An Anthology Of ObamaCare’s Broken Promises

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Barack Obama

No piece of legislation in this history of this great country was sold to the American people on as many outright lies as ObamaCare.

The marketing was clever. The President used pithy lines like “quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.” We were promised that it was going to insure an additional 30 million people. Anyone who opposed it was a selfish, soulless freak who supported financial profit above the good of society.

The marketing worked. ObamaCare was signed into law in 2010.

Since then, we have learned that basically everything that conservatives predicted would happen with ObamaCare has come true. Since all of these predictions were bad, this is not a compliment to the President or his healthcare plan.

Here is a list of ObamaCare’s broken promises.

1. You can keep your own doctor

Nope. The unequivocal promise that you would be able to keep your own doctor under ObamaCare has turned into “you may be able to keep your doctor.”

That’s funny. We don’t remember hearing the word “may” when the Democrats were stressing the importance of passing ObamaCare in 2010. We remember clearly hearing “will”, as in: “you will be able to keep your own doctor.”

2. ObamaCare would reduce the deficit

Nobody reading this probably believed it, but that’s what we were promised by numerous Democrats.

Surprisingly, it turns out that a nation cannot insure millions of additional people without spending any additional money. In fact, ObamaCare adds trillions to the long-term deficit.

3. Lower insurance premiums

You were also told that, under this massive expansion of government regulation on the healthcare industry, somehow insurance premiums would miraculously go down.

Not only is that not happening, but quite the opposite is happening. Rates are rising. In fact, they are rising dramatically.

4. You can keep your existing health insurance

Quote Obama: “If you’ve got health insurance [and] you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor [and] you can keep your plan.”

The reality? Um… no.

In fairness to the President, he did publicly admit this two months before ObamaCare was signed into law. However, he didn’t advertise the fact during those two months. In other words, he didn’t go out of his way to tell the truth.

5. It would protect Medicare

We were told that the President’s healthcare plan would protect Medicare. But, as Tim Phillips over at Townhall notes: “ObamaCare actually takes money from Medicare and Medicare Advantage to fund many of its new programs. According to the CMS Actuary to the Medicare Board of Trustees, ObamaCare didn’t even attempt to resolve $37 trillion in unfunded obligations and instead took nearly $716 billion out of the program.”

6. The promise of “quality” healthcare

As noted previously, President Obama promised “quality, affordable healthcare” to all Americans.

Question: if ObamaCare provides “quality” healthcare, then why are unions, who once supported ObamaCare, now complaining about it? Additionally, why does the IRS employees’ union want out of ObamaCare when it’s the IRS that will be enforcing ObamaCare?

Maybe the “quality” isn’t there after all.

7. ObamaCare is a tax on all income levels

The President, when campaigning for office and for ObamaCare, said that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 per year.

However, the reality is that ObamaCare survived constitutional challenge only because the individual mandate is considered a tax. That individual mandate affects everyone who doesn’t have health insurance, no matter what their income.



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