Democrats Seek To Ban Guns Through U.N. Treaty – Conservatives Block Their Efforts

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While Americans have been worrying about their own federal and state governments seizing their guns, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) stopped the Obama administration from attempting to invalidate the Second Amendment entirely by entering in the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  Even many Senate Democrats realized the grave risks associated with the UN treaty, siding 53-46 with Sen. Inhofe to pass his amendment.  After all, the U.N has pushed an agenda aimed at “crashing the world economy in order to save the environment.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) tried to soften the Inhofe ban against entering into the Arms Trade Treaty by floating an amendment stating only that America would not allow the UN Treaty to trump the Constitution.  His amendment passed by voice vote, but otherwise quickly faded from view.

President Obama had indicated that he was intrigued by the UN Treaty, although he promised that he would not sign anything that compromises the Second Amendment.  Republican Senators, however, did not feel that they could rely on this promise, in light of the fact that President Obama, his administration team, and Democrat politicians throughout America have been working overtime to destroy the Second Amendment’s guarantee that the people’s right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

To hide the fact that he’s aiming for an end-run around the Constitution, President Obama keeps repeating that “These ideas shouldn’t be controversial – they’re common sense.”  Saying that, however, does not make it so.

Even though Senate Dianne Feinstein’s extreme assault weapon ban died in the Senate, Barack Obama said in his weekly address that he would still like to see that bill go forward, along with bills that limit magazine size.  As always when Obama speaks of limiting individual freedoms and increasing government control over American lives, it’s “for our kids.

Whether the Senate attempts to resurrect the “assault weapon” ban or copy New York’s cosmetic and inconvenient mandate decreasing magazine sizes, Harry Reid has made it clear that he’ll push forward with his bill to expand the existing “background check” requirement to private sales.  Or as Reid said, “I want to be clear: In order to be effective, any bill that passes the Senate must include background checks.”  If Reid is thinking along those lines, he might also want to force private citizens selling used cars to pay for a detailed background check to ensure that the car’s buyer doesn’t drink.

Given the Democrats’ maddened drive to block every aspect of gun ownership, from sale, to type of gun, to gun functionality, it’s small wonder that Senate Republicans didn’t want to let President Obama anywhere near a United Nations treaty that might give the United Nations a foothold in America when it comes to our un-infringeable right to keep and bear arms.



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