Ordinary California Gun Owner’s Home Invaded by DOJ as Government’s Gun Confiscation Quietly Begins

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:This is my personal recollection, witnessing a man having his guns confiscated, as well as an important message to all the agents of the government- the police officers, the DOJ and DHS agents, and anyone else who might follow government orders.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 25: Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team members search door to door during a massive manhunt for a suspect who attempted to kill two detectives on June 25, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The shooting happened in the early morning hours as the two detectives were ambushed and slightly injured outside the Los Angeles Police Department's Wilshire Station, prompting the closure of a 25-square-block area in the Mid-City section of Los Angeles. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA – (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

In California, there is a program called APPS in effect by the Department of Justice, to confiscate guns from anyone they can, searching through medical records for any hint of mental instability in order to take guns from citizens.

Around early August 2013, there was an incident at my residence, in which the owner of my house, a 58-year-old man who has chosen to remain anonymous, had his guns confiscated from him by a gang of DOJ agents. It was about 3 pm, here in Sacramento, California. A friend and I were sitting in my room, about to go somewhere.

When we got up, I looked out the window through the blinds and observed that a man in heavy military gear was standing right outside the window, hiding behind the garage in a tactical, aggressive position, as if someone might shoot him when the front door opens. Soon after this disturbing observation, the doorbell rang.

The home owner answered, and let the heavily armed Department of Justice agents in when they asked, unfortunately forgetting to request that they get a warrant. My friend and I stayed in my room, observing that there was a van full of agents in front of our residence, and that the heavily armed man in front of the garage was staying in that position, ready to shoot one of us for whatever reason they see fit.

We then left my room, and asked one of the agents why they were here, to which he replied “We’re just here to clear something up.” Then, i asked ” Is that really all you can say? Do you think one of us did something illegal?” to which he robotically repeated “We’re just here to clear something up.” Instinctively, my friend and I left our residence (he lives here too), while the agents talked with the homeowner. The homeowner is a 58-year-old man, my friend’s father.

He owned several guns, kept properly in a safe, before these government agents came to forcibly strip him of his right to defend his life with his guns. So after we left the residence, we went up the street to sit down and think about what was happening. At this point, we didn’t even know why the agents were there. It was quite stressful, violating, disturbing. We were concerned that maybe our rooms would be torn apart and searched, or maybe my laptop and notebooks would be confiscated because I am a journalist critical of government tyranny.

None of us do anything illegal, so this was very unexpected. After a while of speculating about why our house was invaded, we received a call from the homeowner, explaining that the agents were there to confiscate every one of his guns, because 6 months ago, the homeowner had checked himself into a mental hospital for a brief period of hard times. However, this 58-year-old man is absolutely peaceful, sane, and constitutionally warranted to bear arms. But apparently now in California, if you EVER get any kind of treatment for something involving mental health, there’s a good chance that militarized men with guns will take your guns on behalf of the US government.

The State of California is spending 24 million tax payer dollars a year to run a DOJ program called APPS, to go to people’s homes, and disarm anyone with even a hint of ‘mental instability’. This is what I witnessed, what this homeowner was a victim of. “it’s being billed as going after dangerous people,” says Chuck Michel, a civil rights attorney. “And for the most part, with some exceptions, admittedly, it’s NOT going after dangerous people.

It’s not making society any safer.” Let’s put this in some real perspective the US government, the people responsible for confiscating weapons from peaceful people who have a clear constitutional right to bear arms, have a long, violent criminal record. Put in perspective, it is so far beyond backwards, so far beyond ridiculous, that this government will call citizens who have never committed acts of violence, potentially dangerous.

It is such disturbing hypocrisy, if you know that the US government has killed millions of people, many being completely innocent. Between 245,000 and 495,000 innocent civilians died in the Vietnam war alone, and who knows how skewed these figures are. Half a million CHILDREN died in Iraq during the US sanctioning them in the 90′s.

This means of course, the US government used force against people trying to bring these starving and dying people supplies, food, and other necessities. The point is, how can the US government claim that the citizens are a threat, a 58-year-old man with no violent criminal history, when the US government is one of the most violent, murderous, dangerous bodies of people in the history of the world?

That is no exaggeration, that is fact. It is very obvious to some people, why this gun confiscation is beginning, why a lot of politicians are pushing for ‘gun control’, or ‘ complete government gun monopolization the reason is, a revolution is coming, and so is an economic collapse.

