The Shooting The Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About

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I had in mind something to write about today. I was going to write about Obama and the “rich;” about how his desired upper-income tax hike amounts to nothing more than Obama positioning himself as a Robin Hood figure in the eyes of the less fortunate, while simultaneously taxing them to death. But then a news story caught my attention. Something very important happened just two days after the disturbing shooting in Connecticut: another shooting. Why is it so important? Because the national media didn’t cover it.

On December 16th, at a movie theatre in Bexar County, Texas, a gunman opened fire in the crowded theatre. Allegedly, the shooter was a disgruntled employee of a nearby restaurant. He entered the restaurant with the intent of killing his ex-girlfriend, then proceeded to the theatre to shoot more people.

The details of the motive are unimportant. What is important is how he was stopped. When the gunman opened fire at the movie theatre, an off-duty Bexar county Sheriff’s officer, carrying a gun, shot the suspect, putting an end to the mayhem. Louis Antu, spokesman for the Sheriff’s office, said this: “She took all appropriate action to keep everyone safe in the movie theater.”

The interesting twist of this story is that the national media didn’t cover it; it was only covered by local media. The reason this was not covered was because it didn’t fit within the liberal framework of gun control. Every time a mass shooting occurs, the Left jumps on the gun control bandwagon. They simply refuse to believe that guns are not the problem.

It was an armed citizen that stopped the Texas gunman from taking lives; using her gun, she saved the lives of numerous people. Concealed carry laws help reduce crime, period. By allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons, criminals are less apt to commit a crime; and if a crime is being committed, armed citizens can stop it. More extreme gun control is not the answer.


According to a study conducted by Clayton Cramer and David Burnett, of the Cato Institute, concealed carry laws reduce instances of violence and crime. In addition to many defense related gun statistics that the study reveals, the authors of the study decided to use a real-world example. According to theMarquette Tribune:

“The authors also said concealed carry policies on college campuses lead to a reduction in crime, using two Colorado schools as test cases. After the state enacted its concealed carry law in 2003, Colorado State University decided to allow students to carry concealed weapons while the University of Colorado prohibited them. The report found a 60 percent decrease in crime at Colorado State since 2004, while the University of Colorado saw a 35 percent increase during the same time period.”

There have been numerous other shootings stopped in the act by armed citizens. I won’t list them, but I hope you’ll Google it. As the Colorado study showed, an armed country is a safer country. You will not, however, hear that from the Left or their accomplices in the media.

In summary:

Information is power. Obama and the Left have the power because they control the flow of information–or misinformation, as it were. With studies like the one conducted by the Cato Institute, and real stories of armed citizens stopping criminals in their tracks, we have an opportunity to change the narrative. In 2013, the Obama administration is going after the guns in America. We have the statistics; we have the anecdotal evidence; and we have the power of information to fight back.


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