Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Party Likely to Cost Millions – Adele And Beyonce Invited To Sing

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Posted by Alan LeStourgeon



Never mind the sequestration budget cuts and damn the torpedoes, Michelle Obama has a 50th birthday party coming up next January 17 and the White House is planning what will probably be a multi-million dollar event. With the likes of Academy Award winning Adele and Beyonce invited to sing at the First Lady’s big bash and probably with party favors and other Hollywood elites in attendance, the price tag will most likely be astronomical.

Will the State Run Media even attempt to estimate the cost of such an event? Will Chris Matthews criticize the royal like ruling elites like he did when Romney was running for President? Will Lawrence O’Donnell make the veins in his head pop out with Irish outrage as gobs of money we don’t have gets wasted on yet another display of ostentatious wealth by the Obama ruling class king and queen? No, no and no!

The main stream media instead will talk about the fabulous gowns worn by the stars, how lovely Beyonce looks and how radiant Michelle looks at 50 and I’m sure Chris Matthews will slobber all over himself as he works himself into an enraptured state to describe a fantasy jubilee that exists only is his mind.

When oh when will America wise up to the sham of this imperial Presidency?

Read more on the big birthday celebration Michelle Obama is planning from The UK Daily Mail below:

Having picked up an Oscar, Adele might have thought her incredible US adventure couldn’t get much better.

But now I can reveal the Skyfall singer has landed the biggest gig of next year – singing for Michelle Obama during her 50th birthday party at the White House.

The 24-year-old star will join Beyonce at the bash on January 17 – proof she has been given the ultimate seal of approval in the US.

‘Adele has graciously accepted and waived her usual fee for the high-profile private performance. She will sing a selection of her most-loved hits for the First Lady and her friends.’

According to sources, Mrs Obama has long been a fan of Adele and is eager to share the singer’s talents with her nearest and dearest at her party.

The source added: ‘The Obamas will pay Adele’s expenses as it’s a private party, not a State one.’

The Oscars ceremony last month was only Adele’s second public performance since the birth of  her son Angelo in October.

She wowed spectators when she sang the James Bond theme song Skyfall. The talented singer also picked up the Oscar for Best Original Song.

First Lady Michelle made a surprise appearance – via video-link – at the ceremony, when she presented the Best Picture statue to Ben Affleck’s  movie Argo.

Okay, as the article suggests, the Obama’s will be paying Adele’s expenses and we’re assuming Beyonce’s as well, but let’s not forget where that money comes from ultimately, meaning you and I. And of course all the Secret Service protection and use of government facilities expenses comes from the taxpayer.

Don’t you just love seeing your tax money spent in such a responsible manner?·


clip_image002Author: Alan LeStourgeon has been working online and writing on various topics for 8 years now.


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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Party Likely to Cost Millions – Adele And Beyonce Invited To Sing

  1. Thnx for posting this awesome information. Keep up the great job. I’ll subscribe to your weblog also. Thanks!

  2. Patti on said:

    As I understand, Adele is gay, which is an “ultimate requirement” of the Obamas. – besides having to be rich-n-famous, of course. When the sequester cuts were announced, Mizz Obama’s usual shopping frenzies, mega-wanna-be-star appearances (meaning lots of AF1 transportation + guards, maids, nannies, friends, etc. tagging along) were not in the CUTS. Heavens no! Deny royalty their pleasures? Banish that thought – you lowly peasants!!! Just pay your taxes, do without a few more meals, necessities and a month or two of lights – so the Obamas may continue to live in their fairy-tale lavish world they have created for themselves. (They, who know not how to work and earn an honest dollar themselves.) When, and I do stress the word WHEN – our elected elites remember that they were all sworn to protect and uphold our Constitution as duly sworn, they may realize that they have waited way too long to oust this extreme-“ruler” out of our White House. I thought about this a lot this past Christmas – we were given the comfy knowledge that they had 40+ trees in “their” house (and surely gifts under all?), yet had to spend a few tiny millions more for an extended vacation for Christmas in Hawaii…while many – like myself – had no tree – no gifts – and no dinner to be grateful for. God Bless America.


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