They want to disarm as many people as possible, and render us defenseless, so they can turn the US a military dictatorship at the right time, when some catastrophic event, possibly a false flag, triggers something big. The people of the US, and the world for that matter, are dissatisfied with the US government like never before, and the truly powerful people pushing for gun control and confiscation know this very well.

These people at the ‘top of the pyramid’ who are ordering the DOJ to confiscate citizen’s guns, are working to stifle revolution, keep the government in power when the dollar collapses and the economy gets really bad. The people in power want a complete monopoly on force, guns, weapons. See, the people in power, the people in the white house, the past administrations and the people even more powerful than them, are wanted war criminals.

For example, basically the entire Bush administration is wanted in Malaysia, after a huge, groundbreaking trial that they of course didn’t attend, receiving testimony from middle eastern victims of brutal torture,that was authorized at the highest levels of US government power. The US government has more citizens incarcerated in their prisons than any country in the entire world, any way you look at it, by ratio, percentage, or number.

Now, I have personally witnessed a man have his weapons taken from him, by heavily armed agents of the government. Though I knew about the criminality of the government before, I now feel so much more inclined to warn people about this, to wake people up to the danger we face. But most of all, I want to reach out to the people enforcing the will of this criminal government.

I want to reach out to all of you DOJ agents, DHS agents, soldiers, police, sergeants, all of you, as a fellow human being, as an equal, as a fellow citizen. Because I understand that you do not know or believe that what you are doing is wrong, I have hope that you will not enforce the worst coming orders of the government, when civil unrest hits, the dollar collapses, and when the government decides to try to turn our country into a full military dictatorship.

If you take orders to confiscate everyone’s guns, or put people in military internment camps, or detain or arrest innocent people during a time of crisis, you will be destroying your own people, destroying your own society, citizens, brothers and sisters, destroying the freedom and lives of your fellow human beings.

I know nearly all you agents, officers, soldiers, are just like me, just like the citizens you will be ordered to confiscate guns from, and you would not like to be disarmed, helpless, ordered around by armed agents of the government in a time of crisis. You probably think that you are making your country a safer place, or that you are doing good, but I’m sorry to say, you often aren’t, and you must wake up to that, or you might trust the government and take orders to disarm people in the future, or take orders that end up destroying us.

The officers, agents, and soldiers of Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and all other military dictatorships in history, followed orders without question. They implemented martial law, went searching through people’s homes, locked people in camps, but the very first thing they did before they could get away with all of this, is they disarmed their citizens.

Agents of those governments went door to door, confiscating guns, just like our government wants to order you to do today. Once the people are disarmed, the government can do whatever they want, as long as they have soldiers, officers, and agents willing to help them for pay.

Don’t be a mercenary, it is not worth it. Do not destroy your fellow citizen’s freedom for money, do not serve this criminal government. Do you not believe me? Do you not believe that our government would ever do something like this? Either way, you must be prepared to say no to these orders if it did happen, and I will tell you right now, it is VERY likely that the people in power in the US will try to give you Nazi-like orders.

What you must do, to understand the true nature of the government you serve, is to do some research about what they have done. This is what is left out of mainstream media, corporate news, mainstream culture. You must start asking questions, comparing your orders and laws you enforce to The Constitution you swore oaths on, and you need to not enforce the unconstitutional laws.

A lot of us citizens are very concerned with how far you people would go to serve the government and take orders without question. Please, you agents, officers, sergeants, soldiers do not go to war with the American citizens. Do not confiscate our guns, which we have a constitutional right to own, do not put us in military internment camps with no trial, please do not abuse us. It is very, very clear in The Constitution, that all American citizens have a right to bear arms. It does not say, ‘unless’, it says we have a right to bear arms.

Therefore, anyone who makes laws violating this 2nd Amendment, and anyone who enforces these laws, are criminal. The laws of the supreme court, congress, senate, they do not override The Constitution.

As fellow human beings, please do not disarm us. Do not take our guns we need and are endowed to defend ourselves with, please do not lock us in cages for victimless, non violent ‘crimes’ such as smoking the medicinal cannabis plant. It is time you enforcers of government will, get on the internet, and do some hard research about the true actions of the US government, the crimes your leaders have committed.

