Silver Spoon Obama: Is he Calling the Kettle Black?

A poor black man on his way to Harvard Law School takes a little time (a month) to fly to Kenya to meet his relatives; he goes to a private school in Hawaii. I think Obama may be confused by the notion of a silver spoon.


Dr. Phil Taverna  Thursday, April 26, 2012

I think Obama may have stepped in another mess when he pulled the silver spoon line. It is obvious he personally was attacking Romney, instead of doing it with his Super PACs. But what does it mean when Skippy says he was not born with a silver spoon and Michelle was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

 Obama has to be delusional.

Just think about it, a poor black man writes a book about the dreams of his father and he makes millions of dollars. A poor black man is born in Hawaii and he goes to a private school in Hawaii. A poor black man on his way to Harvard Law School takes a little time (a month) to fly to Kenya to meet his relatives. I think Obama may be confused by the notion of a silver spoon.

For Lady Obama as a poor black woman she ends up at Harvard Law School by way of Princeton. Tell me about all the poor black children that end up at Harvard Law School!

I think we need to look at Silver Spoons a little different in our new free communistic world. So we have 2 types of silver spoons. There are spoons for capitalists and another style for communists. The problem is how do we measure the quality of the spoons and do they really help the average (forgotten) man and by how much?

Capitalist’s Silver spoons are easy to discern. Take Bill Gates, he knew how to use people and use his resources properly and he is the richest man in America. Now Gates was probably not a poor person to begin with. But his parents were not billionaires.

People like Gates are able to see a vision and they go out and get it. And no matter what, short of an untimely death, Gates would be rich today. He understood money and he knew how to leverage its power to make billions. Most people don’t understand these simple concepts. And most people don’t care. They don’t want to be rich, and they wouldn’t know what to do if they were earning that kind of money.

It is like the folks that win the lottery. Most of those folks are ill prepared to handle all that money. It used to be they had 20 years to go through the money, but the States were so hard up for the tax money, they hand over all the winnings in one year so the state can spend the tax money in that year. Double taxation is a different kind of silver spoon. But the average person blows through the winnings in no time because they are ill prepared to deal with the bonanza of cash!

Trump was well prepared to become a billionaire because his dad was in the business. His son was able to take millions and turn it into billions. And it really doesn’t matter if you don’t like his hair; he knows how to deal with money.

So are all these rich folks evil? And do they have a silver spoon in their orifices. Who really cares? If they have billions today, they are paying taxes, creating millions of jobs, and in most cases they know how to handle the money.

Idiots like Obama want to demoralize these folks because he is jealous of their money.  But most Americans have no desire to be millionaires and they are happy just to live the American Dream with their families. And the more money that people like Gates and Trump have or make, the more jobs and prosperity is shared by many Americans in a pure capitalistic society.

Obama the Commie sees the world a lot different. Since his buddy FDR and LBJ came along people can become rich in other ways that are not capitalistic. In a nutshell they steal the money from the capitalists and the working forgotten man and give it to other people who use that money to become rich. For some reason, Obama and his liberal friends do not see this as a silver spoon.  They see this as a right!

There is one fundamental flaw in the commie’s thinking. When the capitalists like Gates make billions, they actually produce a product and sell widgets and create millions of jobs. And all these jobs pay taxes to the government system. So look at it this way, let’s say we sell a million dollars worth of widgets. And we make $500,000 in profits. This profit trickles down to wages that in turn are converted to tax revenue. It becomes Gates’ widgets that create this fountain of capital. Nobody had to pay Gates to make the capital, he created it. So if Gates has a silver spoon in is oral portal, then he deserves it and it is beneficial to society and its prosperity.

The Obamas’ silver spoons are a bit costly. They went to school on government financial aid. Did they create one capitalistic job in any of their career choices with their own money? It becomes obvious that Obama knew at an early age how to play the system. When he lived with the Ayers while he was in law school he said he was going to be president. It appears that Obama had already made the proper connections before he ever made it to Law School. Were these connections Obama’s silver spoon?

Now tell me, is this the Silver Spoon that Obama was born with. He makes $425,000 a year for life, plus goodies that will amount to millions if not billions a year. Last year Obama paid about $300,000 in taxes with government money. Governor Romney paid about $3 million in taxes.  I think that Obama was born with certain opportunities that were available to him that would never be available to you and me. And like anyone else that is successful, he knew what to do with it.

Governor Romney, as well, was born with some advantages, and he, too, knew how to capitalize on the advantages. To say either one was born with a silver spoon is a bit arrogant. But today they are both rich and successful. But who has done more for society?

Who do you want as a citizen? Do you want a government worker who pays $300,000 in taxes or the capitalist that pays over $3 million dollars in taxes? And think about it, Governor Romney has the experience to create jobs; Obama has only been successful in sending American Jobs to China through his good friends at GE and Solyndra.

And in the end who do you want to lead the country? Do you want people like Obama who are natural born system suckers, who spend government money to the benefit of their friends and their families, or a capitalist who has created widgets not paid for by the government that results in adding prosperity and capital to our community and financial society?

They both have silver spoons, but which silversmith do you want making policy for prosperity in 2013?  My vote is stay away from the communists disguised as progressives. They seem to get rich, but nobody else does. Businessmen like Gates have made many people rich by producing widgets and capital. We should applaud them and encourage them to make more.  Obama wants to ostracize them from your community and send their revenue to China!

Which Silver Spoon do you think is best for America and your future!


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