Chinese Join Democrats in Calling for Gun Confiscation

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If you’re reading this, I’m not dead and neither are you.

That means Doomsday didn’t happen.


Moving along, that means we can get back to making fun of liberals for their churlish, girlish views.

The current phobia du jour of course is guns, particularly those nasty old “assault weapons,” whatever those actually are.

The Democrats and other liberals have gotten support in their fight against scary-looking weapons from a longtime ideological soulmate, China.

Xinhua, the official mouthpiece for the Chinese government, kind of the way the New York Times is for the Obama Administration, said Americans need to be disarmed immediately, and Obama should exploit the Sandy Hook massacre to bring that about.

The Xinhua article said there should be “no delay for U.S. gun control.”


I like the Chinese — they’re being a lot more honest than our own Left, which cloaks even the most Machiavellian gun control legislation behind comforting words about safety and children.

But the Chinese just come right out and say what they mean. “Gun control” to them means the government takes all the guns. None of this folderol about waiting periods, gun locks or permits.

The Chinese interest in eliminating American guns is obvious. Even though they are trading partners, China’s communist government still harbors ambitions of taking over the United States, economically or militarily. Getting rid of our guns would make the latter option a lot more feasible.

Meanwhile, as the liberal Left warms up to an onslaught on our God-given rights again, the American people are voting with their itchy trigger fingers.

The National Rifle Association reports that an average 8,000 people per day have joined their organization since the Sandy Hook shooting. Walmarts in at least five states have reported that they have sold out of semiautomatic guns, and eBay sales of ammunition magazines have soared under the imminent threat of new laws banning large-capacity clips.

A Gallup poll released this week found that a majority of Americans prefer more police presence at schools and better mental health screening as solutions to mass shootings over gun bans.

Once again, the loony Left is out of step with most Americans, but with their Chinese allies, they’ll no doubt forge right ahead with their plans to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

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