I’ve got 15 Kids and Someone’s Gotta Pay for All My Children

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If you thought Octomom was bad with her eight children and expecting everyone else to provide for them, wait until you meet Angel Adams.

Angel Adams of Tampa, Florida, is 37 years old and has given birth to 15 children from three different fathers.  Her oldest three kids have moved out, leaving her with the younger 12, ranging in age from 11 years to 6 monthsHer current fiancé, who is the father of 10 of the kids, has been arrested and is in jail.

Angel doesn’t work and has no source of income.  Several agencies have tried working with her but she ended up being evicted from her apartment.  She took temporary shelter in a one room motel room.  She had no money, no food and only the clothes that she and the kids were wearing.

At first, her story makes you feel sorry for her and the kids and you want to reach out and help.  That’s what others tried to do, until they were confronted with her attitude.  You see, Angel insists that others pay to take care of her and her 12 kids.  Various agencies have tried to work with her, but she does not seem to want to cooperate and work with them.

Angel has been jailed for contempt of court and her kids have been placed in foster care.  Only one day after she was released from jail, she tried to visit her kids and ended up getting into a verbal profanity battle with the social workers and even threatened bodily injury, all because the social worker referred to herself as the kids’ house mother.  The judge has now banned Angel from visiting her kids at the foster home and the social workers have filed paperwork to make the two youngest wards of the state.

15 Kids WHY??

If she keep her butt off the bed and quit being a brood mare and take RESPONSIBILITY, and I was going so good till that last word!

In many ways, Angel is typical of a new generation of Americans who feel they are entitled to assistance from others because of the situation they have gotten themselves into.  No one but her is to blame for this as she has been having all of these kids without being married.  I hate to be crude but she has whored around with at least 3 different men resulting in 15 kids and now she wants the government and everyone else to provide housing, food and support them.

This is one of the problems of a society that has turned its back on God and His biblical principles.  Instead of following God’s ways, Angel and millions like her are following their own ways and then expecting others to pay the price for their sinful actions.  Our government has done its best to take God’s place in society and force people to turn to them for help instead of turning to God.  Then the government enslaves the people by drawing them into entitlement programs that they often cannot get themselves out of.

I don’t believe in forced sterilization, but I’m almost willing to make an exception in Angel’s case.  If it were up to me, I would have the state take custody of all of her kids.  Then I would order Angel to get a job and start earning a living and paying her own way.  I would also place a stipulation that she not get pregnant again until she is working and can provide for that child’s welfare.  If she does get pregnant again before being able to provide for herself and the baby, it would mean jail time.

Her case then needs to be reviewed every 6 months and if she is able to maintain a job and home/apartment and her income is sufficient enough, I would allow at least one of her kids to rejoin her.  In other words, I would force Angel to take responsibility for her own welfare first and then allow her children to return as long as she can financially provide for them.

Perhaps this may be one solution to helping thousands of others get off of welfare.  If they have been on the system long enough and still not working, then perhaps it calls for a strong intervention.  Take the kids into foster care and force mom and/or dad to get a job and start paying their own way.  Once they are able to do that, then allow the kids to return as long as they can continue to provide for them with the minimal government aid.  Knowing that they stand to lose their kids if they continue living the way they are may deter some from having more kids that they can’t take care of.

I know it sounds harsh, but life isn’t supposed to be a bed of roses and most Americans are having enough trouble paying their own way, let alone having to pay for people who abuse the system like Angel.  She and others like her need to be forced to take responsibility for their own actions and be taught that Americans are not going to continue to pay for their sins.

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