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Posted by Michael Oberndorf, RPA

Obama’s answer? Pretend none of it is happening and spend more of the taxpayer’s money on lavish vacations, parties, and world humiliation tours. Let them eat cake…


The latest waste of taxpayer money, following close on the heels of the way over-hyped sequester, has been Obama’s so-called Charm Tour. It just hasn’t gotten through his thick skull and massive, personality disorder-driven ego that the American people are not buying his lies like they used to. They’re starting to connect the man to his mindless Marxism, their economic and social pain to his policies. They are finally, though probably way too late, realizing that the Fraud-in-the-White House is just that.

B. Hussein, however, insulated from the nastiness of reality as he is by the Ministry of Propaganda, tried to take the tour overseas. The result, as with all his incredibly inept and incompetent attempts at diplomacy, statesmanship, and foreign policy, has been another embarrassing failure. This one, though, has been worse than most.

In spite of his pandering to Muslims, especially those with radical, fundamentalist views, it’s coming out very publicly that they hate him even more than they did George Bush. He’s been trying to play both sides against the middle, straddling the fence, and it apparently has PO’d a whole lot of Muslims all over the globe. The demonstrations by “Palestinians” against him were far worse than the Israeli ones, and the Israelis left no doubt of their dislike for him and his duplicity. The “peaceful Palestinians” who B. Hussein, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party of Latter Day Marxism constantly kiss up to, showed their respect for Obozo and his pandering by violating the phony ceasefire, and showering Israel with rockets while the Messiah was in the country, only a few miles away.

Iran, too, that bastion of Islamic love and tolerance, has stepped up its saber-rattling, and it appears that it’s just a matter of time – and not much of that – before a major, hot, bullets, bombs, missiles, and maybe nukes confrontation occurs. Four years of dithering by Obama and the State of Disarray Department under Hillary – and now, thanks to the craven Republicans in the Senate, the criminal/traitor John Kerry – have fueled the delusions of Iran’s leaders that they are all-powerful, unstoppable, and the rightful rulers of the coming global Caliphate. Obama’s brilliant, ever-so-well-crafted answer to the threat of the start of World War III is, “Oh, well, if someone wants to actually take action to stop them, wink, wink, nod, nod, we won’t interfere.” Amazing what an education at Columbia and Harvard will do for you.

Meanwhile, in the Far Out Far East, North Korea, led by the second runner-up in a Pillsbury Dough Boy look-alike contest, has called off the ceasefire that ended the Korean War, sixty years ago. Kim Jong Un, a second generation wacko, feels threatened by our Nobel Peace Prize“winning” Commander-in-Chief, and has mobilized his army and is threatening to launch nukes at us. This motivated our Department of Surrender to make plans to move missile defenses that were originally intended to protect NATO allies Poland and Czechoslovakia from attacks from Iran, to Alaska, to add to our protection against attacks from Asia. Asia, for those educated in government schools, is also where China is.

Will the Chinese feel threatened, too?

The Smartest Man in the Room just can’t figure out why the Russians don’t like him, since he unilaterally committed to reducing our nuclear arsenal, reneged on our promise to provide the missile defenses mentioned earlier, after the Russians objected, and he assured Putin that after he was re-elected he would sell us out even more. Russia and China have been mending fences, doing the “reset” to their relationship that Obozo and Hillary botched so completely. He just can’t get his skinny arms around the idea that they are turning their backs on a fellow Marxist. He thinks if he just bends over a little further, surely they will all see him for the Greatest World Leader that he is certain he is.

A few points to consider:

1) Muslims hate, and are obligated by the writings of Mohamed to kill, apostate Muslims such as B. Hussein. He can praise Islam to the skies and kiss their butts ‘til his lips are bruised, but until he returns to the practice of it, he is the Enemy;

2) To the genuine Marxists in Russia and China, American Marxists are cheap imitations, Stalin’s “useful idiots.” As for the Russians, it’s well known that Russians are exceptionally racist, particularly regarding blacks. Ask any African who studied in Russia. Obama is black, and will never be seen by Russians, especially lower-class Slavic policemen like Putin, as anything but inferior.

3) In the 1906s, American Marxists were terrified that black people would realize that their interests are the same as working whites. That is beginning to happen, more and more, and an exodus from the Democrat Plantation is gaining momentum.

Obama’s answer? Pretend none of it is happening and spend more of the taxpayer’s money on lavish vacations, parties, and world humiliation tours. Let them eat cake…

The son of a German immigrant, I am an archaeologist by profession, with a BA from Metropolitan State College of Denver, and an MA from Leicester University, in England. I am also the Chairman of the Freedom21 Legislative Committee. Over the years, I have lived and worked all over the country, and traveled in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. I sincerely believe in the old saying, “America, love it or leave it.”  Michael can be reached


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