt threatened by her actions,” Matusitz said. “So, I filed a report with the UCF Police Department.”

A rally was held the following day by the UCF Muslim Student Association, drawing attention to Matusitz. Bowden participated in the event was captured on video acknowledging, with a shrug of her shoulders, that she “went to his class.”

In addition to last weeks activities, CAIR-FL has also filed a formal complaint letter with UCF Administration, “imploring them to conduct a formal review of Matusitz’s class,” as stated on their web site — the school stood firm in their support of Matusitz.

Good for the school

And the organization has tried to prevent Matusitz from lecturing outside the classroom.

“As a UCF faculty, I never intend to be controversial; rather, I try to be factual and 100 percent correct,” Matusitz wrote after being dis-invited to speak at an event by the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee. “If I didn’t think Islam poses a threat to Western civilization, then I would not stick my neck out by delivering public presentations on that subject.”



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