AZ Voters Taking Action: McCain-Flake Recall

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Arizona voters are angry. They are not alone in their anger, for it seems betrayal on the vote to defund ObamaCare is not isolated to Arizona. However, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit and John Hawkins at Right Wing News are on board with the recall, and I certainly feel their pain! I live in Alaska, not Arizona, but I certainly know what it is like to feel betrayal from a Senator! The difference is that I know mine are not Republican; yet McCain and Flake seem to think they are!

My only lament is that I don’t live in Arizona to sign the petition. You may sign Sen. McCain’s Recall here.

You may find Jeff Flake’s recall petitions at here.

The petitions are on hold right now as the state is taking a look at them.


McCain was reelected in 2010. There was a bit of a brew-ha-ha regarding his worthiness, but in the end many decided to give him one last try. However, since his reelection, he has demonstrated a total lack of respect for the American people. Indeed, many who are not in the state wonder if recall is the right strategy for McCain.

The vote to fund ObamaCare was a smack in the face of every Republican that ever sent him a dime or ever worked on his campaign, including his presidential campaign. Even worse was his rebuke of Ted Cruz on the Senate Floor. John McCain has repeatedly used his position as elder statesman to take to the Senate floor and chastise his own party members. Durbin and Schumer are typically standing behind him, full of accolades. He is a traitor to his own party. McCain was totally out of line; Cruz was discussing the media’s treatment of the event. For some reason, McCain decided to misconstrue Cruz’s words, probably based on what Charles Schumer told him. McCain isn’t even coherent in his critic and clearly did not get the analogy and McCain is clearly pandering to Schumer and Durbin.

It was shameful on the part of McCain. It made me ashamed that I ever even THOUGHT about supporting him for ANYTHING.

This even follows his vote in June on the fence.  McCain campaigned throughout 2010 on the promise to  ”Build the Dang Fence.” It is a great video, and the message hit home with voters. He promised to support it and see it built, as required by law in 2006.

He voted against it in June of 2013.

But the worse part of all about McCain? He wanted to arm the Syrian Free Army to overthrow Assad. The Syrian Free Army is allied with Al Qaeda and Hamas. As far as I know, his first meeting with the Syrian Rebels was with May of this year. He has met with them since that time. Even worse, it appears he knowing hired someone with fraudulent credentials, and if he didn’t know, he didn’t check their credentials very carefully. This fraudster claimed that the Syrian Rebels were moderates. Well, then, I’d hate to get to know the extremists! Check out the photo from their website and decide for yourself if they are peaceful and moderate. Note the building in the middle background.


Recall him Arizona, but don’t forget that recall isn’t the only solution here. The last time I checked, Al Qaeda was still considered a terrorist group. I seem to remember some laws that apply to people who aid enemy combatant, as we are still fighting Al Qaeda aligned forces in Afghanistan.

There is more that can be said on McCain, but I do believe I have written enough.

Then there is Senator Flake.

Is Senator Flake redeemable at this point? He formed a dangerous liaison with Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) and Mark Begich (D-AK) to sponsor Gun Control legislation this past session. James Antel at the American Conservative notes that Flake’s record on immigration is worse the almost every other Arizona politician, including McCain. Flake voted to rescind the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  He is principled when it is convenient.

Flake also voted to fund ObamaCare.  Flake is only in his second year and already voters want to recall him. He is so stupid he doesn’t even own his own URL. That should scream volumes right there.

Oh, and he didn’t show for the vote on the continuing resolution. Yes, he took the coward’s way out and did not vote on ObamaCare. When his friend Ted Cruz needed him, he was personae non gratas. I won’t waste my breath defending Flake. The recall link for Flake is above.

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