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Michelle Obama Loses Law License

Did you know that our First Lady Michelle Obama lost her law license back in 1993? Oh sure I knew that, “NOT.” Sure, I saw this on the front page of the New York Times during the elections of 2008, “NOT.” I’ve listed below from the State of Illinois’s website of the court action against Michelle forcing her to give up her license. It’s understood that in the box attacked below under Malpractice Insurance“No malpractice report required as attorney is under court order inactive status.”
In other words Michelle was under court order to give up her license and is not allowed to practice law in Illinois, period. I hate to use this word but its “rumored” that she was extorting clients. Again, it’s “rumored!” It’s also “rumored” that our President Barack Obama may have been disciplined for not divulging other names that he has used in the past. That really concerns me. He also has an inactive Illinois license to practice law (listed below).
This is so unfortunate for the Obama’s, after all they are our first family and he is the first black/white President of the United States but I can’t stop thinking that this guy and his wife are not who they say they are. They don’t seem to uphold the integrity of our past first families, yes, even Richard Nixon for all you lefties out there.
The more I find on the Obamas, the more I feel that the FBI when doing their background check must have been sleeping at the switch. My research is finding reputable sources disclosing many of their past discretion’s and questionable acquaintances.
Obamas background is questionable enough but do we now have to worry about his wife, also? My god do we have a den of thieves living in the White House?
If you want to check yourself, here is the link and just search under “Obama.” Bingo!
This was taken from the Illinois Law website two years ago – Since than they have altered the court order portion most likely since this article was posted.
ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of December 31, 2009 at 1:23:34 PM:
Full Licensed Name:
Michelle Obama
Full Former name(s):
Michelle Lavaughn Robinson
Date of Admission as Lawyer by Illinois Supreme Court:
May 12, 1989
Registered Business Address:
Not available online
Registered Business Phone:
Not available online
Illinois Registration Status:
Voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law
Malpractice Insurance: (Current as of date of registration;consult attorney for further information)
No malpractice report required as attorney is on court ordered inactive status.
Public Record of Discipline and Pending Proceedings:
ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of December 31, 2009 at 1:23:34 PM:
Full Licensed Name:
Barack Hussein Obama
Full Former name(s):
Date of Admission as Lawyer by Illinois Supreme Court:
December 17, 1991
Registered Business Address:
Not available online
Registered Business Phone:
Not available online
Illinois Registration Status:
Voluntarily retired and not authorized to practice law
Malpractice Insurance: (Current as of date of registration;consult attorney for further information)
No malpractice report required as attorney is retired.

I wanted to include this comment taken from Atlas Shrugs blog site. It’s quite revealing. LINK

In case readers are wondering….in 1992 Michelle Obama was still an active member of illinois bar but had left sidley austin law firm to go work for mayor daley YES that Mayor Daley in Chicago-she worked as Daleys “assistant” for a year and a half-(that term drives me nuts but that is how it is listed on her BIO–she was his “assistant…” thats a FACT!now what does a harvard trained ‘assistant” do for the most corrupt mayor and city gov in america…???after working in 1992 for Daley…in 1993 she assumed a role in some community organziing venture called PUBLIC ALLIES (another community organizer in the family?)my smell test tells me as Daleys assistant…she was not always doing something kosher…and in 1992 she was still member of the bar…perhaps after her dealings with him and for him…she was CAUGHT doing some shenigans…and was put on court ordered inactive status later in 1993–after the issue was brought to the ADRC attention.seriously, it is not a far stretch of the imagination to wonder if MO was working for Daley in 1992 and her license went on COURT ORDERED INACTIVE STATUS soon after her connection and work with him…that she is not guilty of SOMETHING unethical (which is all it needs) or worse…she did something illegal.

NEW UPDATE 9/30/11
The Manning Report at
is an expose by a black preacher of the obamas. He says Michelle was forced to give up her license
($394,000 missing from Cook County
Hospital where she worked) in exchange for no criminal sentencing. He also says the male obama is a fraud.
WHY do you people think ‘obama’ sealed all his Illinois state bar exam results and records of what he did while he was in Illinois???????????????Can you get some reality??????????
And why do you think he has spent MILLIONS of dollars sealing ALL records???Please open your eyes and wake up America? Or do you really want a communist muslim destroying your country?”
The above is what I read on the net more then a year ago..
Back in the Bad Old Days They Had Two Words for This – “Ni**er Rich!!!!” Oh Em I Gonna Catch Hell for This One
The Moocher Shops Incognito At Target ~ Or Who The Hell Are They Kidding?

AP photographer Charles Dharapak told CBS News he took pictures of the first lady at the Target on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia.
The first lady’s office confirmed that the pictures showed were indeed the First Moocher!
Inquiring Minds Want To Know! Did all those Secret Service Men also go “Incognito” and did they make all the other shoppers leave so that Target would be able to to accommodate Moochelle?
What a pathetic story! Do these idiots in Washington really think we’re a bunch of morons and would buy a stupid photo-op like that? Will this idiocy ever cease?
When was the last time the Moocher spent any of her own money on anything. And especially in a Target Store where they don’t even carry sneakers that sell for $600.00, or Cristal Champagne and Beluga Caviar!
This little charade was meant strictly for the for the dumb democrats so that they would be able to tell us how she is “One Of Us” and that she is a good and careful shopper. Pardon me? How down-to-earth she is? Wow, she’s one of us!
As if she does ANY shopping on her own.
And they say that the only one who spotted her was the Cashier, well sure, the give away was the 2 dozen bags of Lays potato chips in her shopping cart.
Maybe the $ 42, 000 diamond bracelet gave her away!
Lets look closely at the picture. She has a shopping cart ( yeah right) but yet she’s carrying one of the bags in her hand, why would anyone do that, especially when the shopping cart is more than 1/2 empty? Interesting!
But if that’s what these Idiots want us to believe, then fine, we believe it, Mission Accomplished. OK, our first Moocher is just one of the girls. Pardon me while I puke.
This Charade was “ALMOST” as insulting as Barack’s photo-Op on the Jewish High Holidays days, when the “Hypocrite In Chief” once again made an ass of himself by posing with a Jewish family.
The Jewish community is far too smart to fall for his Hypocrisy. It seems that his speeches change according to whoever he is speaking to. He supports Israel when he needs the Jewish vote, however, the White House said the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is re-elected..Told ya.
I have been shocked, speechless, and baffled how any Jew could vote for Barack Hussein Obama knowing his bigotry against Israel, and the way he humiliated Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House.
I think it’s high time that the American Jews understand that Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of theirs or of Israel’s.



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