It is time to clear out the DEADWOOD from the GOP!

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Rove Under Fire From GOP for Costly Election Debacle


Republicans across the country are upset with the party’s election defeats last week, and many see strategist Karl Rove as a major culprit.
His Crossroads groups raised more than $300 million to defeat President Barack Obama and regain GOP control of the Senate. They failed on both accounts, and many donors to the cause aren’t too happy.
Some of them are upset that Crossroads had such inaccurate polls, and others say more money should have been spent at the grassroots level rather than on TV advertising, sources tell Politico. Rove’s competitors within the party charge that he’s doing more harm than good and are trying to draw donors away from him.

To be sure, not everyone is hopping mad at Rove. “I feel we made progress,” Minnesota media titan Stan Hubbard, who has donated to both American Crossroads super PAC and its affiliate Crossroads GPS, told Politico. “Every quarterback, every coach doesn’t call every play 100 percent right. I don’t know how you’re going to blame him. What are you going to blame Karl for?”
Rove’s defense is that things would have been much worse for Republicans without the Crossroads spending. “We did good things this year,” he told The Washington Post. “But look, it’s the way of politics that you’re going to have some good years, and you’re going to have some bad years.”
Legendary Republican strategist Richard Viguerie is having none of it. He thinks the GOP should dump Rove; strategist Ed Gillespie, who helped him found Crossroads; and Romney advisers Stuart Stevens and Neil Newhouse.

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3 thoughts on “It is time to clear out the DEADWOOD from the GOP!

  1. Steve Schitt on said:

    IF Romney had been of the same “Ilk” as Ron Paul, and IF he had the GUTS to abolish the Federal Reserve, and IF he would have FOUGHT HARDER TO WIN, then maybe more people would have voted for him… When you’re dealing with a DIRTY PLAYER like obama, you HAVE to BEAT HIM IN A LANDSLIDE, since obama had way too much “influence” over WHO COUNTED THE BALLOTS…

  2. Steve Schitt on said:

    i’m a little curious about something.. Your post is called, “It is time to clear out the DEADWOOD from the GOP!”… But (from what you say) it’s not clear just exactly what you meant by “DEADWOOD”… Also, i am about 95% convinced, that Mitt Romney was WAY too “timid”, and should have really pressed obama on the issue of his eligibility, and the fact he spent 3 million dollars, keeping his records sealed, and fighting lawsuits, that challenged his eligibility.. Actually, there’s another good arguement, that Romney should NEVER have run against obama, because (even though he is eligible) all the blacks could perceive romney to not be eligible either, or point to the fact that his father (George Romney) tried to run for president, when he wasn’t eligible himself.. No, the Republicans should have stuck with Ron Paul, since he was the ONLY candidate with the GUTS to try to ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE…. We live in the age of the INTERNET now, and it is common knowledge that a “Choice” between Romney and obama, is really NO “CHOICE”, at all… They are BOTH puppets of the powerful elite, that control our government and media.. (My comment contiues below)

    • All of the OLD guards that have been there for who knows how long and they don’t represent their folks back home only interested in their own skin in the game.


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