Obamacare Adds $40 Billion Cost to Immigration Reform Bill

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A bipartisan immigration reform bill that is being spearheaded by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and his “Gang of 8″ Senators,  is reported to be close to completion, and could be presented in the coming weeks.

But what many  in the pro-legal immigration lobby are saying is, ‘I told you so.’  This after Republican staffers of several of the Republican Senators who sit the Senate Budget Committee announced that “a draft immigration bill that includes a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants” is estimated to cost Americans $40 billion in 2022, and that is “just for Medicaid and ObamaCare.”

The costs would be incurred if those illegal immigrants, who are put on a pathway to citizenship under the new bill, use their immigration status ” to apply for federal benefits from Medicaid and ObamaCare.”

Payments from Medicaid and subsidies from the federal health care law represent just a fraction of federal government benefits that a green-card holder or U.S. citizen can apply for.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a key member of the “Gang of Eight” which is drafting a proposal, has stressed that he would ensure there are limits on benefits being applied to these individuals. He told Fox News in January that the first phase for them would be to get a nonimmigrant visa — not a green card — “and you don’t qualify for any federal benefits under that. You don’t get federal benefits.”-Fox News

Rubio says he will stand firm on the initial ‘statement of principles’ that his bipartisan group had offered, and that he will not support a final bill that veers off from what he originally envisioned an immigration reform bill would look like.

For it to be a proposal that I can support it’s going to have things that ensure that this never happens again–I want to make sure that anyone that is doing it right, who is immigrating legally is not disadvantage. Rubio adds, In essence, it can’t be easier to immigrate here illegally than it is to immigrate here legally.-Sen. Marco Rubio

When asked if he would pull out of the bipartisan immigration reform initiative, if the Democrats decide to steer the bill in favor of a pathway to citizenship that Rubio opposes, Rubio stated the following:

It’s not about pulling out or making conditions for people, I just don’t think it would work, and I am not interested in being part of an immigration reform effort that ends up making the problem worse, or leading for illegal immigration growing in the future, so it has to be something that’s going to work-Sen. Marco Rubio

As we stated before, by the time this supposed bipartisan immigration reform bill is dropped in the Senate, and/or when it is put up for discussion, expect the bill to be so heavily influenced by President Obama and his pro-illegal immigration lobby, that it will force Rubio to pull his support. We could be wrong, but I seriously doubt that will be the case.


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