Understand that, since they have committed these murderous atrocities, they would have absolutely no problem ordering you to kill, imprison, and control the American people. So please, for the sake of all of our freedom and prosperity, research these things- Operation Northwoods, Operation MK Ultra, the 1953 Iran Coup masterminded by the CIA. Read about the half a million children who died of things like starvation and lack of proper medical care, in Iraq in the 90′s, because of your leaders, your government, sanctioning Iraq. And please, don’t try to prove it wrong, don’t look shallowly and try to prove yourself right- look long and hard, with no bias, objectively and thoroughly.

If you do this, you will indeed find that the government you serve is highly immoral, highly corrupt, and they would not hesitate to trick you into harming your fellow citizens, and do who knows what, in order to stay in power. Operation Northwoods’ drafting proves that your government doesn’t mind killing innocent US citizens, in order to blame it on another country to go to war with them.

This was drafted in the 60′s, and was only revealed to the public and declassified in the late 90′s. Could you imagine what would have happened to the people who drafted this document if the people found out about it in the 60′s? They would have been prosecuted, hard. Do the research, and you will find that the government, the people you serve, are indeed criminal. You will learn that they are war mongering, tyrannical, highly immoral and not trustworthy people. It is difficult to name names, but as a whole, that is the nature of the US government.

So please, do not fight a war with the Syrian people, don’t fight a war against US citizens who happen to use drugs, and please do not participate in disarming the American people. We desperately need our right to bear arms, in order to not only defend ourselves from typical criminals, but to defend ourselves against the US government, if they ever try to turn our country into a military dictatorship.

The growing biometrics database, the drones, the strong agenda to disarm the American people, the technology the government is working on, the massive amounts of tanks, guns, and hollow point ammunition being purchased by the DHS, this all only points to one agenda that the government will kill US citizens and wage war with them in order to stay in power, that they will do anything to remain in power. When there is ‘civil unrest’ because of the dollar’s collapse, the government will try to use you agents, soldiers, officers, to enforce their will, and make the situation a LOT worse.

I will tell you very clearly, you cannot follow these orders, to take certain people they deem ‘threatening’ to military internment camps, to confiscate guns from people, to do things like this. The people they will take to the internment camps, basically concentration camps, will be activists, journalists, people looking for change, people looking to be prosperous without the government, people speaking out against the government. Peaceful people like me will be brought to camps to die or be imprisoned by officers, soldiers, and agents like you, if you decide to be a mercenary and follow the orders.

A leaked document drafted in 2010 describes these military internment camps in great detail, Google this, and you will see it. You can read the document for yourself they will try to order you to imprison and kill your fellow citizens. In California right now, the DOJ is being ordered to confiscate guns from as many people as possible, to be a little bit ahead when they come for ALL guns.

This is in preparation for the big confiscation, martial law, an economic collapse, a big event, likely a false flag, that they will use to implement martial law. Imagine a violent military dictatorship, internment camps, martial law, and you officers, agents, and people in the streets, forcing citizens to do what the government wants.

Do you really want that? Do you really want to follow those orders? It will destroy your mind in the end with guilt, if you do, if you have any conscience. The only way for us citizens to rebuild our economy and prosper after the collapse, is if you agents and officers refuse to take these orders to disarm us, refuse to hold down martial law, etc.

In conclusion, I have witnessed a gun confiscation. This DOJ program in California is barely being reported on, yet it is so very important. Please, agents, officers, enforcers of government will with all due respect, understand the danger of the orders you are given, and do not take unconstitutional, or tyrannical ones.

The American people have a constitutional right, and a fundamental need, to remain armed. We need to defend ourselves from any threat, be it a man with a 9 millimeter and a ski mask, or the power-hungry US government taking all of our weapons so no one can stop their military dictatorship. And if I said something that resonates with you, or you understand what I’m saying, please agents and officers, share this with more agents and officers.

And for all the rest of you non government employees, please, please share this article with an agent of the government, a police officer, one of these people who might enforce a military dictatorship, so we can inform them of the danger of the US government and their agenda, so they will not follow orders that destroy us, so we can preserve our rights and freedom. Reach out to them, even if you have to go out of your way it is desperately necessary, and they are just like us, except they have badges, and they are a little bit mislead to enforce the laws of this government.

Please share this with as many people as possible, because it is so very necessary to wake up the enforcement class of government. The only way we have out of this, is to make the officers, soldiers, and agents, non compliant with orders to control, imprison, and kill us, no matter what the pretext.



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