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1. Invoke a threat.
2. establish secret prisons.
3. develop a paramilitary force.
4. surveil ordinary citizens.
5. Infiltrate citizen’s groups.
6. arbitrarily detain citizens.
7. target key individuals.
8. restrict the press.
9. cast dissent as treason.
10. subvert the rule of law.
11. disarm the citizen.

I see the handwriting on the wall, don’t you?

1. *We have constant threats from this president on one thing after another. “The entire economy will collapse if we don’t spend a gazillion of your tax dollars to bail out so and so company.” He’s wasted more of the taxpayers hard earned money than any president in history with no end in sight with the destruction of our free market system as his goal.
2. *There are about 800 FEMA camps completely operational across America. Contracts are already being let to man them. Millions of ready to eat meals and millions of rounds of hollow point ammo already bought by DHS.
3. *Obama stated in his campaign for president that he would build an army of citizens, not of the U.S. military, that would be stronger and more well armed than our U.S. military. His own personal army.
4. *We have drones in the skies overhead, plus there are video cameras everywhere. The government now has permission to spy on Americans via the internet, is privy to our finances and any other info they wish to penetrate, including our personal health info, where we go and what we do. Our personal emails can be surveilled as well as comments on blogs and telephone calls.
5. *We have Muslim and Communist/Marxist infiltrators in many of our political groups as well as radicals already in power in our government and even in the White House.
6. *Any person who poses a threat to the “plan” being implemented is a target for ridicule and lies. NDAA is an unconstitutional law to detain our citizens without due process. There is currently a stay by a federal judge, Kathleen Forrest, on part of NDAA, but justices will assuredly appeal.
7.*Anyone opposing the rank and file are accused of treasonous intentions. Sheriff Arpaio is being threatened by the president and DOJ and sued by Eric Holder. Sheriff Babeau is also threatened. Breitbart was also targeted. Any conservative running for office is not just challenged on policy, but is under personal attack.
8.*The press, newspapers, TV, radio, all are dominated by the radical left, even the conservatives are restricted in what they can say.
9.*Anyone who dares to dispute the radical left agenda including the strong, patriotic, but benign groups of Americans such as Tea party groups are demonized as terrorists hence, treasonous.
10. *The president repeatedly goes behind the back of our duly elected Congress and signs into law by executive order, those which are unconstitutional. He also threatens the Supreme Court, the third and EQUAL branch of the federal government.
11. *Hillary Clinton is working hand in glove with Obama and the U.N. to effect universal gun control which will strip Americans of their 2nd amendment rights, disarming the citizenry. (The citizenry being the first line of defense as the militia in America.) Armed Americans are citizens, unarmed we are subjects.



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