Sequestration: U.S. Spends $288 Million On Ammunition For Afghan National Police


Despite the fearmongering over sequestration, it is only the decisions of the Obama administration as to what they cut and what they don’t that are troubling. One of the biggest issues to come out of the administration was the Department of Homeland Security releasing hundreds of illegals who were also convicted felons. They later admitted they didn’t have to do that. However, according to a detailed quarterly report, issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the U.S. government is giving away $288 million of our tax dollars to supply the Afghan National Police (ANP), the ones who are engaging in killing our troops after they are trained, with ammunition. That’s more than six times the budget that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has for its ammunition purchases this year.

Not only has the U.S. spent more than $366 million on weapons for the ANP, but the government intends to spend another $14.2 million arming them.

In addition, $3.4 billion has been spent on equipment and transportation, including weapons for the ANP. According to the report,“most of these funds were used to purchase weapons and related equipment, vehicles, and communications equipment.”

The report details the wasted tax dollars on the ANP. “SIGAR’s audit of ANP vehicle maintenance found that the United States spent $6.8 million over 17 months to maintain vehicles that had already been destroyed,” the report reads.

The U.S. is expected to spend another $19.4 million on vehicles for the ANP.

Sigar’s reports also pointed out that “a U.S.-funded Afghan Border Police Company headquarters was sitting largely unused,” which raised concerns “about the long-term usability and sustainability of an ANP provincial headquarters.”

This isn’t all. The Washington Free Beacon reports,

The United States has also provided major funding to pay for ANP salaries.

The force is set to become 157,000 strong, according to projections, and “will require an estimated $628.1 million per year to fund salaries ($265.7 million), incentives ($224.2 million), and food ($138.2 million),” according to SIGAR.

The theft of fuel continues to be an ongoing problem for the United States in Afghanistan, according to the report. The United States has spent about $4.2 billion on fuel for the Afghan National Army.

“Fuel is ‘liquid gold’ in Afghanistan—easy to steal, easy to sell on the black market,” SIGAR noted in its report. “Buyers of stolen fuel can be local gasoline stations, roadside vendors, U.S. contractors without access to military fuel depots, or Afghan insurgents.”

“Whether gasoline, jet fuel, or diesel, fuel is readily transportable by truck, rail, or pipeline. Each mode has vulnerabilities to theft that SIGAR is trying to alleviate,” SIGAR reported.

There are currently “24 open investigations concerning fuel” theft and misappropriation.

SIGAR also reported that prime-contractor drivers often “short” the fuel they deliver. This should come as no surprise that there is a ton of wasted money going to these foreign entities and you and I are paying for it.

The Beacon reported back in February that lawmakers were concerned about $1 billion dollars of tax payer funds that were spent on oil purchases for the ANP and that oil is suspected to have been purchased through Iran, which indicate that the U.S. is the biggest violator of its own sanctions.

In that instance, Subcommittee on National Security Chairman Jason Chaffetz(R-UT) and Ranking Minority Member John F. Tierney(D-MA) wrote to outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and asked him to hand over detailed record that accounted for how the $1 billion was spent.

“We request a briefing to learn more about the potential that the lack of [oil funding] accountability measures may have heightened the risk U.S. taxpayers could be supporting the purchase of Iranian fuel,” they wrote. Lawmakers have repeatedly asked for this information and, like Fast and Furious, they keep setting deadlines for a response that are never met by this administration.

SIGAR’s lead inspector gave testimony at the beginning of February that potentially billions of U.S. taxpayer money has been wasted and lost in Afghanistan due to “fruitless reconstruction projects that are awash in corruption and have little government oversight.”

Here we are funding those that kill our troops and drive our nation further into debt, but don’t worry, it doesn’t seem to have affected Barack Obama and his family. After all they are spending millions on monthly vacations and welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into the people’s House, while stopping tours for the very people who own that House as they cite sequestrationas the reason. Anyone else smell what Barack is shoveling?
The most reprehensible part of this is we are being told that our own military are having to tighten their budgeting belts, while those that would seek to do us harm are given billions of Americans’ hard earned tax dollars. When I think of what this actually is, the “T” word crosses my mind, what about yours?

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