Liberal cartoonist calls for dictatorship in United States

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Posted by JOE NEWBY


 Ted Rall's new book, the Anti-American Manifesto

Ted Rall’s new book, the Anti-American Manifesto


Republican newsletter

Liberal cartoonist Ted Rall calls for the overthrow of the government in a new book, entitled The Anti-American Manifesto (Seven Stories Press, $15.95). Rall stated the book would be released around September 2011.

In an interview with Mike Rhode printed at, Rall discusses his book along with a trip he made to Afghanistan.

In the interview, Rall said the book was about a “desire to replace the two-party system with something better.” What might that “something better” be?

Explaining that he is as far left as left can be, Rall said he would like to see a “completely leftist proletariat dictatorship.

The dictatorship Rall would love to see can be summed up in one word: communism.

The fact that communism has never worked apparently means nothing to the cartoonist. Even Fidel Castro, the former communist dictator of Cuba, recently remarked that communism is not working in the island nation.

Oddly enough, Rall said Thomas Jefferson was the one American leader he admired the most.

Citing recent referendums in California and what he considered a general ignorance of Americans in the area of civics, Rall said, “if the United States proves anything, it’s that democracy doesn’t work.” Citing Alexis de Tocqueville, he said that America lacks a “well-educated, well-informed electorate.”

Rall may be correct in one way – far too Americans get their news from comedians or ill-informed bomb throwers like Ed Schultz. In 2008, a majority bought into the “hope and change” mantra without questioning what “change” really meant.

Rall attacked the Tea Party as an angry group without a “viewpoint”. Obviously, Rall has not listened to anyone who is involved with the Tea Party.

Rall has a long history of outlandish remarks. In 2007, Newsbuster’s Mark Finkelstein wrote of a cartoon in which Rall said that the deaths of “idiot” soldiers raises the general IQ of Americans at home.

Finkelstein also referenced a cartoon in which he used the N-word to describe former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin said Rall was showing himself to be a bigot and a “useless idiot” with the release of that cartoon.

It is good to see Rall express his true feelings about the United States and those of us who proudly call America our home. No one should ever again doubt that those on the left who openly hate America – like Ted Rall – would love to see her turned into something that resembles the former Soviet Union.



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One thought on “Liberal cartoonist calls for dictatorship in United States

  1. Steve Schitt on said:

    Actually, Communism does work.. It works to DESTROY a FREE SOCIETY..!!


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