“God Bless You”

Response to Sneeze Could Lead to Arrest in New Orleans


Pastor Paul Gros has been spending two nights a week on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, sharing the Gospel with anyone who will listen.  He’s been doing this for nearly 30 years.  Evidently, Gros’s evangelistic efforts has become a burr under the saddle of some influential people in the city as they have passed an ordinance making any religious speech on Bourbon Street at night unlawful.

In case you’re not familiar with New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street, at night time it turns into a den of debauchery.  Alcohol flows like the Mississippi River.  Personal reservation flies out the door as sexual promiscuity takes over the soul.  The music loud and sinning is louder.  Bourbon Street at night is a true hedonistic haven, a cesspool of sin and a playground of Satan’s temptations.

On Bourbon Street at night, you can cuss and swear, you can talk about sex, and you can even flash body parts and not get arrested.  But allow any word mentioning God, Jesus, sin, Bible, or anything religious and you could find yourself cited and either fined or jailed.

Like so many other places that cater to the worst sides of human behavior, Bourbon Street is a mecca for tourists and a big generator of money for local business owners and the city.  They don’t want anything or anyone to possibly interfere with their revenue stream.  So the city passed their no religious speech after dark on Bourbon Street to protect their golden calf or alter to Baal.

And so we turn to Pastor Gros who was ordered by police to stop trying to witness to people on Bourbon Street and leave the area.  Although he was not arrested, several others have received citations and been jailed for violating the city ordinance.


Alliance Defense Fund attorney Joe La Rue is representing Pastor Gros in a challenge of the ordinance’s constitutionality.  La Rue toldOneNewsNow:

“So you and I could be walking down the street, for instance, and we could be talking about just about anything and we’d be fine, but if you turned to me or I turned to you and said, ‘God bless you,’ we could be arrested, we could be subject to fines and we could be imprisoned for up to six months.”

“And this is the problem.  A lot of people just don’t realize that religious speech is just as important and just as protected by the Constitution as any other type of speech, and it’s really sad that we have to bring this type of lawsuit to make that point.”

If New Orleans is allowed to keep this ordinance on the books, then America as a nation has lost the First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of religion.  And folks, this is exactly what liberal Democrats have been pushing for years and they’re going to keep pushing until they get their way or we stop them once and for all.



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